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Back To Brizard

Today's news roundup includes today's CPS/ CTU meeting (and an account of what JCB did during the strike), plus some more information about contract details (25 percent increases for some teachers), new gang data (younger, more fluid), and some reports about Clemente, CPL, and tests in kindergarten...

Money Better Spent?

Last week, the Tribune's Eric Zorn complained about the news that an outside group spent $1 million producing and airing a video featuring Mayor Emanuel.  Just now, the parent group Illinois Raise Your Hand sent out an email making much the same point, focusing on calls, emails, and ads from the same group (see below). Sure, in a perfect world all possible resources would go towards direct services and programs, but this is far from that world and I think it's naive or disingenuous to pretend that just one side is doing it.  Let's have an honest accounting of how much money both sides are spending, and chide both of them for their wastefulness...

Unanswered Questions

Today's news includes a variety strike followup items (schedules, sports), plus a couple of looks at the coming wave of charter schools, plus a few tidbits from NBC News' Education Nation summit being held in New York City, where a CPS teacher and LSNA parent mentor are among the panelists.  There are also commentaries penned by Lewis (in the Wall Street Journal) and Emanuel (in the Tribune)...

Subdued Rahm Doesn't Work

Here’s Rahm’s ad. Capitol Fax picked it up first, then the Huffington Post got it, and finally the Tribune wrote about it a few hours later, noting that the city also sent a letter home to parents (but not mentioning where it got the story from). CTU is also running its own post-strike ad on radio. I don’t mind... Read more »

"Comments Are Lively"

Speaking of coverage quality, this blog is listed as #9 for speciality news sites on the new Chicago Community Trust report on Chicago’s “New” News — its third annual report on local media.  Catalyst came in first, followed by Progress IL, the Reporter, GridChicago, activetrans, CapitolFax, yochicago, Chicago Parent, then District 299. “This site brings... Read more »

Social Media Dominance

Mainstream coverage and commentary might have skewed towards Rahm Emanuel’s side of the issue, at least initially when it came to the substance, but on social media, teachers and reform critics crushed the Board of Education, City Hall, and reform supporters. This WBEZ blog post tells you about the work of Kenzo Shibata, CTU’s social... Read more »

Rahm Still Fighting

It's Day Three back in school and in today's news there's lots of sifting through the rubble.  What's really in the contract?  When's it get ratified?  Who won and who lost?  Will it make any real difference? Rich Miller thinks Rahm is still being petulant.  Eric Zorn thinks the talks would have been better if they'd been open to the public.  WBEZ says there are some things in the contract that may not have been very well understood...

Best / Worst Coverage?

We've talked a lot about what the contract does or doesn't do (not as much as most seem to think) and who won or didn't win (both sides lost) but let's talk for a minute about the coverage.  There were a lot of folks out there trying to cover the strike -- and a lot of folks out there trying to influence the coverage.  ...

What Time Is It?

Today's education news - there's lots of stuff -- includes more sorting out of "what just happened?" plus some hints at "what's about to happen?" There are some hotheads, and some folks taking victory laps. Lots more -- will add it in comments, if you don't beat me too it...

Last Out, First In?

Welcome back!  Hope the first day is going OK. Bet it's sort of strange being back in school with colleagues, administrators, and parents you might not have seen in a few days.  I'm guessing not everyone in the building sees things the same way you do, or vice versa.  OK, enough pleasantries.  Let's talk about closing schools...