Sharkey Vs. Byrd-Bennett

OK, back to closings.  Last night on WTTW Jesse Sharkey and Rebecca Harris chatted with Elizabeth Brackett about the school closing situation, with some clips from Byrd-Bennett added in for the CPS perspective. Click below for the video and then let us know:  What’d you think?  How’d they do?  Learn anything new? 

Though he tried to play down the defeat in Springfield, I don’t think I’ve seen Sharkey as hesitant or unhappy as this in the past. CPS doesn’t “build” charters, it approves them.  The increase in schools on probation is a function of higher standards and harder tests as much as it is anything else.  Then again, good for him to say that CTU isn’t against any schools being closed, no matter how empty they are.  I don’t know about you, but I needed to hear that.

CPS wasn’t there — Byrd-Bennett was down in Springfield and I guess WTTW doesn’t have video Skype capabilities or something, which left Brackett in the role of probing for holes in Sharkey’s knowledge.  The video clip from Byrd-Bennett about closings not being primarily a budgetary issue wasn’t very helpful to CPS in terms of setting a clear message.


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