School Reform Roundtable

The best parts of this WTTW segment for me were host Elizabeth Brackett weighing in on how strange it is that CPS has promised not to use closed CPS buildings for charters, DFER IL’s Angela Rudolph predicting that the protests to come from vested interest will make past protests look like child’s play, and the technical difficulties at the beginning. I didn’t get a ton out of Sister Mary, though she seems like a very nice person, and Stephanie Farmer seemed so uncomfortable on camera it was hard to follow what she was saying.


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  • Ms. Farmer was the only one on the panel stating facts. The DFER hack just spouted the same old talking points she had been paid to repeat over and over. And my sympathies to The Sister. Catholic schools are a better alternative to charters any day. Thanks for posting the segment. If you listened you would hear the FACTS and DATA stated by Ms Farmer showing the closing will not be good for any one.

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    Closing Testimony in 2010 predicting the rise on violence across the city when schools are closed. Let's see did that happen? Yes! All blood is on the hands of Chicago policy makers and the elite who pull the strings in this city. They murder children. Genocide of black and brown youth! Blogs like this try to create distractions to the truth that the ruling class wants to subjugate all classes underneath them. Murder Mayor - If they do not move you out they murder you!

    You Murdered That Kid (School Closing Testimony - Feb. 10, 2010)

  • In reply to JohnKugler:

    While on the topic of “Rahm the Murder Mayor”
    Here’s a slice from the Tuesday March 26, 2013, Second City Cop blog,

    Only 132 of the 507 murder cases in the city last year were closed last year. That makes for a homicide clearance rate of 26 percent—the lowest in two decades, according to internal police records provided to Chicago. (The true picture is even worse; more on that later.) To put it another way: About three-quarters of the people who killed someone in Chicago in 2012 have gotten away with murder—so far, at least. “Those stats suggest a crisis,” says Arthur Lurigio, a criminologist at Loyola University Chicago.

It’s a crisis every bit as pressing as the city’s high homicide rate, because the former feeds the latter. If murderers aren’t apprehended, they’re free to kill again. If other bad guys get the feeling that there are few consequences for their actions, they too will be emboldened. “The word has to be out [on the street] that the cases are not being cleared,” Lurigio says.

    26%? We thought one-third was bad. A quarter is even worse.
    Given the record low clearance rate last year, more than 30 police sources, including current and former top commanders and 15 detectives, agreed to talk about the problem. These interviews—combined with the internal police data provided to Chicago—reveal a detective force that is undermanned and overextended, struggling against reluctant prosecutors and a notorious no-snitch code. Last year’s department-wide consolidation and reorganization, initiated by Superintendent Garry McCarthy, has made a bad situation even worse. As one South Side detective put it: “It’s a perfect storm of shit.”

    That is quite the understatement.

    The article explains in detail how Detective Areas were closed, manpower scattered across unfamiliar neighborhoods, and a complete lack of promoting detectives hamstrung the D-unit over the course of years. J-Fled is quoted along with Tommy Byrne (he loves the reorganization by the way) and numerous anonymous detectives. We haven't heard the clearance rate this year, but we're sure anything above 30% will be touted as brilliant planning by McConsolidation and his staff.

  • The Rudolph woman seems reasonable. The Sister is pushing vouchers. The Farrmer is deceptive and is fearmongerering.

  • In reply to CPS Parent:

    So Farmer is fear-mongering by stating the factual data of a study done by Roosevelt University? CPS itself admitted some of the "welcoming" schools are no better academically than the schools they are replacing. Rudolph is paid to sound reasonable. Her organization has chosen their words very carefully so as to sound reasonable. Tell me, is the upset to the communities and families involved sound reasonable to you?

  • In reply to 30 years:

    Farmer implied that the underutilized shools have small class sizes which is not true. She extended old data to imply that the same will happen again as if the numbers were "speaking" the truth. Brackett called her on it.

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    The Rudolph woman seems reasonable. The Sister is pushing vouchers. The Farmer is deceptive and is fearmongering.

  • In the Tribune letters section today this letter appeared:

    Since most of the old, old Chicago Public Schools buildings are large, monolithic, prisonlike structures anyway, why not beef up security and turn them into light-duty prisons for juveniles?
    — Thomas Burgan, Geneva Illinois

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    That is very sad. Shame on the Trib for publishing a letter like that.

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