CTU Wins (Tax Hike)!?

CTU Wins (Tax Hike)!?

Today’s news: CTU wants tax hikes over pension cuts.  Everybody says the Quinn/Rauner race is going to get very interesting (ugly). Joravsky says that the anti-Rahm crowd won (sort of). Ames, Kenwood.  Plus national news and updates from other cities.  


Chicago unions call for tax hikes instead of pension cuts Chicago Tribune: “We actually think the people who do the work in this city should be a priority, and that we can’t simply solve every problem on the backs of retirees or the people who do the work,” said Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey.


He’s pretty sure the race for governor will get pretty ugly Sun Times: This election is going to be worse because it’s going to get personal, and not just between the candidates. Before it’s over, regular people are going to see that this race hits them where they live, either directly or by impacting …

Unions caught between a Rauner and a Quinn place Sun Times: Now that it’s clear the fall gubernatorial campaign will be between Bruce Rauner and Pat Quinn, the public-employee unions find themselves facing a bit of a Hobson’s Choice.

Kass: Quinn vs. Rauner: Let the class war begin Tribune: What will the campaign for governor of Illinois look like between liberal Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican businessman Bruce Rauner?


Editorial: Election results to cheer Chicago Tribune: The Chicago Teachers Union onslaught against state Rep. Christian Mitchell of Chicago, who supported the pension bill, failed. Adam Johnson of Warrenville, the Illinois Education Association-backed candidate against state Rep. Jeanne Ives, lost.

Mayor Rahm loses in primary election! Reader: Yes, yes, Mayor Emanuel’s guy—state rep Christian Mitchell—won. But it was closer than expected. Jay Travis, the challenger, pulled just more than 47 percent of the vote. And she clobbered Mitchell in most of the black precincts—like those portions of the Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, and 20th wards that are in the district.

Christian Mitchell defeats Jay Travis, winning another hard-fought, tough race Examiner: Mitchell defeated Travis by a similar margin. The victory was impressive, however, since Mitchell was actively opposed by Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who resides in Mitchell’s district. Chicago Teachers Union PAC also donated to Travis.

Madigan loses some, wins more in Democratic primary Chicago Tribune: Christian Mitchell also voted for the new laws that rewrite pension benefits for public workers and legalize same-sex marriage. He became a major target of the Chicago Teachers Union…


After Ames Referendum Victory, Ed Activists Want CPS To Reverse Course Progress IL: After more than two-thirds of voters voiced their support to keep Ames Middle School as a neighborhood school, education activists are calling on the Chicago Public Schools to reverse course on their plans to introduce a “Marine-affiliated” program.

Kenwood students find their ‘Happy’ video is contagious Chicago Tribune: Tired of the frigid weather and constant criticism of Chicago Public Schools, Kenwood Academy HighSchool students recently decided to show the world how truly “happy” they are. And, as it turns out, their happiness is contagious.

Sutherland LSC Breaks Silence On Principal Catherine Gannon’s Ouster DNA Info: Beleaguered Local School Council members at Sutherland Elementary responded to critics on Tuesday.


U.S. Education secretary praises L.A. program LA Times: Arne Duncan visits the Hollywood FamilySource Center, which provides students in high poverty areas with the support and enrichment offered to their more affluent peers.  Tucked in the corner of a grimy East Hollywood strip mall is a shining hope of public education. See also LASR.

Report: As Teacher Demographics Change, Districts Must Prioritize Retention TeacherBeat:  To reduce the achievement gap, schools should pay attention to teacher retention, says new report.

Bobby Jindal: Bill De Blasio A ‘Petulant Tyrant Holding Low-Income Kids Hostage’ HuffPost: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio does not have a friend in Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. On Tuesday, the New York Post published an op-ed by Jindal in which he criticized the mayor’s hostility to charter schools, saying that de Blasio’s actions have the “markings of a petulant tyrant holding low-income students hostage.”


Charter school group spends $3.6m on TV ads attacking de Blasio NYDN: “They have parents believing there’s no way they’re going to find space for these 194 students,” said Zakiyah Ansari of the labor-backed lobbying group Alliance for Quality Education.

Growing Number of Parents Want Students to Opt Out of High-Stakes State Tests NY1: In 2012, there were 113 students in the city who opted out. A year later, that number nearly tripled, with 320 students sitting out the tests. This year, there may be considerably more.


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  • The first is not news, and given that the unions couldn't swing the primary for Dillard indicates that, as a minimum, her mayoral candidacy is dead. Apparently she assumes that people who don't work for CPS and pay taxes don't work.

  • Both Sides Agree: Unions Got Squished in Illinois | Intercepts http://ht.ly/uUGwI

  • Evanston Middle School leggings ban divides leafy Chicago suburb ht.ly/uXzsL

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