Subdued Rahm Doesn't Work

Here’s Rahm’s ad. Capitol Fax picked it up first, then the Huffington Post got it, and finally the Tribune wrote about it a few hours later, noting that the city also sent a letter home to parents (but not mentioning where it got the story from). CTU is also running its own post-strike ad on radio.

I don’t mind the $1M in outside money being spent, but this might be the simplest, least interesting political ad I’ve seen in a long time.

What CPS / City Hall need / have needed in these past few weeks (but don’t seem to have) is someone who can forcefully (not offensively) articulate the arguments for better evaluations, longer days, more accountability, and ending the strike.

On camera, at least, Brizard is too bland, Vitale is too bureaucratic, and Emanuel has been like a robot with his hands tied behind his back in the last few press conferences, and hasn’t taken questions.

Into that vacuum step people like Bruce Rauner.


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  • this spot is missing the last horrific 4 seconds when he hisses and bares his fangs.

  • Rebecca Nieves Huffman, Executive Director of Education Reform Now Illinois chapter and spokewoman for Education Reform Now Advocacy, asked Mayor Rahm Emanuel to appear in the TV ads, touting his school reform agenda after the strike was suspended. Education Reform Now Advocacy is a part of Democrats for Education Reorm (DFER), a private pro-charter lobbying group founded by New York hedge fund advisors, many of whom serve on boards of charter schools. The TV ads are being paid for by Education Reform Now Advocacy, a nonprofit arm of the political action committee, Democrats for Education Reform, started by Wall Street hedge fund managers who believe the creation of privately run charter schools is the best avenue for school reform. The spot was produced by John Kupper of AKPD Message and Media, the firm started by David Axelrod, which is the same firm used by the Chicago Committee (pro-charter), campaign fund controlled by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. In the ad, Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that the tentative contract includes a longer school day, the right of principals to choose their teachers, partial rating of teachers on student achievement tests and the right of "parents choice", the code word for charter schools. All of these goals are espoused by Education Reform Now and Republicans. Education Reform Now began advertising on the radio in favor of the mayor's school agenda in the first week of June featuring two (African-American) women talking on a bus about the possible strike. When the strike started September 10, it put ads on TV that backed the mayor's contention that the strike was not necessary. They also ran ads with the same message in the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune, telling teachers to go back to work. CBS-2 Chicago pegged the cost to over $1 million for the ads.

    Fox Fails To Disclose News Corp. Ties To Chicago Teachers Strike
    Fox News has given heavy coverage to the Chicago teachers strike - yet in none of at least 89 segments has the "fair and balanced" network disclosed that its parent company, News Corporation, owns 90% of the company doing the testing that is at the heart of much of the dispute.

    After reviewing 89 segments from September 10 - September 16, Media Matters reports:

    Fox News parent company News Corp. acquired a 90-percent stake in Wireless Generation in 2010. Last May, the company agreed to provide Early Mathematics Assessment Services and Early Literacy Assessment Services to Chicago Public Schools. These contracts total $4.7 million. A central reason the Chicago Teachers Union decided to strike is their objection to the school district's call for heavily weighing such standardized testing to ultimately determine teacher pay and layoffs.

    But Fox News anchors and reporters never once disclosed its parent company's ties to Wireless Generation even as the network routinely criticized the strike and the Chicago Teachers Union.

    89 segments. 0 disclosure. So much for "we report, you decide." Again.

  • NY magazine notes just how restrained Rahm has become

    The New, Censored, Rahm Emanuel -- New York Magazine

  • basically, he needs to go back to old rahm -- or at least chris christie -- if he is going to be an effective counterweight to karen lewis -- or get much MUCH better at playing mr. nice guy.

  • Under-user of nice guy educator Brizard was a key mistake for Chicago during the strike, according to leadership expert

  • While we were all preoccupied with the strike no one noticed that the site, which had all the Excel files listing all the school test scores (public and charter), drop out rates, demographics, etc., was taken down. Is there any convenient way left to get that information? Or is is it now only available piecemeal by written request from various people?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    That was taken down months ago. Months. All that is available on dashboard.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Is "dashboard' available to people who aren't CPS employees?

  • new location:

  • In reply to district299reader:

    This is the new location of the Excel files with school level test scores and demographics, for anyone who wants to do their own analysis.

  • Can someone please tell me what the
    1. Lesson plan Clause in the contract is all about, and
    2. The anti bullying clause?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Dear district299reader, In the new CTU contract under Article 44- General Provision: * NEW: No Bullying Provision- No retaliation for reporting bullying. * Lesson Plans: Organization, format, notation and other aspects within teachers' discretion. Principals may require certain elements, but no particular format is required (unless a teacher is in remediation). Steps taken to reduce redundancy for teaching mutiple levels/subjusts.

  • Ha, ha. This is funny from

    775. CarolA | September 24, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    So I’m sitting here listening to the Channel 9 news and Rahm is talking about his new project to bring high speed WiFi across areas of the city. How ironic that today in my school we couldn’t do our NWEA testing because the internet system could not handle 30 laptops working at the same time. :)

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