Black Studies For Everyone!

Black Studies For Everyone!

Todays’s education news:  Friday is the deadline for selective enrollment testing signup, says DNA Info.  Rangel was “a distraction,” says Mayor Emanuel. Black studies will be required for all CPS schools, says CPS. Readers debate whether property taxes are really lower in Chicago (in comments). Plus lots of national news.


CPS Kindergarten Admissions Guide: What Parents Need to Know DNAI: The deadline to sign up children for CPS selective enrollment testing is Friday.


Mayor says ex-UNO chief was a ‘distraction’ Sun Times: Juan Rangel was a “distraction from the mission” of the United Neighborhood Organization and did the right thing by resigning as the clout-heavy organization’s chief executive, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday.

How will UNO fare after Rangel? Tribune: Leaders who build successful organizations ultimately confront an uncomfortable question: How well will their organizations fare after they leave the superstructure they’ve built? Have they groomed the right people, built in robust systems, so the group or company will thrive?


CPS introduces black studies program Sun Times: Chicago Public Schools unveiled Wednesday a comprehensive black studies program that will be rolled out at its schools next month, officials said. The program goes beyond prominent black leaders, the slave trade and civil rights — what students are normally taught, officials said.

CPS Announces New African-American Studies Curriculum, But Charters Exempt DNAI: The school system plans to incorporate new curriculum year-round in all subjects starting in January.

CPS unveils curriculum for African-American studies Tribune: Despite a 1990 state law requiring that African-American history be taught in public schools, the subject has been taught sporadically in Chicago, often coming up only during Black History Month or to mark the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.


Teachers, Union Reps Question Bridgeport Charter School Plan DNAI: The teachers hoping to open an independent charter school in Bridgeport presented their plans.

Emanuel, Ma, Fleming announce new CPS arts grants Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel marked the one-year anniversary of the completion of the Chicago Public Schools’ Arts Education Plan Wednesday by announcing about $500,000 in grants to 45 schools to enhance arts learning.

City snuffs out sales of menthol cigarettes near schools Sun Times: The City Council agreed Wednesday to snuff out the sale of menthol and flavored tobacco products within 500 feet Chicago schools — five times the existing radius — to curb teen turn smoking.

Classroom management training called insufficient Catalyst: Most teacher colleges appear to spend at least some instructional time on classroom-management techniques, but it’s often incomplete, not based on research, or divorced from the student-teaching component of preparation. That’s the gist of a new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality, which used a sample of the syllabi and other materials collected for last summer’s teacher-preparation review for the analysis. (Education Week)

Broken bonds: The school edition Tribune: You couldn’t ask for a better — or more infuriating — explanation for the financial implosion of Chicago Public Schools than Sunday’s installment of the Tribune’s “Broken Bonds” series.


How ‘flipped classrooms’ are turning the traditional school day upside down PBS:  What if you took the traditional school day and flipped it on its head, not literally, of course, but having lessons offered at night at home and homework done by day in the classroom? That’s the experiment under way at Clintondale High School just outside Detroit, an area still reeling from the economic and social ills of the nearby city. The school serves many low-income families and faces tight budgets and declining enrollment.

U.S. Department of Education to Redo SIG Analysis Due to Contractor Error PoliticsK12: The analysis, which was released just a couple of weeks ago, excluded about half of the schools that entered the newly revamped SIG program in its first year (the 2010-11 school year) and about a third of the schools that started in the second year (the 2011-12 school year.) It’s unclear if the do-over will significantly change those conclusions.

Head Start funding partially restored in federal budget deal EdSource Today: Head Start lost about 57,000 slots for children, including more than 5,600 in California, because of cuts under federal sequestration, a program of automatically triggered, across-the-board spending cuts. These cuts have continued to ripple through Head Start operations month by month as they cycle through their federal grant processes.


Charter Leader Denies Insider’s Advantage WNYC: “I’m not suggesting that I don’t know anyone at Tweed, I do,” she said, referring to the D.O.E.’s headquarters. “So if you’re saying can I pick up the phone and call folks, yes, I can. But does that mean from a policy perspective I’ve gotten any advantages? Absolutely not.”

American Colleges Finding Ideals Are Tested Abroad NYT: Universities with programs in countries with autocratic governments are wrestling with how to respond to actions that fly in the face of democratic principles.

Kids Create Mobile Apps In the Classroom NPR: Some of the best new digital apps are coming from the youngest tech innovators. Middle school students Xavier Manning and Ciara Chase created apps that make their community better: from improving garbage collection to finding missing teens. Guest host Celeste Headlee talk to the students, and their guidance counselor Carletta Hurt.

In A Small Missouri Town, Immigrants Turn To Schools For Help NPR:The once-sleepy tourist town of Noel, Mo., in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, is now home to hundreds of immigrants and newly arrived refugees, thanks largely to the huge Tyson Food Inc. poultry plant. And since the town lacks the infrastructure to serve these new residents, schools have become the de facto safety net.

Nevada teacher charged with kidnapping once worked for L.A. Unified LA Times: A former Nevada teacher charged with kidnapping a 16-year-old girl was previously an instructor in the Los Angeles Unified School District — which had moved to fire him and sought to have his teaching credentials revoked after allegations of sexual misconduct with students surfaced.

Boy, 6, suspended for kissing classmate Today: A 6-year old boy is returning to school after being suspended for “unwanted touching,” after he kissed a girl at school on the hand.



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  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Linda is a wonderful and thoughtful journalist whose work I have long admired. Chicago is very lucky to have her.

    Rod Estvan

  • Mayor Rahm moves ahead with his $18 million Lincoln Elementary expansion | Bleader | Chicago Reader

  • CPS needs to choose better locations - re McKinley Park (by Mary Welter)

  • Hi Alexander, Here's my view on the African American Studies for all situation. It's a 1960's approach to diversity. Not good in the 21st century, ya know?

  • from Catalyst blog: CHARTERS EXEMPT: DNAInfo reports that the new curriculum incorporating African-American studies into courses throughout all subject areas taught in Chicago Public Schools will not be taught to those attending charter schools.

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