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Winners Vs. What's Next

With the strike finally over, much of the coverage today focuses on the process of getting the school year restarted, the winners and losers, and what happens next.  Most of what I've seen so far finds advantages and disadvantages for both "sides," and notes that many of Chicago's biggest education issues -- declining enrollment, for example, or air conditioning -- could be raised rhetorically but couldn't really be addressed in the context of the contract. Given the size of the "what's next" items, neither side has really won all that much.  But who cares what other people think -- what do YOU think about the strike, the contract, and the future...

Stupid Strike

The HOD has voted to end the strike, as you probably already know by now.  Two extra days for … a cooling off period, I guess. Lewis has spoken.  Emanuel still to come. As with most contract negotiations, both sides got things important to them. At her press conference, Karen Lewis bragged about how CTU... Read more »

Come On, Parents!

Last week I jokingly asked on Twitter when the parent protests at the Merchandise Mart were being held, and apparently that’s started to happen yesterday and again today. (Imagine what would happen if parents started showing up in large numbers?) Meanwhile, people keep telling me about seeing red shirts dropping off their kids at charter schools,... Read more »

Strike End / Injunction?

Lots and lots of coverage about the strike, most of it focused on whether the HOD will vote to end the strike today and whether the Emanuel injunction will take effect if it doesn't.  We won't know about that second part until tomorrow, of course.  Meantime, everyone -- parents, teachers, observers -- pretty much has to wait. Feelings are still running pretty high, which is understandable.  Check out the cartoon to the right, and Curtis Black's article from CMW about how the injunction may have angered delegates enough to vote to continue the strike...

Video: Lewis Explains

Here’s an extended  12-minute video of CTU president Karen Lewis (and Jesse Sharkey) answering reporters’ questions about the HOD decision, if you want to watch or listen while you read the clips and we wait for some sort of news on the possibility of an injunction. via NBC News.  Does the guy on the left... Read more »

Getting It Right?

As you probably already know, the House of Delegates surprised many -- including perhaps CTU president Karen Lewis herself -- by rejecting the offer on the table and refusing to return to work, to which Mayor Emanuel responded by threatening an injunction.  News coverage and a bit of commentary below -- I'm sure there will be more.  I'm guessing more than a few folks assumed school would be back in session today, and we'll know more about the injunction later this morning...

"On Strike Forever!"

Chicago teachers strike spoofed on Jest Tribune: “Chicago Public Schools students may soon be back in the classroom, but not according to a satirical video produced by, part of the College Humor comedy brand.” Click below to watch the video.  Or go read the Onion story from yesterday: Chicago Public Schools Celebrate Third Straight Day Without... Read more »

One Last/More Day?

Today's news roundup.  There's been progress -- but no resolution -- on the contract talks. Parents are settling into life without normal school.  Political analysts and advocates emphasize dangers for Obama, Emanuel...

Beginning Of The End?

Today's update: There's been some movement on the negotiations.  Brizard is still on the job as of yesterday (complaining about picketing the contingency sites as you can see in the previous post). Daycare, AP courses, and sports schedules are among the many creeping practicalities involved in the strike going on further (plus a looming 9/27 CPS payday). Parents and even pro basketball players are weighing in about what CPS and CTU should do.  Editorial pages and mainstream columnists seem generally against the strike, but fewer than 40 percent of Chicagoans polled recently were against it. The White House would kill him for it, but Rahm has got to be tempted to string this thing along a little longer just to watch that number rise.  That guy with the Nickleback sign used to teach at CICS Longwood but now is at Eric Solario -- my apologies...

Fair To Picket The Emergency Sites?

CPS just sent out a letter from Brizard to CTU that reads in part "I am disheartened to learn that your members are going out of theirway to protest and picket our Children First sites... the protest targeting our contingency sites are only making the situation more difficult... We owe it to Chicago’s children to spare them from the experience of getting caught in the middle of a dispute among adults -- something they should not have to endure." This makes me wonder whether (a) it's gotten ugly at some of the contingency site schools (if so, do tell what you've seen or heard), or (b) Brizard is trying to play on the public's sympathies (again) and make the union look like the bad guys (again), or (c) a little bit of both...