Board Debates Lincoln Annex

Board Debates Lincoln Annex

The Lincoln Annex was the big topic out of yesterday’s Board meeting (pictured). There are also rumors that Tim Cawley is out at CPS HQ and that Tribune reporter Joel Hood is in. Nationally, Arne Duncan is launching an effort to recruit high-GPA students into teaching.


Race ‘elephant in the room’ with Lincoln overcrowding Catalyst:  Vickrey and other parents who oppose the addition also note that other CPS schools are more overcrowded than Lincoln. Last year’s list puts Lincoln at No. 53 out of 65 overcrowded schools (not including charter schools).  CPS officials said an adjusted list that takes into account all leased space that overcrowded schools are using puts Lincoln at No. 15 among 33 schools.

Chicago parents press for solution to overcrowded schools Chicago Tribune: Parents whose children attend overcrowded Chicago schools complained to the Board of Education on Wednesday that their buildings deserve improvements just as much as an elementary school in the affluent Lincoln Park neighborhood that is in line for a $20 million annex.

Parents: Lincoln Park school gets annex. Why not low-income areas? Sun Times: As some rejoice about a plan to relieve overcrowding at a Lincoln Park elementary school, parents with kids at other crammed schools want to know when they’ll be able to spread out. Lincoln Elementary School is set to receive an annex that could cost up to $20 million and accommodate about 500 additional kids, officials said. Chicago Public Schools said the annex will be funded with state money …

Chicago Board Of Education To Discuss Proposed Annex For Lincoln Elementary Progress IL: Some of those who have questioned a new addition for Lincoln Elementary have argued that the school’s attendance boundaries should be moved in order to send some of the students to nearby schools that are not overcrowded. Meanwhile, Northwest Side parents are expected to attend the board meeting to call out the mayor and school officials for their “separate and unequal approach to relieve overcrowding in public schools in wealthy neighborhoods.”


Parents, Students Vote Against Converting Ames Middle School Into Military Academy Progress IL: During a vote last week on report card pick-up day, 309 parents and adults from Ames and two of its feeder schools, Sharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary and William P. Nixon Elementary, voted against converting Ames, located at 1920 N. Hamlin Ave., into a military high school. Just 11 parents were in support of the conversion plan. Out of the 488 Ames students who voted, 96 percent want a community school, while 6 percent said they favored a military academy.

At CPS there’s a new colonel in town Mike Klonsky:  Rumor has it that there’s a shake up brewing atop Byrd-Bennett’s CPS bureaucracy. Some on the 5th Floor tells me that the roundly-despised Tim Cawley is out as BBB’s Chief Administrative Officer and that he being replaced by former Marine Col. Tim Tyrrell.

Daily Mariachi Classes Coming to Some Chicago Public Schools DNAI: The Mariachi program would target the city’s Hispanic public schools.
How Mayor Rahm Emanuel Awoke a Progressive Resistance in Chicago In These Times: The weekend before the board vote, Karen Lewis was reelected president of the Chicago Teachers Union with 80 percent support. Over the next three days, hundreds of parents, students, and teachers marched throughout the city visiting schools to be …


Campaign Seeks to Recruit Top Students to Become Teachers NYT: The campaign, called Teach, uses video spots and radio announcements that portray teaching as creative and compelling a career as medicine, acting or engineering.

Arne Duncan’s Search for More Teachers U.S. News & World Report: This week, Education Secretary Arne Duncan will re-launch a campaign he initiated a few years ago to get more college students interested in becoming teachers.

Teachers Wanted WNYC: After all the focus on getting rid of “bad” teachers, Arne Duncan, United States Secretary of Education, talks about the need for new teachers to replace a large cohort of those about to retire.

The Quality of American Teachers Seems to be Getting Better Mother Jones: The number of teachers from the class of 2008 with different SAT scores: compared to 1993 and 2000, there are fewer from the lower ranks, about the same number from the middle ranks, and more from the higher ranks.

Which States Are Most Vulnerable to K-12 Sequester Cuts? PoliticsK12: More than half the districts in these 14 states rely on the federal government for 15 percent or more of their revenue: Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Interestingly, most of those are “red” states. Republicans, have, in general, been less vocal about the impact of sequestration on schools than Democrats.

Frequent Tests Can Enhance College Learning, Study Finds NYT: Short quizzes at the start of each class increased attendance and overall performance, an experiment showed.

Online Courses Attract Degree Holders, Survey Finds NYT: About 80 percent of people who enrolled in a massive open online course from the University of Pennsylvania had already earned a bachelor’s degree, according to a survey.


Kids Pay The Price In Fight Over Fixing Philadelphia Schools NPR: One of the nation’s largest school systems has been pushed to the brink of insolvency. Not long ago, Philadelphia was touted as a “laboratory of innovation,” a promising model for urban public education. But something went wrong. So who is responsible for the district’s descent into academic and financial ruin?

Bucks County schools see spike in low-income students Bucks County Courier Times: Bucks County schools boast some of the highest test scores and graduation rates in Pennsylvania, but they’re being confronted by a ..

L.A. Unified oversight committee nixes iPads for all teachers, says numbers don’t add up KPCC: An oversight committee on Wednesday approved the L.A. Unified District’s plan to buy 25,000 more iPads for students from bond funds – but didn’t sign off on providing tablets to every teacher and administrator in the district. The Bond Oversight Committee also approved a pilot of laptops for older grades, even as some members complained that the district didn’t provide cost estimates.

Legislative Education Chairmen Join Algebra II Fray At SBOE Texas Tribune: Two top lawmakers made an unexpected Wednesday evening visit to urge the State Board of Education to preserve legislative intent as they implement new high school graduation requirements the Legislature passed in May.


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  • Always read at least a few paragraphs of the article before you tell your friends about it: From "The Quality of American Teachers Seems to be Getting Better" -- "This is reasonable sounding. However, the most recent data is for teachers hired in 2008, which predates the big spike in unemployment starting in 2009. So I'm not quite convinced." In 2008, it wasn't yet crystal clear that public school teaching was being downgraded to a post-college internship type job. The source for this information is right-wing wonk Megan McCardle. Draw your own conclusions.

  • actually i think it's from mother jones and CAP and i'm not sure that i agree with you about the description of the job... but anyway.

  • It's from Mother Jones, but the source cited in the article is Megan McCardle. I know that you don't agree with the description of the job. You couldn't take the more or less optimistically neutral position on school reformers that you take if you did agree with me. I don't know of any teacher in CPS who doesn't agree with me. Maybe you discount that.

  • I'm not sure whether or not *I* agree with you, as it was rather difficult to "train thought of your follow." (Er, maybe it had something to do with that convoluted stream of consciousness style.)

    At any rate, I usually find Megan McArdle (the correct spelling of her name, btw) a smart read, whether I agree with her or not. An Ivy League undergrad who earned her Master's in economics at U of Chicago, she is pretty good at organizing economic data.

  • Danaidh. Well, at least understands Russo me disagrees he because with me. Thanks for all of your helpful corrections and learned advice about style. McArdle (why on earth would anyone spell it like that?) may be a certified genius, but she is an ideologue and in this case used statistics from 2008 without comment. Even U of C grads, such as myself, can misuse statistics. Libertarianism and economics often read like intelligence when on paper, but they don't often end up working out so well.

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