Can CPS/CTU Win Extra Funding?

Can CPS/CTU Win Extra Funding?

The big question right now is why CPS and CTU can’t get it together to fight for more funding for Chicago schools – which they both want — and what it says that they can’t agree on a set of funding increase proposals and present a unified front downstate that is needed to have any chance of making things better funding-wise.

College-Bound CHA Residents Feted At Sendoff In The Loop DNAI: The CHA held a event Wednesday to celebrate students who will soon be departing Chicago for college.

Security on new school routes still in flux, with just weeks to go Tribune: Less than three weeks before classes start, key elements of Chicago Public Schools’ Safe Passage program to provide security for children going to new schools remain incomplete.
Quick returns to Chicago to release ‘Endless Road’ SouthtownStar: Quick, a former Chicago Public Schools teacher, developed the Fingertips Program to meld music with motivational speaking.
City should keep One Summer Plus Chicago Sun-Times: approach, thankfully, is finally taking root in the Chicago public schools, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel stuck with it again this summer.
Brady proposes vouchers for Chicago students Jacksonville Journal-Courier: Republican state Sen. Bill Brady is proposing legislation to provide tuition vouchers to families ofChicago Public Schools students whose schools have been.

Are Race-Based Goals In Education Helpful? NPR: While civil rights groups are critical of Florida’s race-based education goals, the policy’s defenders argue that it sets ambitious – but realistic – achievement targets.

Indiana: Grade Manipulation Found NYT: The state schools superintendent, Glenda Ritz, acknowledged manipulation in the way Indiana’s schools are graded, the latest fallout from a report by The Associated Press.

Dread of August: The Kids’ Teacher Assignments WSJ: As parents worry their kids will get stuck with a dud, more schools are trying to limit their input. Via GothamSchools.


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  • ISBE has yet to share any of its #RTTT funding with districts, while other states share 50-90 pct @isbe

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  • CPS doesn't really want more funds. Emanuel is all about exploiting crises to enrich his class. He wants a total collapse of CPS, so his Wall St. privateer pals can make a fortune. He is to Chicago what Katrina was to New Orleans.

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