Mayor May Ignore Commission

It may well be bad news, but no one should be particularly surprised that Mayor Emanuel might ignore the Commission’s school closing recommendations — not only because the recommendations may be very cautious but also because, well, that’s what the Mayor does.  What a mess.  

Emanuel Indicates Commission’s Report Won’t Be Last Word On School ClosingsCBS2 Chicago:CPS Chief Executive Officer Barbara Byrd-Bennett formed the commission to study the district’s schools, and recommend which ones should be closed due to low enrollment or poor performance.

Was CPS email a little ‘naughty’? Link sends parents to sex site Sun Times: A link to an erotic web site found its way into an email message to parents of Chicago Public Schools children from the schools chief about standardized test scores, the Sun-Times has learned. CPS quickly caught the error and apologized.

From homeless shelter to elite science fair Tribune: In March, Lane Gunderman, a senior at the University of Chicago Lab High School, will fly to Washington to compete for one of the nation’s most prestigious high school science awards. The 18-year-old is one of 40 finalists — out of more than 1,700 applicants — for the Intel Science Talent Search.

Maine Township school board votes to fire another coach amid hazing scandal Sun Times: In calling for Emilio Rodriguez’s dismissal, the board stated in documents he was “not forthright” when he denied he’d been told about the alleged initiation of a student — one that’s previously been described as a sexual assault.

James Cappleman Says No To Charter School Takeovers in Uptown DNAI: Uptown’s alderman said he doesn’t want neighborhood schools turning into charters.

You Get What You Pay For Tim Furman:  Like this blog, my school will have nothing to do with technology. It doesn’t matter— parents are afraid, and that’s the only thing I need. I’m going to hire artists to teach the classes, even the math classes, and we’re going to have 100% college acceptance.

Schools must provide sports for disabled, U.S. says Sun Times: he Education Department says students with disabilities must be given a fair shot to play on a traditional sports team or have their own leagues.
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  • Technically, BBB will ignore the Commission's findings. But, as often exemplified at the CTA, that doesn't make any difference.

    Anyway, advisory means ineffective. Ask any Planning Commission.

  • The web address of the Illinois State Board of Education has been for at least a decade. That it was possible for this message to get all the way to parents without anyone at CPS catching it should tell parents how deep the bench of experience and expertise is at 125, especially since the first interaction educators have with ISBE is to meet teaching certification requirements, and then to get information on regulations and learning standards, and follow legislative changes as they affect state law. This mistake may seem small, but I find it telling and pathetic.

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    didn't mayor 1% ignore Arbitrator Benn's recommendations to avoid the strike? Seems like a pattern here - Fact finder Edwin Benn found that CPS “caused this problem by lengthening the school day and year to the extent it did when it was having serious budget problems,’’ according to a copy of Benn’s long-awaited report reviewed by the Chicago Sun-Times. “The board cannot realistically expect that it should not have to compensate employees for the problem it caused by an almost 20 percent increase for the employees’ work time. “Because the Board has the authority to set the length of the school day and year, as an alternative, the Board can reduce its costs by correspondingly reducing the length of the school day and/or year.’’ Benn described the talks between CPS and the union as “toxic.”

    When the 1% do not get what they want they change the rules.

  • In reply to JohnKugler:

    John, go back to what I said above about "advisory." As was pointed out on this blog a long time ago, in this capacity Benn was not an arbitrator, but a factfinder, who could be ignored.

    Anyway, Benn's report had the effect Lewis wanted and Rahm did not--i.e. P.R. justification for the strike. As I noted then, all Emanuel got out of SB7 was giving the union a clear procedural path for calling a strike, not a means of avoiding one.

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    oh so CPS wasting time and resources on this fake commission. resources that could be used for our students.

  • In reply to JohnKugler:

    Has it been established that the Commissioners are getting paid? Or, like the (zoning) planning commissioners, just deluded citizen volunteers who think they make a difference?

    But I have said as much for the $25,000 each CTA Board member gets. If the School Board doesn't show any independence, them, too.

  • The Myths of School Closings | VIVA Teachers @vivateachers

  • Hey, gotta love that link, better than that boring ISBE STUFF!!!!!!!Typos, typos, that's all CPS is good for. Parents should be scared that the those "running" the show can't take time to proofread. Then again, in CPS style, everything is thrown together half-a$$t as usual: longer school day, REACH evaluation, lunch/recess, start times for students, start times for teachers, strike make-up days, the new calendar, school closings and so on. No real thought, just edicts. If Clark Street is any sign of the progressive, higher thinkers we're supposed to produce in schools, we're ALL in big trouble.
    We got an email for an upcoming NWEA MAP webinar. It was signed "Sincerely you NWEA MAP coordinators". Small typo, but still, tells you a lot about our leaders!
    CPS's true vision statement should be: "Don't worry if it's right, don't look at it twice, don't think about it, don't ask anyone else's opinion, JUST DO IT FAST".

  • In reply to displacedteach:

    I agree. The 2013-2014 school calendar has a few typos as well. How long will it take them to issue a revised calendar?

  • In reply to displacedteach:

    What if a CPS teacher had made the same typo? Their picture would
    make front cover of the Sun-Times and Mary Mitchell would be
    screaming bloody hell.

  • The mayor can't ignore this:
    2011-2012 school year budget cried a deficit of $241 million. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the 2011-2012 school year says CPS has a $328 Million SURPLUS.

    Alex - how come you didn't pick up on this?

  • Not so the sun times story. A much different take on this "surplus".

  • In reply to Fly Girl:

    CPS's explanation doesn't fly. The audited budget ended June, 2012. The property tax monies didn't start coming in until July, 2012. In fact those tax bills were released on July 2, 2012.

    The point is CPS cries wolf, yet ends up with a surplus. In fact, the 2010-2011 school year audit revealed a surplus as well.

  • In reply to Fly Girl:

    Here is what CPS said in this article: " the money, already budgeted for the current school year, only shows on last year’s books thanks to a Cook County fluke that saw property tax bills sent out on time for the first time in more than 30 years."

    Every year for many years CPS has stated for one reason or another its end of the fiscal year budget balance is not real. Last year it was late ISBE payments that came in after the school year that supposedly inflated the cash balance. Unfortunately they are correct, every year CPS attempts to create a better impression for its creditors and ISBE than actually exists by utilizing generally accepted accounting approaches. The situation of CPS and other districts in Illinois is not good, but CPS also on a yearly basis tries its best to make things worse than they are. Charter schools often do the same thing, they try to make their CAFR look as good as possible. If audits like the CAFR were truly reflections of reality we all would have know several years in advance that many of our nation's major investment banks were going to collapse prior to the onset of the Great Recession.

    It's really a house of cards waiting to collapse, because the State of Illinois is in such deep fiscal trouble already reduced payments to school districts are often delayed and districts have limits on their ability to increase property taxes. Without a major reform of our state's constitutionally driven flat income tax our situation will continue to decline regardless of the solution to public pension and publicly provided health care issues.

    Rod Estvan

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    surplus means surplus. lets be honest: CPS lies. Read the document for yourself.

  • In reply to JohnKugler:

    Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
    Page 44 “the General Operating Fund ended FY2012 with a surplus of $328 million”

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