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CPS Won't Say What Schools Homicide Victims Attended

datingToday's news includes a WBEZ story about how CPS won't say whether a student victim was a student or not, some additional details and perspectives about the challenge to CTU's current leadership, more about school closings, and the arrival of high school letters (according to CPS Obsessed). Anything else going on?  Let us know.  Lots of interesting comments and ideas about substitutes and special ed in the last few days...

Chicago Teachers' Union Leadership Challenge

191 PercentChallengers to Karen Lewis and her leadership will run to head the Chicago Teachers' Union - arguing that Lewis didn't get enough in the most recent contract.  There aren't enough (certified) substitutes. Byrd-Bennett talks closings in the Sun Times.  There aren't nearly as many charter schools/kids in Chicago as in other big cities, even though enrollment has nearly doubled in the last six years. (See chart.)...

Utilization & Enrollment Roundtable

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WTTW Chicago Tonight had Jesse Ruiz, Wendy Katten, and Rebecca Harris on the show to talk about utilization rates, enrollment declines, and other hot-button issues. As you probably know, the utilization numbers and enrollment decrease figures are being hotly disputed, as they played a big role in the push to close schools.  I have the... Read more »

Lowering The Age To 5 Yrs Old

State Sen. Kimberly Lightford, D-Maywood, wants to lower the mandatory school age in Illinois from 7 to 5. What do you think?  Would it help with attendance, and make early education work better, or not so much? WTTW video below.  Link here...

Thank God It's Tuesday

chicago-streetviewWelcome back!  How was your weekend?  Today's education news includes more concerns about student safety (at Clemente HS, among other places), a few more UNO tidbits and school closing information.  Oh, yay, Lincoln Elementary is getting some overcrowding relief.  What else?  Let us know.  For stories from over the long weekend, check the previous post...

Weekend Open Discussion

It’s Presidents’ Day Weekend, time for a break from going to work but there’s still so much going on:  the revised closings list (down to 129), the charter scandal at UNO (where does it lead next?), the coming testing season (new ISATs!), and the This American Life on Harper High.  There’s also an Oprah Winfrey... Read more »

Video: Closings Overview

ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 15 08.27Here's Wednesday night's WTTW Chicago Tonight segment about the closing list of 129 possibilities out of the original 330 potentials, and what happens between now and March 31st when the final list comes out, and then the Board votes. Click below to watch the segment -- nothing you probably already don't know, but laid out pretty clearly and with some clips from various sides that might be useful to view...

A Half-Year Of Turmoil

ScreenHunter_08 Feb. 14 08.56 Today's news includes more about the 129-school closing list, the impact of this year's turmoil, and potential safety ramifications, and a bit more about UNO -- Solis speaks out against what's been happening! Happy Friday.  Just a few hours to make it to the long weekend.  What else is going on?  Let us know in comments...

Top Ten, 2013

There aren’t any real CPS / education folks in the Top Ten of Chicago Magazine’s most influential list, but there are a slew of them in the Top 100 — Lewis, Byrd-Bennett, etc. Check it out, tell me who I missed (or doesn’t deserve to be noticed).  There’s an argument Joravsky should be in there,... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools closing list dwindles to 129

image Chicago Public Schools ClosingToday's news includes word that 129 CPS schools are still possible closures, plus a surge of City Council interest in a charter moratorium. There's a Sun Times article on the new, tougher ISATs, though no one here seems very interested in that.  Oh, and there's a Lakeview teacher who moonlights as an MMA (mixed martial arts) cage fighter -- just like in that awful-looking movie. What else? Over all, however, I feel like the closings are taking so much time and attention that this year more than ever there's little discussion of what's really going on in schools.  I understand the concern -- jobs, kids, communities, etc.  But it's like the year that didn't happen.  Everyone's just got his or her head down. Is there anything else interesting or notable going on across the city -- new approaches, materials, configurations?  I'd love to know...