Video: Ravitch On "Daily Show"

Video: Ravitch On "Daily Show"
In an appearance that will seem like more trick than treat to reform supporters, Diane Ravitch appeared on The Daily Show last night.

Some quick observations:

She ducks the “what about the unions?” question entirely (not defending them, it’s worth noting) — and Stewart lets her.

She posits the notion that charter schools or choice reduce the sense of public obligation but ignores the reality that more affluent parents (including Ravitch herself) have “shopped” for better schools for their children for decades.

She was holding the noisy green key-keeper in her hand — to keep from blocking her face using that hand, right?

See extended segments here.


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  • Huh? Ravitch's critique of charters is incoherent. How does she link choice in educational choices with a lack of civic responsibility? Does she think that people without children or not in public schools don't vote against schools now? Often they are voting with their feet . . . straight to the suburbs.

    She ignored the unions question . . . a pathetic performance.

  • 2 Ravitch appearances in Chicago -- November and then December

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