Use TIF, Save Vevea

Use TIF, Save Vevea

Today’s education news includes coverage of City Council progressives clamoring for CPS to use TIF funding to protect schools from budget cuts, plus news that WBEZ education reporter Becky Vevea’s job is at risk, and that a CORE-like caucus in Newark failed to win control of the teachers union there (but scored lots of leadership positions).  What else?  When’s summer school start?

CPS Could Use TIF Funds, Say Council Progressives DNAI: The Progressive Reform Caucus suggested diverting TIF funds to defray school budget cuts.

Council’s Progressive Caucus warns ‘draconian’ cuts to CPS will reduce test scores Sun-Times: The City Council’s Progressive Caucus came out swinging Thursday against “draconian” budget cuts at Chicago Public Schools, they warned, would increase class size, reduce test scores and leave schools without essentials. 

Back of the Yards Library to Open in New High School DNAI: The city will rent space from the Board of Education for its newest public library.

At risk: The education beat at WBEZ Reader: WBEZ has no reporting jobs to fill, and the fiscal 2014 budget, as now conceived, does not create one. But a couple of openings for producer do exist, and I understand that [Becky] Vevea is being encouraged to apply. If she does she’s likely to be hired, because she’s so highly valued.

Chicago Plans To Open New Schools For Dropouts Amid Massive Closures And … Huffington Post: Doubling the number of quality options and alternative pathways to nontraditional learning environments allows us to help our hardest to reach children and provide them a chance to succeed,” CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett in a news release.

Marcy Newberry closing, 230 children losing Head Start seats Catalyst: To make ends meet, the program used blended funding – a common strategy where children are not enrolled unless they meet the eligibility criteria for both an early childhood education program (like Head Start or Early Head Start, or state early childhood education programs) plus state child care assistance.

CPS principal recounts alleged rape at court hearing Tribune: A Chicago Public Schools principal wept and wiped her eyes with a tissue as she testified Monday about allegedly being raped in her home by a CPS teacher while her son slept in his bedroom down the hall. At a hearing in the Leighton Criminal Court…

Newark Union Head Barely Wins Re-Election The Nation: A challenger slate that’s drawn inspiration from the Chicago Teachers Union captured seventeen of the twenty-nine seats on the NTU’s executive board while barely falling short in its bid to oust Del Grosso.

Ceremony honoring black male high school grads aims to show kids what’s … Chicago Sun-Times: 
Black males in the Chicago Public Schools have the highest dropout rate of any group — in 2010 about 1 in 8, according to the Consortium on Chicago School Research.


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  • this Hechinger Report article
    The earliest intervention: How to stop the achievement gap from starting? | Hechinger Report

    features home visits and Chicago's Ounce of Prevention programs

  • I read the articles Alexander posted on the Progressive caucus call for releasing TIF funds to CPS to offset the cuts. But not one article or comment from a caucus member indicated the actual amount of TIF funds available for release. Nor did the aldermen indicate the exact amount of TIF dollars they wanted returned to the taxing entities.

    Mayor Richard Daley submitted his 2010-11 Budget Request to the Chicago City Council and released $180 million in tax increment financing (TIF) surplus funds from 25 TIF districts. But not all of this money went to CPS, only about $100 million went to CPS. CPS gets only about 53.5% of any release, the rest is divided up among the City Colleges, County, Forest Preserve District, Water Reclamation District, Chicago Park District, and the City of Chicago.

    The first thing these alderman need to do is to get the current surplus funds figures for all TIF districts in the city. Then they need to draft a bill to release whatever percentage of these funds they believe need to be returned to the taxing bodies. Press conferences are nice but an actual bill is better. I suspect that the dollars released would fall short of covering whatever the CPS deficit might actually be. But any money would help.

    Rod Estvan

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    Math Teachers, what per cent of the appropriation does CTPF get ? I thought CTPF receives $1 per 100.

    HB 206: State Appropriations
    Status: Signed by Governor Quinn, now public act 098-0017
    House Chief Sponsor:
    Speaker Madigan
    Senate Chief Sponsors: President Cullerton, Senators Steans and Trotter
    SUMMARY: This bill makes appropriations to various agencies. CTPF
    will receive a Fiscal Year 2014 State contribution in the amount of
    $11.9 million. The suburban/downstate system, Teachers Retirement System (TRS), will receive an appropriation of $3.4 billion.

  • Let's apply CPS logic to other entities in society. A charity will do better work with less funding; sports teams win more championships by paying players less; finally, Rahm will get re-elected with less financial contributions than his opponent.

  • Medicaid and Medicare already reimburse healthcare providers at a rate less than cost of care, and then the providers can cost-shift the gap to be covered by those who have private insurance. The idea is that the system helps fuel efforts to reduce costs overall. Not an option in public ed.

  • I wonder why some comments are submitted for approval before posting and others aren't. Logic there?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    happens to me all the time, and i run the site! usually they just go through -- sometimes they get snagged because they have links, or because you've commented recently and they think you might be a comment robot

  • Farmington Associate Superintendent David Ruhland Takes Chicago Schools Job

  • High School Dropouts Get Second Chance in Chicago

  • Is this Farmington guy taking Colston's old job which I thought Tom Kreiger had?

  • another outsider coming to CPS labor relations--more $$ to waste
    Yet another guy with no CPS experience, with all the principals being laid off; none from within? He better move into the city-required!
    If one had any business sense you would not sit on CPS Board of Ed. How dare they buy more central office folks when schools are cut to the marrow.

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