Video: Fight At Lincoln

Video: Fight At Lincoln

Happy Friday. So there was a bit of a dustup at a meeting to debate the Lincoln Annex (and DNAI Info has video — they’re everywhere!). But the bigger news in the long run might be the union push against the looming pension deal, the news that Juarez is off probation, and the online gradebook that CPS is apparently (already?) going to use.  Elsewhere, lots of coverage of Philadelphia (via NPR) and NYC (via GothamSchools and WNYC).


Lincoln Park School Annex Meeting Ends in Fist Fight DNAI: Armendariz scolded the man who was part of the fight, yelling, “Out! I’m the principal of this school. Our children don’t even act like that.”

Lincoln Elementary’s new annex met with neighborhood opposition (and that’s a nice way to putting it) CPS Obsessed: Lincoln Elem school – still contentious now that the non-school people in the neighborhood are mad.  [50 comments]

Fist fight breaks out at elementary school meeting Sun Times:  Because nothing says “great role models” like a fist fight between adults at an elementary school meeting! It seems that while parents at other schools are upset about that annex being built for Lincoln Elementary, internal deliberations at Lincoln are much more fractious. That’s Lincoln’s principal Mark Armendariz chastising one of the fight participants as he escorts him out.

Critics: Chicago favors schools in wealthier communities Tribune: Critics contend Board of Education is favoring wealthier communities Parents whose children attend overcrowded Chicago schools complained to officials that their buildings deserve improvements just as much as a school in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.


Unions Set To Push Back Against Potential Pension Deal Progress IL: The We Are One Coalition of labor unions have set call-in days for November 25 and November 26 as well as December 2 and December 3. On those days public employees, retirees and labor supporters will call their legislators, urging them not to vote for any deal that is not backed by labor.

Chicago Tonight’s panel of “experts”. No teachers allowed Mike Klonsky: The panel, which included CPS’ new accountability chief John Barker must have set the world record for empty, meaningless cliches abut Common Core and data-driven this and new metrics that. Barker was aided in elevating data about freshman-on-track above any and all other issues, by Elaine Allensworth from the Consortium on Chicago School Research.


10 Steps for Academic Success WTTW: What can parents and caregivers do to prepare middle school students for educational success? WTTW’s list of 10 suggestions includes staying in contact with teachers, knowing your child’s friends, and making attendance and punctuality a priority.

Mexican etiquette some white people need to learn on dad’s 77th birthday White Rhinoceros:  At the start of the school year, I was setting up to run a professional development session in our school gym.  I arrived early to set up.  I was the only person in the gym.  A white colleague walked in.  I greeted him.  He said nothing and kept walking.  Another white colleague walked in.  He ignored me, too.  Then, he sat and talked with the other white guy.


Ames Parents, Students Overwhelmingly Oppose Military School, Polling Shows DNAI: Some 97 percent of parents and 94 percent of students oppose the military school plan, voting showed.

Diane Disney Miller ‘Took Ownership’ of Uptown School She Loved DNAI: Diane Disney Miller, Walt Disney’s granddaughter and school benefactor, died this week at age 79.

Mather High School Reaches Top CPS Ranking After Winning Appeal DNAI: Principal Chris Jones took the helm at the school seven years ago when it was on probation.

Benito Juarez H.S. Teachers’ ‘Incredible Work’ Propels School Off Probation DNAI: Attendance is up at the academy, but test scores are still below the average for Chicago Public Schools.

Web-Based Gradebook to be Implemented District-Wide at Chicago Santa Barbara Riviera: Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the 3rd largest public school district in the nation, approved the adoption of a district-wide web-based gradebook on January.


California agrees to administer both math and English tests this spring KPCC: This is not the plan Torlakson, state legislators, and Governor Jerry Brown endorsed in Assembly Bill 484 earlier this year. That bill stipulated that California would only give students one field test this spring, to ease students into the new tests and the computer technology on which they’ll take them.

Torlakson retreats from conflict with feds over testing EdSource: Faced with potentially tens of millions of dollars in fines, the state Department of Education has backed down from its confrontation with the federal government over standardized testing.Torlakson’s carefully worded news release makes no mention of the conflict with the federal government or a concern over districts’ capacity to administer computer tests in both subjects next spring.

State expands field tests of Common Core-aligned assessments LA Daily News: The field test of California’s new computer-based assessments will be expanded so that nearly every student will take exams next spring in both math and English, rather than being limited to one or the other, officials said Thursday. High school juniors, students in grades three through eight, plus a small sampling of ninth- and 10th-graders will participate in field tests of the Smarter Balanced assessments.

Federal analysis of school grants shows mixed results Washington Post: A federal program that pumped a record $5 billion into failing schools is showing mixed results, with students at more than one-third of the targeted schools doing the same or worse after the schools received the funding, according to government data released Thursday.


Charter Schools In Philadelphia: Educating Without A Blueprint NPR: A few short years ago, Simon Gratz in North Philadelphia was among the state’s most troubled, violent and academically underachieving high schools. Today, now a charter school, Gratz is very much on the rebound. But critics say Philadelphia can’t charter its way out of its school crisis.

Unrelenting Poverty Leads To ‘Desperation’ In Philly Schools NPR: Close to 40 percent of kids in Philadelphia live in poverty — but discussion of the link between poverty and student achievement is almost absent from an ongoing debate to fix schools. Public health and education experts say poverty and hunger undermine children’s development.

Kids Pay The Price In Fight Over Fixing Philadelphia Schools NPR: David Hornbeck says Philadelphia’s schools have been underfunded for decades. He should know: He served as superintendent of schools in Philadelphia from 1994 through 2000. Before he was ousted to make room for a state-appointed School Reform Commission to run schools, Hornbeck sued the state, accusing lawmakers of denying the city’s mostly poor, black and Latino children their right to an equal educational opportunity guaranteed by the state constitution. The suit went nowhere.

Praising Bloomberg, report previews challenges for de Blasio GothamSchools: The 57-page paper also offers a retrospective on New York City schools over the past dozen years, praising Mayor Bloomberg and gains made on graduation rates, anti-truancy, school choice and data-driven systems under his leadership.

Six Things the New Mayor Should Do for NYC’s Schools WNYC: The six priorities were debated on Thursday by a panel that included Pedro Noguera, an education professor at New York University, Ocynthia Williams, a Bronx parent leader with the Coalition for Educational Justice, and New Haven schools superintendent Garth Harries, who previously worked for the New York City Department of Education. It was moderated by former state education commissioner David Steiner.

Board member-elect apologizes for Newtown comment AP: A newly elected school board member in a Connecticut town neighboring the one where 26 people were killed at an elementary school has apologized for saying on Facebook that he’ll observe the anniversary of the Newtown shooting by distributing ammunition….



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    "the online gradebook that CPS is apparently (already?) going to use."

    As the article states, we started using the Impact program in 2008.

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