Expanded LSNA

This year’s Education Nation, an NBC News “summit” in NYC, includes 10 case studies of successful programs. One of them is LSNA’s parent mentor program. Being included consists of an article in the Hechinger Report and an appearance on a panel by one of the parent mentors, Patricia Lopez (pictured).  See video and Hechinger Report article below.  Tell us what you think or know about the program, which has expanded to 29 schools (great, but still pretty small).  Is it any different or better than other parent mentor programs?  Would it work as a citywide endeavor?  F/M/K:  LSNA, CeaseFire, Grow Your Own?

“Started in 1995 as a way to get more parents into schools, the parent mentor program has been adopted by other neighborhood groups and the city school district, spreading to 29 schools; the Logan Square Neighborhood Association oversees the program in eight of them. Each year, the program places hundreds parents in the classrooms of participating schools.” (Mentoring becomes as much about parents as it is about kids)

Video:  “Savannah Guthrie addresses poverty and parents as the solution with Geoffrey Canada, Julian Castro and Patricia Lopez; with Jenna Bush Hager.”


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