Meet John Barker

Here’s a little bit about one of the new faces coming to CPS, John Barker of Memphis.  (The others mostly come from Detroit and from inside CPS).  Barker held a bunch of jobs in Memphis.  Rogers Park blogger Tim Furman says he’s a typical “data guy.”

Barker takes post in Chicago Public Schools Memphis Commercial Appeal: He will report to chief education officer Barbara Byrd-Bennett and serve in her cabinet. He will start in early January. “Dr. Barker has been a great ‘spirit-bearer’ for the Memphis City Schools,” Supt. Kriner Cash said in a prepared statement.

The New Data Guy STC: In his presentation, [John] Barker tells the story of how Tennessee thought they were the shit until someone pointed out that according to the NAEP, they weren’t the shit.


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  • He looks like a character from The Family Guy. I hate The Family Guy.

  • D-299: one helluva irrelevant-a blog!

  • "Data guy" and "spirit-bearer"?
    ...Wow, this guy does it all!

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    Welcome to the Windy City, Look out for the Hawk that sings in your ear and the Hulk that picks you up and pushes you around. Enjoy my old stomping ground!

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