First Quarter Grading

It’s report card pickup time — Tuesday and Wednesday — and the end of the first quarter.  It’s also the deadline for publishing last year’s state test scores for individual schools from last spring.  On Tuesday, Mayor Emanuel held another press conference, this time touting gift cards for parents who come to school to pick up their children’s report card(s).  Anyone more than usual show up?  I’m sorta curious. But mostly I want to know how the year is going for you so far — better, worse, or about the same as previous years? What if anything is different this year, in terms the kids, the colleagues, the administration, or anything else?  It goes quickly.  The next quarter goes even faster.  Or, sometimes, it goes very slowly.  Maybe you’re having one of those years.  Let us know.


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  • Either GradeBook is cheap crap or my parents need tech training. Many parents complain that User and Pin not working OR that they do work but not all the time. I work a five week block with 5th and 6th and I know I'm going to have parents who didn't see a D or F coming. I try to send notes home to document outreach but there are always some that slip through the cracks. Also, I wish the Union would stand with Principals in disciplining teachers who fail to update gradebook at least once weekly. You cannot keep people guessing as to their grade while your stack of papers piles sky high. In my opinion, that, unannounced visits, and evaluating teachers' grading systems and lesson plans are ways of objectively judging a teacher.

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    I agree with you cklaus76...HOWEVER, those same principles and Union need to stand with the teacher when parents come in hollering at the teacher that their kids is failing. Some teachers grade for real - I am SO sick of teachers & admin thinking it is OK if EVERYONE gets a C or better. For example, if a 5th grader can barely read and writes at a 1st grade level, all the testing reflects this BUT they get B's in 4th grade? We are NOT doing thse kids and paretns any favors lying to them about their kids mastery (or lack thereof) of the grade level content. Admin never wants to maker waves and blames angry paretns on the teachers that DO grade...that DO expect homework to be completed, that DO teach their hearts out and EXPECT effort from the student and parents.

    Good teachers need support from admin/CPS/and the union.

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