Strike 2012 vs. Closings 2013

On Chicago Newsroom, Ken Davis talks with Catalyst’s Sarah Karp and others about the differences between last summer’s strike and this week’s protests.  Via Zorn Change of Subject



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  • Off Topic but.....

    Atlanta Cheating Scandal

    "The other student cited by Howard was a third-grader who failed a benchmark exam and received the worst score in her reading class in 2006. The girl was held back, yet when she took a separate assessment test not long afterward, she passed with flying colors.

    Howard said the girl's mother, Justina Collins, knew something was wrong, but was told by school officials that the child simply was a good test-taker. The girl is now in ninth grade, reading at a fifth-grade level."

    Whoa! This is commonplace in our 3rd, 6th and 8th BRIDGE programs. I have seen only a handful of children NOT pass the BRIDGE and it is usually due to lack of attendance. A child who is in ninth grade and reading at the fifth grade level should have been evaluated/assessed to determine if there was a need for specialized services. (assuming attendance is not the issue)


  • I'm not so sure the Atlanta cheating scandal is that off-topic. When I read that story earlier in the week, my first thought was "we're next" given the off-kilter stress on "bad" performance measurements in Chicago.

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