Duncan Visiting Juarez

Duncan Visiting Juarez

Today’s education news: Proposed charters, Byrd-Bennett’s response to New York City rumors (and an oped with Mayor Emanuel), Duncan at Juarez, school safety since Newtown. A big update from CPS Obsessed.  Commenters mocking each other. It’s cold!


CPS chief staying in Chicago Sun Times: Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennet is reportedly on the shortlist, according to various reports from New York media. But CPS spokesman Joel Hood said Byrd-Bennett is staying in Chicago.

An education worthy of Chicago’s children Tribune (Emanuel and Byrd-Bennett): Twenty-six years ago, President Ronald Reagan’s secretary of education, William Bennett, visited Chicago and declared Chicago Public Schools the worst in the nation. It was a damning indictment and one that our city took to heart. Yet, more than a quarter…


Parents scoff at mayor’s claims of flush arts programming in CPSVoices Sun Times: Below is a Friday news release from the parent group Raise Your Hand. It’s in response to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s claim this week that arts education in CPS “is core to a child’s education. It’s not extra.” CPS’ Arts Education Plan calls for two hours of arts education weekly in elementary schools, which Raise Your Hand claims isn’t happening in many schools.

Change in test scores allowed from private schools for SEHS CPS Obsessed: My understanding is that some Chicago private schools have been administering their 7th grade standardized test (most privates do not use the ISATs) twice during the same year to students.  The school then allowed the student to submit the higher test score to CPS for their selective enrollment calculation.   I believe the tests were spaces several months apart, possibly one in Fall and one in Spring.


Charter schools propose big expansion Catalyst: Noble Street Charter School Network is asking Chicago Public Schools to give them the green light to open three campuses this year and laying out their plans to open eight additional campuses over the next five years to allow their enrollment to grow to 18,000 students, eventually serving a fifth of all high school students in CPS.

CPS releases detailed proposals for 21 charter campuses Tribune: Chicago Public Schools on Friday released details of proposals from nine charter school operators seeking approval for 21 new campuses over the next two years.

CPS announces charter school plans Sun-Times: The Chicago Public Schools on Friday announced nine charter school operators want to open or expand a total of 21 charter schools over the next two years.


In Illinois, what has and hasn’t changed since Newtown WBEZ:  Mark Barden spoke in support of a proposed ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, such as those Lanza used in the murder of Barden’s 7-year-old son Daniel.

Progressives can’t let a love affair with social movements distract them from … In These Times: The September In These Times editorial noted that in Chicago, the Chicago Teachers Union is, as union president Karen Lewis put it, organizing to “change the political landscape in Chicago.” The union intends to do so by recruiting candidates to mount

Leaders of Chicago’s new school, hip-hop Sun Times: Chicago’s latest social media craze comes courtesy of a song called “Pop Out” by an artist named Katie Got Bandz. It’s not a new song; the video has been on YouTube for months.


US education secretary, to visit Chicago’s Juarez high school ABC7Chicago.com: Duncan will visit Chicago for a pair of events on Monday. Duncan will visit Benito Juarez Community Academy and take part in a round-table discussion with staff from the White House.

Ogden Math Teacher Builds Critical Thinkers with Songs, Zombies DNAI: Dan Stone once thought he’d be an actor. With his high school students, “every day I have an audience.”


Colorado student dead after opening fire at school; kids were screaming LA Times: Armed with a shotgun, a student entered Arapahoe High School and opened fire, hitting at least one other student before turning the weapon on himself, officials said Friday.

Klein says curriculum is his legacy’s lone dark spot GothamSchools: The further away Joel Klein gets from the New York City school system, the firmer he is about the changes he brought during his tenure.

Parents Protest Emergency Calls WSJ: More than 22% of the 15,130 calls for ambulances placed by schools in the 2011-12 school year were related to disciplinary infractions, according to Legal Services NYC, which sued the Department of Education and Fire Department of New York for the data.

Arlington Schools tap big data to reduce dropout rate Washington Post: The Arlington County public school district is inviting number crunchers from Sterling, Silicon Valley and even Singapore to help solve one of the most vexing problems in public education: how to keep children from dropping out of school.

Police respond to shooting report at Colo. school: State division of emergency management spokeswoman Micki Trost says police are responding to a report of a shooting at a high school in suburban Denver….

25 Top-Rated Investing in Innovation Applicants Secure Private Matches PoliticsK12: This year the U.S. Department of Education awarded some $134 million in i3 money, including seven “validation” grants (which can total up to $12 million each for projects with some evidence to back them up) and 18 “development” grants (which can reach $3 million each for promising ideas with less of a track record).

 Ohio: School Officials Plead Not Guilty After Rape NYT: The superintendent and three current or former city school officials in Steubenville, Ohio, pleaded not guilty on Friday to charges related to the 2012 rape of a 16-year-old girl.

Adelanto parent trigger fight subject of new movie San Bernardino Sun: In 2011, parents in the Desert Trails Parent Union — aided by Parent Revolution, the nonprofit that helped pass the 2010 Parent Trigger Law three years ago.

Draining The Daring From A High School Production Of ‘Rent’ NPR: Recently, the principal of Trumbull High School in Connecticut canceled a student production of Rent. The rock musical, about a group of young people living in New York, features characters dealing with drugs, sexuality and AIDS.

Parents Say School Security Has Increased Since Newtown Massacre NPR: More than 60 percent of parents with children in kindergarten through grade 5 reported increased security precautions, according to a recent poll. It was the first national survey since the 1999 Columbine tragedy to ask parents how schools reacted to a mass shooting.

School resource officers and the quest for safer schools NewsHour: In the year since the Newtown massacre, the national focus has been on gun laws and mental health programs. But largely out of sight, thousands of schools have implemented changes they hope will keep their students safe.

Electronic Arts founder Hawkins: New iPad app will teach empathy USA Today: Trip Hawkins assembled the team that got millions of players hooked on the Madden NFL video game franchise. Now, more than 20 years later, he is focused on your kids.

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  • Barbara is actually pretty cool considering what she's dealing with. I'm glad she's staying. She is a seasoned pro who knows how to play the game. I wish she could've gotten Cal Cal Davis to stay. Us CPS Sports coaches miss his leadership.

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    Mr Davis was an AP at Bogan before he took the sports
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    I hope he stayed that way.

  • Sammy Davis was an AP at Bogan? While I am a fan, Frank was the only true leader of the rat pack.

  • Pretty good line. Took me a while to figure it out and it tells your age:) My point was sports director Davis was good for CPS.

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    Calvin Davis was the AP Sammy Davis Jr was a song and dance man .Calvin was tall Sammy was a little shit.I think Sammy would
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