Closing Recs As Few As 15?

Doubling Jones. Handful of Commission closing recommendations. High school graduation rate increase nationally. Board meeting. Anything else?


Jones College Prep to double number of studentsSun Times: Ignoring the wishes of many South Loop parents and their alderman, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday that the old Jones College Prep High School building will not be repurposed for a neighborhood school but instead will double the number of students allowed to test in.

Plan to Double Size of Jones College Prep ‘Unacceptable’ to Ald. FiorettiDNAI:>City to expand Jones H.S., but alderman, local residents wanted building to become a neighborhood school.

Emanuel lauds Jones Prep expansion, alderman asks for new local high school Tribune:  Emanuel appeared with Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett at Jones College Prep, characterizing the move to keep the school’s old building operational when a new selective enrollment campus opens as a way to stop parents across the city from moving to …


Far fewer schools may close this year Tribune: The commission on school closings has told Chicago Public Schools officials that shutting a large number of schools would create too much upheaval, and that it is leaning toward a recommendation for closing far fewer schools than many have feared — possibly as few as 15, sources said.

Angry Parents Knock on Mayor’s Door in Push to Save Schools Medill: “I can’t see it at all how our school is underutilized at any point. Fifty-eight percent utilized capacity?” said Torrence Shorter in prepared remarks. “We use the whole entire school building. We have a health clinic inside our school building that we use not only for our children inside our school building, but our whole community uses that health center,” said the parent with two children at Ryerson Elementary School in Humboldt Park.

Parents raise questions about UNO charter schools’ use of millions from state … Tribune: While Chicago Public Schools says many of its schools are underenrolled, Rangel said neighborhood schools in Hispanic communities like Brighton Park and Archer Heights are overcrowded.

10-Year-Old to Plead for More Schools at Board of Education Meeting DNAI: Ella Dokic, a 10-year-old student, will read her essay about quality public schools at a CPS meeting.

Chicago Catholic Schools see enrollment increase SF Gate: The Archdiocese of Chicago announced Tuesday the school system has seen an increase of 675 students during that period. Catholic schools superintendent Sister M. Paul McCaughey says donations, among other reasons, have driven the surge in enrollment.


Maine Township to discuss another high school employee in hazing scandal Sun Times: The fate of another Maine West High School employee connected to hazing allegations will be discussed at a special school board meeting Thursday, a spokesman for the school district said.

School start date Tribune: This past Friday afternoon I received an email from CPS CEO Barbara-Byrd Bennett informing CPS families of the proposed “single-track” calendar for the 2013-2014 school year.

Study: High school grad rate highest since ‘76 Sun Times: The nation’s high school graduation rate is the highest since 1976, but more than a fifth of students are still failing to get their diploma in four years, the Education Department said in a study released Tuesday. Officials said the steady rise of students completing their education is a reflection of the struggling economy and a greater competition for new jobs. “

Study: High school grad rate highest since ’76 WBEZ: The nation’s high school graduation rate is the highest since 1976, but more than a fifth of students are still failing to get their diploma in four years, the Education Department said in a study released Tuesday.

Commentary: In the long run, do children really benefit from preschool? Tribune: One morning in September, my husband dragged himself out of bed at 5 a.m. and rode his bike to a nearby preschool. The moonlit block was empty but for the first seeds of a sleepy line forming outside the school’s doors.

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  • The immediate reaction to the headline is "what about the promise that this would be the only school closings for the next five years?" Seems like, again, the Emanuel administration has put itself in a box.

    And based on the other story, apparently a lot of students will have to be bussed from Archer Heights and Brighton Park to Englewood.

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  • I am exhausted by our mayor. He does not seem to care about neighborhood schools at all. And in not caring about neighborhood schools, he does not care about neighborhoods. He is destroying the sense of community in the city by not supporting initiatives like a neighborhood school for the South Loop. Neighborhood kids have to TEST in? Enough.

  • The Chicago manual of school closings | Ben Joravsky on Politics | Chicago Reader

  • CPS over the last 10 years have only done 4 to 18 total school actions per year. At the Chicago Board of Education meeting day the chief of the Office of Transformation said CPS has only loss 35,000 students from 2002 to 2012. CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said all CPS students who's schools will be closed for the 2013-2014 school year will be going to a higher performing school in the fall of 2013.

  • Will the "higher performing school" then become a low performing school in the future?? If the students are failing, then moved to a higher performing school and then they take the standardized exam at the new school, will these low scorer's test scores be integrated into higher performing school's academic performance? Will the school with the stronger scores end up on probation in the future?? Of course this will happen!! It's been happening in my community for years. We've been receiving schools for failing students who do not live in our community and it is a real drain on the educational progress of our community. One community fails their students, then CPS dumps them into our community and destroys the academic performance of our thriving school's. We've lost several schools this way and we only have one successful elementary school left. I supppose the plan will be to destroy what we have left!

  • In reply to Original Grandma:

    If higher performing schools decline it is the teachers fault and they should all be fired. This excuse would never fly at a charter.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Yep, it's the teachers' fault for all that ails society. And charters have a revolving door - no stability there.

  • In reply to ladyfair:

    Instability is a good thing. Fire the bottom 10% each year. That keeps teachers on their toes. Better to have a super motivated teacher teach for 2 solid years than a lazy union-minimum make a career of ruining children.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I fault the lazy/unethical administrators for giving tenure to teachers who are their mirror image. His philosophy was they are cute and they never ask a question..... Half the staff at my high performing school ( it's the parents and the teachers who do double work) should not have been given tenure . The current principal spends too much time on these lazy teachers to no avail. Of course they give everyone an A or B so the parents are misled.....lets hope NWEA traps them. how long do you think the current admin will stay as the previous one left after the inept one retired. where is the support for these principals?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Instability for children is a good thing?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    It boggles the mind... the level of over-simplified rhetoric that can be spewed. If you honestly can believe that "super motivation" is the lone determining factor in student success you may have attended school but you have never worked in one.

  • In reply to urbanteach:

    CTU warriors create so many strawmen that some longer recognize irony and sarcasm from fellow members.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Don't know. That might have been sarcasm and irony or an earnest belief. No indicator except perhaps the eye of the beholder.

  • In reply to Donn:

    I am the warrior...sing along!

  • “When parents have taken advantage of going to a higher-performing school in the past, the culture shock has been such for the parent and the child, that it has not been a pleasant experience,” board member Mahalia Hines cautioned.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    So Mahalia Hines understands that teachers should not be fired for poor standardized test scores. Is she denying the veracity of the new evaluations? If you take "distinguished" teachers and put them in an impoverished school are they still "distinguished" regardless of student achievement?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    How do we know teachers are "distinguished" if we don't measure? The most popular or experienced teachers are not necessarily the most effective in the school.

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