Board Meeting / CTU Protest Day

Board Meeting / CTU Protest Day

It’s grab-bag Wednesday (also a Board meeting/CTU protest day), with stories about NCLB, property taxes, cuts, closings, and a lesbian prom king at Lane Tech.

Does Arne Duncan’s NCLB Waiver Decision Open the Door for Illinois? EdWeek: The problem that remains for Illinois is year 2015-16. Under its law, that’s still a transitional year for schools and not all schools will be using the new teacher-evaluation system. But under the federal waiver requirements, all schools need to be using the new system that year—just not for personnel decisions under Duncan’s timeline shift

Chicago public school property taxes going up Tribune: Property taxes for Chicago Public Schools will rise on bills that come out next week, but the rates paid by city homeowners still will be lower than in all but a few suburbs, new data obtained by the Tribune show.

Mayor to propose school safety zone ordinance ABC7: CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett recommends the school district hire 600 additional safe passage workers to expand the safe passage program. The Chicago Board of Education will vote on that Wednesday morning. Members of the Chicago Teacher’s Union …

Mayor Emanuel blames Legislature’s inaction on pensions for school budget cuts Sun Times: Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday blamed the Legislature’s failure to grant pension relief to the Chicago Public Schools and resolve the pension crisis for devastating school budget cuts that threaten the enrichment programs he touted as cornerstones of his longer school day. “Your own paper and you have written about the fact that we have deferred choices for years and that this day of reckoning …

How education schools can turn out better teachers Tribune: College students who aspire to be teachers often graduate from teacher prep programs unprepared to run a classroom effectively. That takes a toll on their health and happiness and on their students’ academic performance.

Kenwood Academy Loses $1.2 Million From Budget as Enrollment Spikes DNAI: Principal Gregory Jones will cut three teaching jobs though the school will be over capacity next year.

Budget cuts roil local schools Hyde Park Herald: The group is demanding that Mayor Rahm Emanuel return tax increment financing district (TIF) money to Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Principals have been given greater responsibility over spending at their schools and were careful to show the community …
New wrinkle in CPS food fight: Losing bidder says winner got preferred treatment Chicago Sun-Times: In a last-ditch effort to hang onto the Chicago Public Schools food service contract, the largest of its kind in the country, one of the losing bidders is accusing CPS officials of conducting a “tainted and flawed” procurement process that gave …
Lane Tech Prom King: Lesbian Student Wins Honor At Chicago School Huffington Post:  And as the school’s prom—held Saturday night, June 8, at the Hyatt-Regency Hotel in downtown Chicago—rapidly approached, the out lesbian opted to run for Prom King, not Prom Queen.


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