Rev. Wright Blasts Emanuel, Obama At CTU Event

Rev. Wright Blasts Emanuel, Obama At CTU Event

Check out the coverage of the CTU Jeremiah Wright speech that we talked about yesterday.  Also check out coverage of the Rauner/Walter Payton story. Anti-charter city council members tried and failed to block additional charters. But all is not lost. It’s Thursday before a three day weekend– you’re almost there! Meantime, see you on twitter (@district299).


King had a dream, Obama has a drone, Rev. Wright says Sun Times: Wright — with CTU President Karen Lewis and a host of mainly African-American pastors in attendance — continued in that vein Wednesday, blasting corporate media for reducing King’s words to palatable sound bites. Wright provided plenty of his own sound bites, as he took aim at some of Illinois’ most revered citizens, including America’s 16th president.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Takes Shots At Mayor Emanuel At CTU Breakfast CBS: “Where would Dr. King be standing in 2014? With the Chicago Teachers Union boycotting a mayor who was sent here by the president to shut down the union,” said Wright.


Rauner story on school clout seems to have changed State Journal Register (columnist): In that Sept. 3 interview, I asked Rauner: “Did you talk to Mr. Duncan about it?” “I did not,” Rauner responded. I asked if he might have left a message for Duncan. “Bernie, I told you the facts,” Rauner said.

Hey, Bruce Rauner: Payton Prep is a union school! Reader: You’d think that with all the money Bruce Rauner contributed to Payton Prep, the school could afford a librarian. As opposed to having a librarian-less library , which serves as a convenient backdrop for a Mayor Emanuel press conference.

Today’s must read Capitol Fax: Their board includes CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett, Board of Education members Deborah Quazzo and President David Vitale, and Noble investor and gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner.


Council Attempt to Slow Charter School Growth Fails NBC Chicago: For the fourth time in the past year, a resolution sponsored by a member of the Progressive Reform Coalition in the Chicago City Council related to Chicago Public Schools and charter school expansion has died an unceremonious death.

Aldermen, activists raise anti-charter voices Catalyst: Just minutes before the City Council went into session today, the Progressive Caucus of aldermen announced that they planned to introduce a resolution aimed at stopping charter expansion this year. The aldermen also want a delay on next week’s scheduled Board of Education vote on pending charter proposals. But when asked when they wanted a vote, Sposato said “Never.”

Chicago City Council Roundup: E-Cigs, Affordable Housing & Charter Expansion Progress IL: The measure was referred to the Rules Committee, known to some as the place where “good legislation goes to die.” Other education-related measures, including the TIF Surplus Ordinance and an elected school board referendum resolution,  have been bottled up in the committee for months.

Academics Blast CPS Charter School Expansion DNA Info: A Brighton Park meeting organized by anti-charter groups drew a standing-room-only crowd. Federico Waitoller is a University of Illinois at Chicago researcher and an author who studies racial inequities in special education.


Coach cleared of charges in hazing scandal: ‘I’m just very grateful’ CLTV: Michael Divincenzo was found not guilty Wednesday on charges of hazing, battery and failure to report child sexual abuse  related to a soccer team hazing scandal at Maine West High School in Des Plaines.

Chicago college leaders to join Obama in campaign to lure low-income students Tribune:
Knox College, for example, will base an admissions representative in Chicago for Chicago Public Schools students to bolster its recruiting of low-income students, the White House said.

District 303 parents, faculty discuss school improvement at Richmond, Davis schools Tribune:  DeStefano, who has developed school improvement plans for Chicago Public Schools and other urban school districts, said the buildings’ set of support services, including a morning fitness program, an extended school day at Richmond and bilingual classes, was impressive and more diverse than most.


Chancellor Faces First Test Over Report on Conditions at Queens School WNYC: Chancellor Carmen Fariña this week faced the first school scandal of her tenure, borne out of a Sunday New York Poststory about alleged leadership problems and a lack of resources at P.S. 106 in Far Rockaway, Queens.

LAUSD Doubles Down On Controversial iPad Experiment Huffington Post LA: Amid scrutiny over Los Angeles Unified School District’s $1 billion iPad program, board members moved Tuesday to put more devices into the hands of thousands of students.

Montessori school, Montgomery County’s only public charter, plans to close Washington Post: The Board of Directors for Crossway Community Inc., which operates Crossway Community Montessori School, voted to terminate its charter, school officials said Wednesday. The Kensington school, the first and only charter to open in Montgomery, has been in operation for two years.


How Did the NEA Grade Members of Congress? PK12: Want to know what the National Education Association thinks of your congressman or senator? The NEA is happy to tell you—every year the nation’s largest teachers’ union gives an A-through-F grade to every member of Congress, taking into account how they vote on key issues.

America’s Math Textbooks Are More Rigorous Than South Korea’s The Atlantic Education Page: Lots of theories have been floated about why South Korean students do so much better than their American peers: longer school days, higher parental involvement, greater cultural investment in the value of education. One factor that does not seem to be driving the gap, though, is better textbooks

Teach For America Spinoff Helps Alumni Gain Influence EdWeek: How successful LEE’s bid to that end will be remains to be seen, especially given what critics and supporters alike say is a relatively vague mission. Persistent suspicions of a pro-charter school, anti-union bias that have dogged its parent organization have also spilled over to LEE’s own work.

Michelle Rhee invites Twitter queries, gets a screenfull Washington Post: Michelle Rhee’s call this morning at 10:25 on Twitter, saying “I’m around for a bit, does anyone have any questions for me?” was like dumping pretzels on a beach filled with hungry seagulls. The Twitterverse lit up with questions that came fast and furious, and overwhelmingly from critics of Rhee, the former D.C. schools chancellor and current lightning rod for issues around school reform.


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  • I guess Wright is still teed that Obama threw him under the 95W bus about 5-1/2 years ago.

  • the rev has a point. A Chicago radio ad beckons consumers to come to the Dr. MLK celebration to by from american matress.

  • Wright knows exactly what he's doing and is highly intelligent. Don't let the loose cannon act fool you. He's helping Karen set the table for her mayoral candidacy. There are no other black candidates. Beale could be one, but the scandal has a cloud over his possible run.

  • Wright's rhetorical question question about MLK is interesting. Taking his question literally, an elderly MLK today would probably support the CTU. Old civil rights leaders seem to not change their approach much, even with ample evidence of a changing culture. But would a young MLK fully support the old teachers' unions today? I doubt it.

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    Right. I'm sure a young MLK would back billionaire "reformers" and Juan Rangel and the Gulan movement charters.

  • I wondered what MLK would have thought of the present trend in accountability. Would he have tracked the number of cities with per capita civil rights incidents, ranked them, and mobilized his team accordingly? I think there are certain things that can't be performance managed, for example, knowing if a culture is civilized, if a society doesn't discriminate, if parents are raising their kids well, or maybe even if kids are getting a decent education.

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