February Board Meeting

Today’s news includes a little more about the universal preschool plan — some teachers have been complaining about the impact on space and other programs — plus the usual tidbits about charters, closings, CTU, and teachers (49 NBCs this year).  It’s a half day for students on all tracks, according to the CPS website, and also time for the monthly school board meeting.  There’s a newish CPS BOE website you might not have seen. Advance registration to speak at the meeting is closed.  Here’s the official agenda.  


Evaluating Universal Preschool WTTW: President Obama is calling for universal preschool after his State of the Union. Nobel Prize-winning professor James Heckman shares his research on the benefit of preschool decades after graduation.
Decisions in a Vacuum CPS Chatter: I’ve had a little push back on my complaints about full day kindergarten coming to my school.  I don’t look at full day kindergarten as evil or anything.  The problem is, to have it at our school requires something else to go.  Either way, we lose something and that’s what I’m not happy about.


ASPIRA charter expanding as one school closes Catalyst: Andrew Broy, president of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, said he also did not see a contradiction between ASPIRA’s expansion and the closure of one campus. “Some of their schools have relatively strong performance (and certainly better than Mirta Ramirez),” he wrote in an email.

Measuring up: How should a charter school’s success be measured? Medill: Walk through Auburn Gresham just north of the Dan Ryan Woods and you’ll find a striking building that looks as if it was imported from Rome a century or so ago – four columns facing 80th Street.


School Opening, Not Closing, the Hot Topic at Disney II Magnet DNAI: The expansion of Disney II through 12th grade was approved months ago, but school still lacks a building.

Chicago Teachers Union Warns in Facebook Post: ‘This is Not Detroit!’ DNAinfo: The caption next to the photo asked viewers to tell Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett: “THIS IS NOT DETROIT!”

Concerns about safety if Emmet School closes Austin Weekly News: “Rahm Emanuel and Barbara [Byrd-Bennett] need to come out and support our schools, and they should not be coming out trying to tear our schools down,” Sanders said at the meeting.


Local teachers receive highest honors Hyde Park Herald: Hyde Park teachers were among 49 across the city to receive National Board Certification through the the Chicago Teachers Union’s (CTU) Nurturing Teacher Leadership (NTL) professional development and candidate support program. Cherianne Barry …


“Stand Up for Schools” fundraiser uses comedy to raise money for Chicago kids NBC Latino: I am a product of Chicago public schools, and I see how much money the government gives, and there’s so much gang violence. To keep kids in schools and keep the schools running is very important to me.” A spokesperson from Chicago International …

School district plans to start sex ed at age 5 KFVS: According to a FOX News report, Chicago Public Schools will make the curriculum age-appropriate, with the aim at informing students at an earlier age. Under the lesson plan, children in kindergarten through third grade will learn about their anatomy, all living …



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