House Proposes $60M Safe Passage Transpo

House Proposes $60M Safe Passage Transpo

Today’s news: The House wants CPS to pay for buses for students rather than the current Safe Passage monitors (worth the $60M?). Evanston middle school walks back leggings ban that got it so much national attention. Elsewhere: Bill Clinton talked de Blasio back on charters, teacher job protection case winding down in California, NYC chancellor tells principals to respect parents’ opt out decisions.


House Passes Bill To Transport CPS Students Along Safe Passage Routes Progress Illinois: The bill, which is now headed to the Senate, is supported by the Illinois Federation of Teachers,Chicago Teachers Union and Illinois AFL-CIO. The Chicago Public Schools district has voiced opposition to the bill, which they estimate would cost $60.5

House passes busing bill for Chicago’s Safe Passage routes Chicago Sun-Times: Over objections from Chicago Public Schools, the Illinois House overwhelmingly voted Thursday to require the system to provide free transportation to students who must walk to and from school along Safe Passage routes.


Museum helps build better science teachers WBEZ:  Once a month. Spears and dozens other teachers enrolled in this professional development course come to the museum for a day of lessons, curricula, and materials they can then take back to their classrooms across the Chicago metro region. Since the teacher training courses were first offered in 2006, 804 teachers from 320 schools have participated. About two-thirds of teachers are from Chicago public schools.


Is Emanuel bouncing back? The Capitol Fax Blog: The success of CPS’s safe-passage program also helped. – Walker – Thursday, Mar 27, 14 @ 4:16 pm: Karen Lewis, and some community activists, way overreacted and got some anti-Rahm publicity. Now more realistic views will reemerge among the public.


CPS Student Finalist for Title of Best Teen Urban Debater in Nation DNA Info: Perspectives Charter School’s Anthony Adams will receive the Richard M. Daley Leadership Award.


Evanston school decides against banning leggings Chicago Tribune: Haven Middle School in Evanston has announced it will not ban leggings, yoga pants or “skinny” jeans as part of its dress code, following a meeting with administrators, teachers and parents this week.

Yik Yak Blocked at 85 Percent of Nation’s High Schools Patch: The makers Yik Yak, a smartphone app blocked in Chicago earlier this month, have extended the block to many of the nation’s high schools and middle schools following a bomb scare at a California high school.

Agriculture Secretary Visits Chicago School USDA: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack visited a Chicago school today to encourage more Chicago-area schools and community-based organizations to participate in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) summer meal program.

Autism Cases on the Rise CLTV: A new report show a sharp and alarming rise in autism cases in the United States


Teacher job protections attacked, defended in landmark trial’s closing arguments KPCC: The roughly 80 people in the audience included former California Governor Pete Wilson and LA Unified Superintendent John Deasy, who’d testified for the plaintiffs that the teacher firing process is ineffective. The presidents of the state’s top teachers unions held press events before the proceedings, in which they said that this case is an effort to undermine teacher protections which are crucial to academic freedom and effectiveness. See also LA Times

Cheat Sheet: Race to the Top Progress PK12: What have the dozen winners of the $4 billlion competition actuallly accomplished, and what do they have left to do? Check out this chart, created by the Michele half of Politics K-12, which provides a handy, at-a-glance guide to the department’s reports.

Facing Criticism In The U.S., MOOCs Are Turning Their Sights To China BuzzFeed: When online education platform Coursera announced Monday that it had snagged the former president of Yale University, Richard Levin, as its new CEO, the play seemed obvious: An ambitious startup that has attracted its fair share of skeptics was buying credibility from one of the world’s most prestigious universities. But Levin also brought another card to Coursera, a leading provider of massively open online courses, or MOOCs: He has deep connections to China, including the Chinese government, and years of experience leading expansion into Asian markets.

3 Things Parents Wish Teachers Knew: We Can Handle the Truth NYT: Teachers wish parents knew that our children can do more than we let them, while parents wish teachers wold be more honest — and understand that homework has real costs.


“Respect the parents’ decision” to opt out of tests, city principals are told  ChalkbeatNY:The guide offers answers to frequently asked questions about participation in state tests, which begin next week. With the city and state grappling with the simultaneous rollout of tougher standards, which last year led to much harder tests, and a new teacher evaluation system that weighs test scores for the first time, anxiety about the tests is high, and some families are planning to opt out in protest.

On charter reset, de Blasio heard from Bill Clinton Capital NY: Before delivering a conciliatory speech on charter schools last Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio chatted with Bill Clinton about the issue, according to three soures familiar with the phone call.

Philadelphia Will Skirt Seniority in Staffing TeaacherBeat: Philadelphia’s superintendent has imposed new rules for the upcoming school year that will allow principals to disregard seniority as the sole criteria in hiring and assignment decisions.


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