New Principal At Pulaski

Last time we checked, Pat Baccellieri was principal at Pulaski Elementary, they were putting in a pre-IB program and there was a fair amount of complaining about longtime teachers and families leaving the school. (Remember here: Whatever Happened To Pulaski?) Well, the more things change…. Baccellieri left after two years (he’s now apparently at a North Side elementary called Bateman) and there’s a new principal in place.  See here: New Bucktown School Principal Comes from DeVry Advantage.  Her name’s Arlana Bedard.


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  • he really gets around-who/what is his connection?

  • Dr. Bedard was the principal at New Millennium when I taught at another Bowen campus small school. She was beloved by students, enjoyable to work with, and completely committed.

  • Dr. Bedard used to be close to AIO Dr. Cynthia Barron until Dr. Bedard fell out with Dr. Barron.

  • Pat never seems to stay anyplace very long. Maybe his philosophy is it's harder to hit a moving target.

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