Safe Billiken Passages

Safe Billiken Passages

Today’s education news:  Safe Passages rollout, CPS employees complain about being told to attend Bud Billiken parade, the “real Karen Lewis, reactions to the testing rollback last week, shared schools/libraries, and more.

Man fatally shot on block CPS designated as ‘Safe Passage’ route Sun Times: A man was shot and killed Saturday along a block that Chicago Public Schools designated as part of a “Safe Passage” route for school children. The man, 54, was killed about 6:17 p.m. on the 2900 block of South State Street, which was designated the previous day by CPS as a “Safe Passage” route for students walking to Drake Elementary School, about four blocks from where the shooting occurred …

CPS sets Safe Passage routes Tribune: Under pressure from parents and the vendors hired to handle the program, Chicago Public Schools on Friday released Safe Passage routes to new schools for the thousands of children affected by school closings. CPS said the routes issued Friday, which…

Safe Passage routes to new schools announced Catalyst: With only two weeks to go before the opening bell rings, CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett and a team of other city officials announced the so-called Safe Passage routes and tried to assure people that everything is under control as 13,000-plus students transition to new schools.

Chicago Public Schools unveils ‘safe passage’ routes WBEZ: The district plans to station 600 adults armed with cell phones and fluorescent green vests along streets surrounding 59 grammar schools. Safety was a key concern for people who opposed the school closings. But Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Friday the city is prepared.
CPS ‘Safe Passage’ gets mixed reaction Sun Times: They’ve seen the bright yellow “Safe Passage” signs lining streets throughout the city. And on Friday, parents, politicians and students saw the publicly released routes Chicago Public Schools officials say will ensure the safety of kids walking to new schools. Some Chicago alderman, parents and community members reacted with criticism while others offered praise for the new paths — lined with chaperones — around closing schools to the welcoming schools.
Editorial: Why tests matter for students Tribune (editorial page): The leaders of Chicago Public Schools thrilled the crowd last week with the announcement that the system will drop a raft of standardized tests beginning this school year. Teachers have complained that standardized tests drain valuable class time and…

Emanuel: More Public Schools, Libraries To Share Buildings Progress Illinois: The library will offer neighborhood children access to early literacy programs, according to the mayor’s office, and Chicago Public Schools students will have the opportunity to mentor younger children and gain community service hours within their …

Less testing, more hands-on learning Chicago Tribune (opinion): Chicago Public Schools are right to scale back standardized tests. Endless testing encourages rote learning and obedience at the expense of new ideas. It certainly won’t develop the generation of inventors and free thinkers we need to propel our economies.

A look at CTU President Karen Lewis Crain’s Business: Ask opera aficionado Karen Lewis what character she identifies with—Madama Butterfly, perhaps?—and she quickly demurs. “She killed herself. That’s not me,” declares Ms. Lewis, rejecting the specific comparison but not the point about life on the big stage. “There’s a public person, and there’s a private person.” Yes, there are.

Some CPS employees told to go to Billiken Parade Sun Times: Keiana Barrett, CPS press secretary, said the email has been misinterpreted and that employees are not being forced to attend. She said CPS has a long-term partnership with the parade and wants a good showing to kick off the school year that begins Aug. 26.

CPS Students Launch ‘Union’, Demand Voice In District’s Decision-Making … Progress Illinois: Floyd, who is going into his junior year at Jones College Preparatory High School, said because students are the individuals most impacted by school actions, they should be present when officials from CPS and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) make ..

Sex Ed Law May Mean Little Change For Most Schools CBS2 Chicago: But a 2008 University of Chicago study found that 93 percent of the state’s public school districts offered sex ed. About 65 percent of the sex ed teachers taught what researchers considered a comprehensive program, including contraception and STDs.

New state-of-the-art high school opens as CPS faces massive budget cuts
Chicago Business Journal: WBEZ also pointed to an analysis by Catalyst Chicago which found that 70 percent of Chicago Public Schools’ district-run schools had their funding cut by at least $100,000 for the upcoming school year.


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  • Close/Consolidate Expen$ive Networks NOW
    You mean chiefs cannot handle 11 more school in their networks? Please.There was a time with more schools and more students there were only 6 ‘chiefs.’
    Now there are 19 networks with 50 schools closed and more under AUSL.
    No chiefs have gone back to a CPS school to be a principal.
    Why is that?
    Is it the step down or is it harder work with less money for them?

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