Closings, Cuts -- Board Meeting!

Closings, Cuts -- Board Meeting!

Today’s news includes coverage of the schools that are closing –including a charter school — and the cuts that schools are struggling with (Roosevelt is apparently having an especially hard time).  There’s also a handful of Board-related items (meeting is tomorrow), plus coverage of a big charter study that came out (they’re getting better).


Closings leave no neighborhood schools in east Humboldt Park Sun Times: “Let’s go, friends,” Mrs. Farrell told her first graders early Monday morning, leading them into Alexander von Humboldt Elementary School in Humboldt Park. “Ready? Yes, yes, yes, yes, it’s the final day, Nancy Farrell said. “We’re going to have such fun!” As usual, children led the Pledge of Allegiance in unison over the PA system, ending with “Thank you and have a great day.” Von Humboldt and the school it shares a building with at 2620 W. Hirsch, Ana Roque de Duprey, dismissed their kids one final time Monday, for the most part shuttering all neighborhood schools in this eastern part of Humboldt Park.

Charter cites budget cuts in shut-down decision Catalyst: Chicago Talent Development High School—a pro-union charter school that focuses on educating students who are behind academically—will close its doors at the end of next year. The decision makes Talent Development the first charter-school casualty of this year’s budget, as CPS grapples with a deficit fueled by state pension problems. Though many charters have lower-than-average enrollment of special education students, Talent Development went against the grain: 26 percent of its students are in special education, more than any other charter school.

Hugs, tears as school closes in Chicago AP: Hugs, tears as school closes in Chicago Many parents are resigned to the cost-cutting measures, but some Trumbull parents are part of a federal discrimination lawsuit against Chicago Public Schools. A judge will hold a hearing in July to consider their claims that special education students are being discriminated against because they’re not getting access to the best options.


CPS Budget Cuts: Roosevelt Council at Odds Over How to Manage $1.1M Loss DNAI: The local school council delayed a vote on Roosevelt’s budget so its members can review staffing.

How Poverty Moved To Chicago’s Suburbs Chicago Mag: 10 years ago, 60 percent of the Chicago area’s poverty was in the city. Now, it’s less than half. But in the suburbs and nearby cities, the population is shrinking and poverty is on the rise.


Expanded school safety program would hire 600 WGEM: On Wednesday, Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett plans to recommend the board approve the expansion of the Safe Passage program to include 19 new community groups. These organizations would hire an additional 600 people to work along safe-passage routes.

Chicago public school property taxes going up Chicago Tribune: Property taxes for Chicago Public Schools will rise on bills that come out next week, but the rates paid by city homeowners still will be lower than in all but a few suburbs, new data obtained by the Tribune show. CPS officials have estimated that the …

Chicago schools ‘proceeding’ with food pact — for now Crain’s Chicago Business:  Chicago Public Schools is “moving forward” with a preliminary decision to award a huge foodservice contract to a division of Aramark Corp.

Brown: CPS’s new milk delivery system better than cheesy old contract Sun-Times: Until now, Chicago Public Schools officials say, this was one of the only school systems in the country to buy its milk separately from the rest of its food service — necessitating separate deliveries.


CPS principal recounts alleged rape at court hearing Tribune: A Chicago Public Schools principal wept and wiped her eyes with a tissue as she testified Monday about allegedly being raped in her home by a CPS teacher while her son slept in his bedroom down the hall.


Rahm’s Pick For Chicago’s School Board Is Sure To Make Some People Mad Chicago Mag: Rahm Emanuel probably guessed that his pick of millionaire venture capitalist Deborah Quazzo, 52, to replace billionaire Penny Pritzker would infuriate some people.

Is This Rahm’s Rival for Mayor? ChicagoMag: Alderman Scott Waguespack, a critic of Emanuel, says he wouldn’t run against him—but he leaves some wiggle room. Here are the legislator’s thoughts on what should change in Chicago’s leadership.


Charter Schools Are Improving, a Study Says NYT: An update of a four-year-old Stanford University study that found many charter school students were not performing as well as those in public schools now shows better results in a few states.

Charter performance improving, but still varied Hechinger Report: In the past four years, national charter school enrollment has increased by 80 percent to 2.3 million students. CREDO’s latest comprehensive report checks back in with the charter movement and concludes that charter performance has improved since 2009 – but finds charter schools that outperform traditional school districts are still the exception rather than the rule..”

Charter schools offer scant edge over neighborhood schools: study Reuters: Charter schools across the United States have improved in recent years, but on average, they still offer little advantage over traditional public education, according to a new study.

Charters not outperforming nation’s traditional public schools, report says Washington Post: But 56 percent of the charters produced no significant difference in reading and 19 percent had worse results than traditional public schools.


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  • Prelim school by school cuts tot $71M in case you haven't seen -- by @ILRaiseYourHand

    $2-3m at curie and hanson park

    how are some schools doing the cuts without cutting staff (senn) while others are apparently cutting staff?

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