CTU Goes On Strike*

In a late-night press conference CTU president Karen Lewis announced that the union was going out on strike, listing a long set of concerns that hadn’t been addressed including teacher evaluation, air conditioning, health benefits, and textbooks on time.  It seemed to me like they were making a lot out of a bunch of small things, having won on most of the big ones, and I can’t help but feel like it’s a big blow to the kids, parents and the school year momentum to have teachers out on strike even if it ends up being just a few days.  CTU claims to have parent and community support, but I’m not so sure parents are going to see eye to eye with them about this.  Didn’t see anyone but HOD behind Lewis.  See CTU announcement below. *ADDED Monday 7:50 am: Morning news coverage.

Chicago teachers strike for first time in 25 years; contingency sites ready, charters remain open Sun Times:  Chicago Teachers Union members will go on strike Monday morning after talks failed to yield a new contract, the head of the union announced late Sunday. “In the morning, no CTU member will be inside our schools,” Karen Lewis said at 10 p.m. “Please seek alternative care for your children.”

Chicago Teachers Strike: Union, Emanuel Disagree On Bottom Line Huffington Post: While Emanuel usually doesn’t mince words, his anger appeared more internalized, more resolute. At moments, he appeared to be on the verge of tears. His hand shook visibly as he took a sip of water in between statements. “This is a strike of choice,” he said.

Mayor: ‘This is avoidable because this is a strike of choice’ Clout Street: Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the teachers strike is “not necessary” because the two sides were close.

Chicago teachers to strike after talks fail WBEZ: The Chicago Teachers Union says its members will go on strike Monday for the first time in 25 years.  The union says contract talks with the district failed late Sunday night over issues including benefits and job security.

What’s in dispute Tribune: Key issues separating Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union: SALARIES AND BENEFITS. The district offered 16 percent increase over four years and “modified step increases that both reward experience and provide better incentives for …

Chicago teachers to go on strike after talks with district fail Fox News: Teachers want to keep what they have now — and a new teacher evaluation system based partly on students’ standardized test scores,Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis …

CTU: Teachers will strike at midnight Catalyst:  In announcing that negotiations had failied, union leaders emphasized that compensation took a backseat as they want this contract to tackle bigger education issues, include greater protections for displaced teachers and lessen the weight that test scores have in teacher evaluations.


More than 29,000 teachers and education professionals will not report to work today 9/10

CHICAGO – After hours of intense negotiations, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent the first teachers strike in 25 years.  Pickets are expected to begin Monday at 675 schools and the Board of Education as early as 6:30 a.m.   Teachers, paraprofessionals and school clinicians have been without a labor agreement since June of this year.

Union leaders expressed disappointment in the District’s refusal to concede on issues involving compensation, job security and resources for their students.  CTU President Karen Lewis said, “Negotiations have been intense but productive, however we have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent a labor strike.  This is a difficult decision and one we hoped we could avoid.  Throughout these negotiations have I remained hopeful but determined.  We must do things differently in this city if we are to provide our students with the education they so rightfully deserve.

“Talks have been productive in many areas.  We have successfully won concessions for nursing mothers and have put more than 500 of our members back to work.  We have restored some of the art, music, world language, technology and physical education classes to many of our students.  The Board also agreed that we will now have textbooks on the first day of school rather than have our students and teachers wait up to six weeks before receiving instructional materials.

“Recognizing the Board’s fiscal woes, we are not far apart on compensation.  However, we are apart on benefits.  We want to maintain the existing health benefits.

“Another concern is evaluation procedures.  After the initial phase-in of the new evaluation system it could result in 6,000 teachers (or nearly 30 percent of our members) being discharged within one or two years.  This is unacceptable. We are also concerned that too much of the new evaluations will be based on students’ standardized test scores. This is no way to measure the effectiveness of an educator.  Further there are too many factors beyond our control which impact how well some students perform on standardized tests such as poverty, exposure to violence, homelessness, hunger and other social issues beyond our control.

“We want job security.  Despite a new curriculum and new, stringent evaluation system, CPS proposes no increase (or even decreases) in teacher training. This is notable because our Union through our Quest Center is at the forefront teacher professional development in Illinois.  We have been lauded by the District and our colleagues across the country for our extensive teacher training programs that helped emerging teachers strengthen their craft and increased the number of nationally board certified educators.

“We are demanding a reasonable timetable for the installation of air-conditioning in student classrooms–a sweltering, 98-degree classroom is not a productive learning environment for children. This type of environment is unacceptable for our members and all school personnel. A lack of climate control is unacceptable to our parents.

“As we continue to bargain in good faith, we stand in solidarity with parents, clergy and community-based organizations who are advocating for smaller class sizes, a better school day and an elected school board.  Class size matters. It matters to parents.  In the third largest school district in Illinois there are only 350 social workers—putting their caseloads at nearly 1,000 students each.  We join them in their call for more social workers, counselors, audio/visual and hearing technicians and school nurses. Our children are exposed to unprecedented levels of neighborhood violence and other social issues, so the fight for wraparound services is critically important to all of us.  Our members will continue to support this ground swell of parent activism and grassroots engagement on these issues. And we hope the Board will not shut these voices out.

“While new Illinois law prohibits us from striking over the recall of laid-off teachers and compensation for a longer school year, we do not intend to sign an agreement until these matters are addressed.

“Again, we are committed to staying at the table until a contract is place.  However, in the morning  no CTU member will be inside our schools.  We will walk the picket lines.  We will talk to parents.  We will talk to clergy.  We will talk to the community.  We will talk to anyone who will listen—we demand a fair contract today, we demand a fair contract now. And, until there is one in place that our members accept, we will on the line.

“We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the state and country who are currently bargaining for their own fair contracts.  We stand with those who have already declared they too are prepared to strike, in the best interests of their students.”

“This announcement is made now so our parents and community are empowered with this knowledge and will know that schools will not open on tomorrow.  Please seek alternative care for your children.  And, we ask all of you to join us in our education justice fight—for a fair contract—and call on the mayor and CEO Brizard to settle this matter now. Thank you.”


The union is not on strike over matters governed exclusively by IELRA Section 4.5 and 12(b).

The Chicago Teachers Union represents 30,000 teachers and educational support personnel working in the Chicago Public Schools, and by extension, the more than 400,000 students and families they serve.  The CTU is an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers and the Illinois Federation of Teachers and is the third largest teachers local in the United States and the largest local union in Illinois.  For more information please visit CTU’s website at www.ctunet.com .



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  • "The unions can't strike in Chicago."-Jonah Edelman. Stand On Children CEO and half moron.

    Tell me Mr. Edelman, how do those words taste?

  • The CTU has parent support. Teachers are putting CHILDREN FIRST and Rahm did not see this or care. His greed and hunger for power has caused this. Hard-headed Rahm had to have his 'F&^k U Lewis' thrown back at him. This will forever be on Rahm's resume! Vitali seemd confused and shaken--he should be. Where the hell has he been?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    From what i read it appears the teachers union is being unfair. They are standing on a few small points. in this economy the teachers should be happy to have jobs. it is the tax payers who pay their salaries. too bad they can't fire any teacher who fails to report for work.

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    In reply to district299reader:

    So where did you read that? Hmmmm the Tribune? Or did you take 6 seconds from some morning news program to "educate" yourself on the issues. You are the PERFECT audience for the sound bite LIES that Rahm tells. You are buying it. You deserve what is about ot happen to public education in the next 5 years. I hope you can afford provate school - maybe your kid can sit next to Rahm's at his fancy provate school.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    It's private- clearly you went to CPS, or your private paid education clearly wasn't up to par!!! It's a shame what's happeneing to our CPS kids! Shame on you

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    I understand you're frustrated, however, no reason to attack someone's mispronunciation of a word. It seems clear to me that this person's primary language may not be English. As a CPS teacher, I have had a great deal of experience with students and parents from a variety of backgrounds and would hope that you would be a more positive role model as a mother than to be so snotty. Shame on you!

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Oh, by the way, you spelled happening wrong. Perhaps your private paid education wasn't up to par.

  • In reply to Patti Villa:

    Or my iPhone touche

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    And again then teach! Clock doesn't work get a battery, I'll send a check for 8$ air conditioning- expensive- I pay taxes why there is non don't know, again can list tons of schools, private and public with no air. It's a shame but nothing new! Love to see it happen, I'll be snotty because my child is at home probably going to be in school mid July when it's even hotter and wait..... No air! Keep striking! But why aren't these kids testing well??? I'm a mother who is involved with my daughter and I make sure she does her best and what is expected of her. Teaching isn't just in class rooms and at this point it's more my responsibility then any teacher! Again, she has no homework since Tuesday and wasn't sent home Friday with anything of there were, and there was a strike! Good teaching??? I beg to differ..... Ha

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Currently, there is a shortage of 310 special education teachers
    ( Rod Estvan-Access Living) in CPS and the shortage will grow even in this economy. CPS can not continue to load up self-contained programs to twenty, eliminate one to one aides for diapering and toileting and have inclusion teachers spend an hour on lunch duty. The minutes on the IEP can not be met and CPS' solution is "well, rewrite the IEPS they need to be with their peers" If the child had been successful in gen ed he would not have been referred for an evaluation and placed in to special education. Dumping children into gen ed ALL DAY who are three to four years behind is NOT appropriate! CPS is doing this en masse ( all of the self-contained programs at some schools have been closed and children just dumped into gen ed)-little or no support to save monies. It is blatant abuse and illegal and CPS has been aware of it for years.

    I support Karen Lewis and her team and hope the working conditions improve or we will continue to be short of teachers.
    I really do not think the general public is aware of what the employees in CPS deal with on a daily basis. The above poster should sub in a self-contained special education program-I give him/her an hour before they leave screaming.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    If there are really that many open positions, I don't get how you blame CPS policy.

  • In reply to Donn:

    That's what the strike is about! Positions not being filled, kids not being serviced and programs being dropped.

  • In reply to 30 years:

    Do principals have SPED positions they're told not to fill? Or do they not fill these positions due to total budget constraints? Or are the SPED positions only open "in theory" at the network level?
    I would be impressed if the union actually went after this issue as a highest priority instead of pressing a few percentage points one way or another on testing or salary or class size. If the heart of the union platform is to take care of the neediest, we know which teachers are at the forefront of that work.
    I don't see the point of pressing for smaller class sizes if the result is pushing more special needs students into those classes inappropriately, or unsupported by SPED.
    It's all tradeoffs.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Donn let me clarify Access Living's analysis of the 310 unfilled special education positions. As we documented in our FY 13 budget review, which Alexander has and all other major education reporters in Chicago also have, our data came from https://www.cps-humancapital.org/app/vacancies.aspx (accessed August 6, 2012). So these were on that date actual open positions at schools. Access Living publicly released our report after we privately provided it to CPS. During that time I was contacted by a CPS administrator who told me the vacancy number for special education positions was by then 311, I did not go back and reanalyze the data. I haven't looked at it since, but I suspect many if not most of these positions have not been filled. But I would be very happy to learn that I am wrong about that speculation. It is a number that could change daily, but I would suspect with the strike happening not many young and happy special education teachers are beating down the doors to get jobs at this moment.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to district299reader:

    You are so RIGHT! How dare those teachers! Everyone lets gather together and give a universal "FORSHAME." Ok, I am done being completely uninformed. On a serious note, the teachers are wanting a fair contract. Was it fair that their annual 4 percent raise was struck down in half ( even though it was contractually obligated) and than thrust them into a longer day with less money? Please tell me how you work a longer day, with no monetary compensation? oh you dont? shocking!
    Also, take a look at the facts of the case: The turn around school company that CPS uses is the same company that a majority of the members of the board used to work. Hmm, sounds fishy.
    CPS is the only privatized school board in the entire nation and have to bend to the whim and will of the mayor.
    To top it off, how can the CTU negotiate in good faith, knowing that the board has violated their contract before and changed key items?
    But ultimately I believe that you believe that you are right, however I hate to break it to you, you are indeed WRONG. Please tell me you dont vote because you just so happen to be the most uninformed and just plain dumbest person i have ever had the displeasure of encountering.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I don't know about you, but no one outside these greedy union thugs are getting 16% raises.... and these ingrates refuse to accept THAT unfair, unearned largesse! They want 30%!!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to publiusforum:

    Now publius...you of all people should know that it was your political party that write and pushed SB7 - which as you well know aloows ONLY WAGE to be negotiated. Hmmm....could it be that these wage demands are being used to try to get the district to negotiate on "illegal" SB7 issues - like class size, student resources, and yes...the infamous job secutiry.

    You know better publius...you have a blog that talka bout these things. Please engage in more honest debate and leave the sound bite debates for the 5 o'clock news.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    ... and you would know that I left the Republican Party in the State of Ill. three years ago. So, they ain't my party! I feel the Ill. GOP is nearly as bad as the evil Democrats.

    My opinion is the teachers should get NO pay raise. Few if any deserve it. Further, all public employee unions should be made illegal like the were before 1958! Pubic employee unions are antithetical to democratic government and in the case of schools bad for our kids.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to publiusforum:

    Funny, I feel a small kinship toward you...I have no party anymore. Neither the Republicans or Democrates represent the middle class.

    As for no pay raise... if it were up to Rahm teachers salaries would be cut in half. And I feel that being a Union is one of the purest expressions of the free market economy.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    "salaries cut in half"... You're not doing a very good job playing pretend economist. In Mr. Ws world every class would start off like this... Repeat after me "welcome to McDonalds could I help you please. Ok here's your diploma"

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to wtf:

    Instead the army of low paid drone teachers will only produce kids that will need to practice that statement a lot. And by the way...playing pretend economist is fun. :)

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    lol like the drones

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to wtf:

    By the way...I think we are on the same side.

    I also think your post about evaluations is the best well explained example of the issue. I've forwarded it to many of my friends. Thank you

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    thanks-I actually misread your post-my bad for the sarcasm.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Sorry, I couldn't focus on what you said because your mustache got in the way. Douche.

  • One Childrens First School has 20 security guards, 4 lunchroom attendants, 3 custodians, 2 assistant principals, a principal and no one else. This elementary school sounds like fun! I guess central office felt they needed a lot of guards for all those liitle kids! 125 leadership there is disconnected and elitist!

  • Mr. Russo, every parent I know stands with the teachers. CTU is not making a big deal out of a lot of little things. They--and we parents--are tired of that list of many "little" things. All those little violations reveal how much CPS disrespects its teachers and by extension, its students.

    If you want to see a document that unintentionally illustrates this, check out the tips CPS published for the staff of the "Children First" sites. The Sun-Times offered a nice summary: http://www.suntimes.com/news/cityhall/14999436-418/cpss-how-to-guide-for-workers-at-strike-contingency-schools.

    The instructions somehow manage to betray decrepit school facility conditions, disrespect for teachers' training and skills, and a woeful ignorance about childrens' needs, all in one! They inform staffers to "wear a watch, because many rooms don't have functioning clocks." And: "when correcting a student, keep it short, stand 3 or 4 feet away, and start backing away in the last one or two seconds of your communication," lest you invite a negative response to said correction. And: "bring 30 pencils and a personal pencil sharpener, and small incentives like stickers." Or my favorite, "read and internalize classroom management techniques." Everybody can be a teacher with a list of tips like these!

    The fact is, CTU is in the right this time.

  • In reply to Julie:

    Then you aren't talking to the right parents.

    "I don't know how Nixon won. No one I know voted for him."

  • In reply to Julie:

    Spot on, Julie!

  • In reply to Julie:

    Also, if you think parent opinion is uniformly pro-CTU, check out CPS Obsessed which gets about 10 times the comments of this blog.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    From the same 8 people. If I want to hear angie and patricia spout their anti-teacher nonsense I'll turn on 890 am. Two thumbs down and hundreds of honks an thumbs up today. We win.

  • In reply to FrankThompson:

    Thank you.
    Just left the downtown rally and thought I was going to log on and read substantive comments (from RP or John Krugler) of what's internally going on while we were marching at our school and downtown. But unfortunately no.
    I don't have the time or desire to read this sense-less foolishness, especially since we will be at it again 6:30am tomorrow.

  • How can Rahm now say that he and his team are ready to start where the negotiations left off. Now at the last hour?

  • Bringing America and education back one crooked politician at a time. Keep kicking ass CTU!

  • In reply to Musician:

    Its the CTU that is corrupt. They want more money, less work, no evaluaions because they know their scores will be worse than the children. Shame on Karen Lewis and the CTU. Now that they got money they are striking on non strikable issues.
    Don't punish the children of Chicago because of your laziness and incompetence.
    Keren Lewis's legacy will be a self centered obstinate power hungry money loving woman who will fail evealuation.

  • In reply to wisdom:

    That is not true. My students score very well. Over 2/3 of my class exceeded in both math and reading last year all of them met or exceeded. I still don't want that on my evaluation. I don't want to view children as assets or liabilities based on their potential to score well on a test.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to district299reader:

    Exactly right...becasue the district doesn't care. The district thinks that you are too expensive. It will create a rubric that eventually gets you out and replaces it with someone they pay $35K and got their degree online at home in a year.

  • In reply to wisdom:

    Well put! There are over 200 CPS elementary schools that are failing and CTU dosen't want to be held accountable. Please! Where can you get a job, get paid above the average salary, good pension and benefits, and can hide for 40 years. CPS , that' s where!

  • In reply to Mj67:

    And the U.S. senate.

  • emanuel response http://abclocal.go.com/wls/livenow?id=8335971

  • Love how Rahm and JC tout how the new eval system was a "collaborative" project. They always seem to fail to mention the fact that SB 7 dictates that after 90 hours of "collaboration" the district's last offer becomes law. They never mention that the last offer was resoundingly rejected by the CTU. They never mention that over 80 local and nationally recognized education research professors in fact pleaded that CPS not institute the new policy. Never hear that! I would have a lot more respect for Rahm if he would finally say that he wishes to privatize schools, and admit he knows nothing about education and let his "team" speak about their case.

    And somebody for the love of God, smack Vitale across the face so he could wake up!

  • In reply to Maestro:

    The private schools are already way ahead of the chicago public schools. The fat CTU is disgusting. Karen Lewis can put a terrorist to shame with her unreasoinable demands. There is no negotiation on CTU side and the parents and everyone watching is not fooled by Karen's blabbering.
    Teachers need to be accountable and merit pay is essential. I severe thunderstorm with lightning electricity will be great for the picket lines.

  • In reply to wisdom:

    You are a hateful person. Shame on you for expressing physical harm should come to the picketing teachers and their supporters. Shame on you. You are ignorant.

  • In reply to 30 years:

    Those who can, teach. Those who can't, complain about teachers.

  • In reply to wisdom:

    If you really think you can compare private education to public education that you are a bigger idiot than we thought. Keep spouting your dogma though. The truth is there are more of us than there are of you and it doesn't matter what you think. While you hide behind your computer and your weak hate speech we stand up for what's right, even if the media won't let people see what the real issues are here.

  • Sorry not SB 7 but PERA dictates.

  • What a cast of fools all around. Emmanuel - longer school day has led to students getting more time in Reading and Math. Yeah right. Ask anyone who works at a school if that is true. If he wouldn't have been such an arrogant jerk to begin with we would have been in such a mess. And then Karen Lewis, "We want. . . wait you gave us pretty much we wanted, so we want this too: Now we're going to look at evaluations, and air conditioning, oh and we need to have book orders in before schools start. Talk about ridiculous. . . This is a shame and a true travesty. Children first? When they start paying union dues.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Karen Lewis's demands will never end. She has to feed her fat.

  • In reply to wisdom:

    And what are you feeding your ignorance?

  • In reply to 30 years:

    Your mouthy! Karen yes what are you feeding your fat......

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Many of those things were in the previous contract and the board wants to eliminate them. Anyone with children in school would want them to have books to learn from. I don't think asking for books is too much.

  • If the strike can be called unnecessary, then so can Emmanuel's hardball tactics against teachers early on--from SB7 to his outrageous arrogance and frequent denigration of the teaching profession.

    To understand why the strike happened you have to go back to that. And in that sense, the strike was inevitable as result of Rahm's style of hardball--embracing Scott-Walker type anti-union legislation rather than working with unions and trash-talking teachers when he thought he was strike-proof. But that doesn't mean that the strike is defensible. It's just human.

    At the news conference, Emmanuel was saying things that, transcribed in chunks and quoted approvingly by Russo tomorrow, will sound more or less reasonable in print; but the Mayor (it still sounds wrong to call him that) looked and sounded very shaken, incoherent even. Daley-esque. Was it anger? Worry? Secret thoughts of revenge? I'm not sure. I don't know him well enough. It was clear that he was completely and--to me--surprisingly thrown off by the union's decision to strike.

    I was also surprised at the union leadership's answer to the question of whether the strike is legal or illegal under SB7. They were kind of cheeky, saying both yes and no; saying flatly that all of the issues are part of any settlement and that they are not striking over any non-strikeable issues.

  • In reply to chicago:

    chicago- Why would you think Rahm didn't expect a strike from the day he arrived? All things considered, a strong possibility of a strike had to be part of every politicians calculation. How all this plays out will take a year or two to see. We're currently in the Karen Lewis "I've never felt so alive!" phase.
    In a few weeks the CTU can claim victory, and you all can return to your "better day" that will be the more or less the same as it has been for years.
    Then we'll enter Rahm's "We've been forced to make major changes......." phase.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Couldn't agree with you more! And on who's time is this..... Ours! Our children!!!!

  • If reports are true that CPS offered 4% each year for 4 years and the CTU decided to strike, this is a decision that will haunt the union for a generation.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    NO, it's not true. Did you not hear Vitale say they offered 3 the first year and 2 MAYBE in the next 3 years and then he said next 4 years. Jesse Sharkey stated he never saw a 3% proposal of any kind on paper during negotiations.

    Of course the Union is not backing down, we are setting precedence for the rest of the country.

    Why is CPS holding a press conference at 10:30 a.m. to go over the contingency plan after it goes into place. WTF? This plan is a waste of money. Who is being held accountable as to how this money is being spent? How much are these private organizations and churches charging per child?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    (1) there needs to be fair compensation for the longer day and year. Fair pay for the longer day. (2) we have no idea what they did to the step and lane system until they actually publish a detailed chart. (3) negotiate the evaluation system after it's already in place? Crazy. Do it up front while we have the power. We'll take less $$ for a fair system. (4) why should things like air conditioning and books on the first day of class even need to be negotiated? (5) children need wraparound services

  • The CTU has proven it is extremely unreasonable and even worse.

  • Wow, wisdom you are so vain it's one thing to say your comment and your views on this subject matter, but you are have no responding to back up what you are saying.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions on this matter but you throw your comments out there and can't even back them up. Explain in further detail why you don't support the district and maybe you then you can have discussion that is worth having.

  • I am a parent (one who will be taking a day off of work and driving his daughter down to her grandparents in the next few hours) and I fully support the CTU and their need to strike. Too little, much too late should be the mantra here concerning the negotiation tact of the Rahm versus the CTU. This last minute dash to present something even close to a fair offer is an embarrassment of leadership, pure and simple.

    Now let's hope that everyone at the bargaining table finally has the best interests of our children in their thoughts as they work to quickly come to a collaborative solution to end this strike.

  • In reply to marrs96:

    Right on, marrs96!

  • fb_avatar

    Russo - Shame on you. Provide a detailed list of what the latest CPS proposal was and show me how the over arching goal of privatizing school education has changed. It is a shell game - CPS knows what its doing.

    I hope your comment was in the spirit of... "I'm a blogger and need to drive traffic to my site so I can make money" and not that you actually think what your wrote.

  • Karen... BIG BIG Karen, you want want want....
    These demands are outlandish! Your making a statement alright! That you and your followers are greedy and disgusting!!! Chicago Catholic schools have had the 7 hr school days for over a decade, and CPS schools have not!! And why??? So, because of a 45 min longer day you strike!!! Your sick!! I hope there is no giving to your demands! You want more pay, 18% or better... How about all you teachers who were outside Dever school this morning lose your jobs like the 100s of people who can't get a job due to this economy!!! While our children are home not getting the education they deserve! Your tactics are a sin! This kids are suffering, If you care about the kids keep them in school while you make crazy demands! Hey how about all nurses go in strike because they are underpaid and want all the demands of CPS, and let's hope every union teacher and Mrs Karen don't get sick or need aid cuz it won't be available! You make me sick... I have to change my schedule at work now due to this.. But maybe me and all my co workers will strike for an 18% raise! It's pig headed and gross! And as for the Mayor, his intentions were good, but not thought out well!!!! Get it together, this world is in trouble as it is and all you congressmen and union leaders are idiots! My child's education is in the hands of people who are less intelligent then her, a 7 year old, who by the way was crying she couldn't go to school!!! Have fun teaching in the summer months with no air! Do you know how much it costs for HVAC???? My lord...... Think of all the children. You all get paid enough, and have jobs!!!!!!!!! Keep em and go teach!!! Pathetic!!! All I hear is crying meaningless tears that you have to teach- then go get a job as a barista or a sales person at a store, and make your own hours! But don't teach our kids because there is no heart in your profession when there are only demands and none of them I see benefits the kids!!!! Get it together or leave it alone!! Karen I can't express how your face makes me sick!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Oh, boy... You anger is so obvious . You are not making any sense. What a shame you do not understand the issues. You lash out and make comments on someone's physical size, is that the kind of example you set for your child? Everything we are striking for is for the betterment of the schools so we can teach your children. If you like the Catholic schools so much go and send your child there. But if you expect a good free education for your child than I suggest you educate yourself on the real issues before you go spewing your hate across this blog.

  • In reply to 30 years:

    Free???? So I pay taxes and school is free???? You clearly have no idea what you are taking about! 30 years of what??? I won't defend my comment nor the fact that she is BIG, Big mouth, BIG demands and BIG mess!!! You a teacher? Then go teach while the rest of us do our jobs.... My child is at home being tought by her father because teachers are out side holding signs!!! You can play bully and talk about going to Catholic schools, fact Catgolic schools have same hours! And if we were all rich then maybe we could send out kids there for their education!! Furthore more school is not free, the 100$ plus dollars I spend on supplies , the school fees, and time us parents put in to help our schools and we don't get paid! Keep quiet- ya I'm angry my child isn't in school!!!!

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    You are obviously a plant. Your comments are as insulting as those commercials CPS was airing in the black communities. You are trying to portray an angry African American woman who's husband is not at a job...because he is at home.....and your attempts at African American vernacular are a true insult to us all. I don't believe you are a parent or are that concerned. You are a plant. No one is THAT ignorant. 30 years of doing what you ask? 30 years of teaching in the public schools. Yes, teaching YOUR children and I'm sorry you have to shell out $100 on school supplies. It is YOUR child. I have spent thousand of $$ through the years buying supplies for other peoples children and I have never been paid back. Why do I do it? I love my job and I love my kids...ALL of them. So go pedal you fake outrage somewhere else. Your "job" you work so hard at must be easy since you have soo much free time to post comments while at work!

  • In reply to 30 years:

    In the black communities huh!!! Wow, your insulting and I'd love to know where you work because I'd refuse my daughter being thought by a big mouth who loves her kids!!!! Secondly teacher of all teachers... I don't have a problem buying MY daughter supplies but 150 pencils for a school year, boxes of computer paper when we just now have computers!!! Sure... And I don't have a problem with things for my child! Also I am not black, and if u were what the hell does color have to do with this! You make no valid point teacher on why you want more money!!! Tell me.. Because you are asked to stay 45 min longer. And of those 45 min what are YOU actually teaching longer? Math, English, language or maybe computers... See our CPS school was meeting the times for each class so we extended gym.. Are teachers are not teaching any longer then they were last year!!! And you get paid a pretty hefty amount already !!! Your the angry one. Try getting another Job if your so hard up for the money and are willing to have over 400,00 kids out of class rooms! And furthore more don't hate because I have time to check my phone and blast away! It's what I chose to do!!! So, why don't you teach so we don't have to see you stir up bs and call names and sound like the flake you really are!!! Good for you you spent money on te kids, it's your job! Cry to someone who cares... And get a new job while your at it- btw come see me I wouldn't hire you if you paid me!

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Are you sure you had enough exclamation points in that rant?

  • In reply to teacherparent:

    Why you want to kick me out??? !!!!! People should think before they speak. Violence is horrible but to just kick kids out. Then get a job behind a desk not working with public, or don't take the job in that area because you can't get one anywhere else. Can't believe the crap you people say.

  • Have you all even seen CPS offer? 16% raise is not enough for you??? It's unfair to the taxpayers, that's what it is.


  • In reply to Gerber:

    There is no offer of compensation in writing. CPS can claim any number they want, but until they put it in writing it is no offer! What is unfare is all these false statements from CPS. Do the math. 3% +2% +2% + 2% = 16% % ? Don't fall for the lies!

  • In reply to 30 years:

    First of all, were you at the negotiating table? If not, how do you know there is no written offer?

    And second, you forgot to add steps and lanes to your 3% +2% +2% + 2%. 16% is the sum of all 3 raises.

  • In reply to Gerber:

    Last night Mr. Sharkey who is at the table said there has been nothing in writing. The steps and lanes are not being kept as they are now. Until it is clearly in writing it is no offer.

  • In reply to 30 years:

    geez 30 years. i hope you don't teach writing or math.

  • In reply to Gerber:

    please get your facts straight...

    1. not all teachers earn step or lane changes
    2. cps want to eliminate increases for steps
    3. cps want to "bell curve" lane increases

    so again, how is this 16%?

    your are misinformed gerber

  • In reply to Gerber:

    Please, take the time to calculate this before posting & believing what you read.

    If we said Russo was the best shooter in NBA history because he shot 80%, we would first check the facts and understand he only played in one game making four out of five layups.

    16% is not 16%. Dig deeper. How many more hours will teachers put in over the four years during this 16% raise?
    - 4 years x 10 added school days a year x 7.5 hours a day
    - 4% guaranteed, contractual raise never given
    -No cost of living increase
    -Added minutes to the school day

    Who is getting a raise? I would love for someone with the time to take a deep, unbiased look into the "16% raise" versus the increased time/workload.

  • The Chicago Sun Times article yesterday listed Jackie Vaughn as Lewis' role model and said that Lewis felt "exhilarated" when she walked the CTU picket lines with her parents as a child. There was always going to be a strike. It is what she wanted. This is her legacy.

    As for parental support, I know a lot of CTU parents. Each one thinks the teachers are being unreasonable, but no one will say it because they are afraid the teachers will punish their children when school starts again. I also know many parents who simply sold their homes this summer and moved to the suburbs. (And yes, homes are selling despite the ongoing negative news.)

    People are not as supportive of the teachers as the CTU thinks. Both sides could have stayed at the negotiating tables, but CTU chose to strike. It's hard to continue to garner sympathy when you choose to make people's lives hard.

  • In reply to Shari Schmidt:

    Too bad that Karen doesn't read these posts!!! She has made a mess for our kids!!! And she is not liked by many...

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Well, she' s not liked by you. Interesting to see all your hateful comments today. Where were you when we were trying to negotiate all year? You are obviously an uninformed angry person. Save your energy today to take care of your child, instead of trying to rally for something you don't really understand.

  • In reply to 30 years:

    Funny.... I work! And trying to find care for a child you should be in school! She doesn't like me? You speak for her! Your comments should be saves for those who Care! I won't go back and forth with someone as ignorant as you! Maybe you should get a job? Teach? Do something productive! To say I know nothing about what is going on is as ignorant as this 16% raise! These kids should be in school and it's sad they suffer! Are you at a negotiating table?? No, so save it 30 years!! Put your energy in something useful, cuz arguing with a working single mother is a waste of ur time... On to the next one!

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    You are a phony. Go pedal outrage elsewhere. This blog is trying to be serious. You sound crazy.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    And the mayor has painted a paradise for our students?

    Go charter!! Teachers don't have to be certified & if big business fails in their approach we can always send the students back to their neighborhood schools; or whats left of them.

    What if your child has a disability or is a behavior concern?

    That can't come to our charter, they will hurt our numbers!

  • In reply to Ed4who:

    From my limited research at the high school level, I find more LD students at Noble than at SE and IB schools with similar ACT scores.

    I would like to see a list of all extended time ACT takers at all high schools. I think that would be helpful for those truly interested in how these students are distributed in the system.

    It is true that a small portion of charter teachers can be uncertified. At the high school level they save those positions for some of the hardest to fill positions, which was the intent of the waiver. Few if any teachers staying in the system remain uncertified, AFAIK. TFAer's who stay for careers often have an M Ed.

    Did you know at Noble that there are freshmen classes that almost half either have to take summer school to advance, or have outright failed and are required to repeat their freshman year? Most students choose to stay. How does that correlate with the often CTU repeated criticism of "counseled out"? There's much more "counseled in" than "counseled out" because that's what all serious educators do.

  • In reply to Donn:

    ."From my limited research at the high school level, I find more LD students at Noble than at SE and IB schools with similar ACT scores."

    With all do respect, I do believe your research is narrow should be explored. The system, including charters and selective enrollments, is broken. Holistically, charters do not provide the services students with disabilities require.

    This past school year, I was a special education teacher in a well-known, underachieving neighborhood school and we had over 30% of our enrollment receiving special education services.

    In my school alone, we had 3 students who were kicked out of Noble network prior to taking the ACT during their junior year. Examining the students who have extended time would be a far cry from examining services provided to students with disabilities. On the surface, this is the most primitive form of understanding students with disabilities & their services. Of course, "extended time" is one of the few buzzwords mentioned in the charter but holds little value to the core of special education services.

    Let's examine how many students with BIP's are accepted, serviced and graduate from charter schools?

  • In reply to Ed4who:

    I would like to know what "kicked out" means. The students have legal rights, charter or traditional.

    I don't think it's of much value in discussing charters generically. CPS in the last five years hasn't pursued charters generically. They promoted certain types of schools that may be superior for some students; notably Noble and STEM.

    Specialization will no doubt lead to traditional schools in poor neighborhoods continuing to have an increasing percentage of students with significant disability. The funding needs to be appropriate, and the test performance liability needs to be recognized.

    Transparency of all the (publicly funded) data these institutions generate would help make the system fair. Transparency will probably show principals at higher performing CTU schools working hard to keep LD students out. It will probably also show many more IEP's at Noble than cynical CTU members expect. I have no idea about BIPs. A BIP is probably not a good indicator of potential success at a strict school.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Donn:

    I'm not sure we are talking about LD students here...I beleive we are talking about kids who refuse to follow the rules - with both effort and behavior being metrics. I'm not talking about those children with IEPs.

  • In reply to Donn:

    You would be wise not to mix up "students with disabilities" with students with IEP, BIP, or extended time on tests. They are not the same populations. In fact, it seems that the majority of students with disabilities are left unidentified and are not serviced under IDEA or ADA in CPS --- in regular, SE, or charter schools. Ask Rod Estvan at Access Living.

  • In reply to Shari Schmidt:

    Shari - That's funny, I just posted the same thing about Lewis. But I should add that I don't believe her to be insincere. I don't believe Rahm to be generally insincere about schools either. Of course, as politicians, they both try extremely hard to create certain public impressions. But neither of them are Bill Clinton.

  • In reply to Shari Schmidt:

    Look at all the people showing support to strikers outside schools. The is much more support than you think . . .

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Oh, please! If you bring coffee and donuts to the striking teachers, don't you think they will remember it when it's time to grade your kid?

  • In reply to Gerber:

    Who are you? I think you are here to stir the soup...or your a CPS plant. If you rally think I'll grade a child according to how many donuts I am given than you're not real. You are a joke...let's all laugh.... Ha Ha Ha.

  • In reply to Gerber:

    No. Plain and simple. Parents do all kinds of things to garner favor with teachers all the time. This is no exception. These things are appreciated but seen for what they are and ignored. People who take bribes have moral issues and that extends to all professions.

  • In reply to Gerber:

    You are nuts. I don't grade my kids on their parents behavior. I grade my kids on their achievement. And honestly, there were so many parents walking the line with us this morning, bringing us food, honking, etc, I would have no idea who supported us or not. Minus the honkers, we had at least 200 parents and kids walking with us this morning.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Near a northside high school right now. Can tell you there are a huge number of cars going by honking in support of teachers. Size of crowd in front of school is growing rapidly.

  • In reply to Shari Schmidt:

    I think the legacy of this strike will be the full charterization of CPS. Based on the open issues that have been reported, CTU has made a decision not to lead, not to follow, but to force themselves out of the way.

  • In reply to Shari Schmidt:

    That may be your perspective but I would say that we had a great deal of support from parents and students. I know because they showed up and walked with us this morning. You may not like what is happening but teachers are the only other people in this world who give a hoot what happens to kids. If you think that a teacher would take something out on a child then you truly have no respect for teachers or understanding of how deeply we care. Our working conditions are your child's learning conditions. We are not happy about the strike. But we have to do this. By CPS's standards I am one of the most successful teachers in the city. Students test scores soar in my room. But I don't measure my teaching by that and I don't want my district to either. Anyone who thinks this is just about the raise has not educated themselves on the issues at hand.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Then educate, since your test scores soar! That's great to hear- id love for my child to be tought by you. And that's no sarcasm! However, I work in an industry where I am over worked under paid and have zero to no bennifit. Be thankful for you job and instead of bragging about your scores realize that those kids infact are getting an education they deserve. So good for you, however you can not speak for every teacher in CPS! That they all want what is best for our kids. And when negotiation comes down to money vs strike, one that affects kids, it's selfish. Tell me, fight for more computers, a language tought but to add money to your bank account when you already get paid well makes us parents angry! I understand everyone wants to be paid for their work, experience and dedication! But all I read is demands and the bennifits for teachers. It will be what will be but my opinion is these kids should be in school while the adults fight it out!!!! You chose to teach so do it. I chose my job and I may not agree with every Policy, or rule or lack of pay but I do my job

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    We ARE striking for more language, art, music, better math, more recess, better and smaller class sizes. It's not the $$. Wake up and calm down.

  • In reply to 30 years:

    No, it's not! You are a joke and it's nice I can sit with co workers and laugh at what you say! See 30 plus years... My CPS is doing nothing of the sort!
    Let me share with you....

    This year students have one ancillary (prep) class daily for 60 minutes. They receive art, music, literacy lab, gym and library. Last year the students had  music, gym, health and library. They have added art to the curriculum and also increased their gym time by having two PE teachers. The students also go to the literacy lab (computer lab) weekly

    So for this... You want total of 16% pay! And my child is home crying she can't go to school, and I payed almost 800$ extra for rembrants after school art one day a week . So please save it and teach!! Just do your jobs.. CPS only schools who haven't been 7 hrs a day and you cry! Look if I was able to strike for 16% more I'd jump in the wagon , but not at the cost of kids being put out of school! Again your a joke

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Drop the 16% already;

    -it's over the course of 4 years
    -4% never paid during previous contract, yet guaranteed
    -10 more days added
    -longer day added

    Where do you work that you would be forced to work an extended time extra during your fiscal year and not be compensated for it along with cost of living increases. (cost of living increase, rarely exist anymore, but the point still remains more work which is not compensated)

  • In reply to Ed4who:

    And in 4 years 16% is a grip of money! Go for it and god bless... My point is and will be- children are not in the classroom. Send work home over the strike, fight for what you believe is fair and at the end of the day when it is over school resumes and hope all is happy! I want the best education for my child.. Funny , her father said he isn't worried about K-8 but high school and college, these years are so important in my eyes!! And 10 more days. WOW!! That's just crazy... And I suppose this is a question, catholic or private schools . Those teachers have as we are calling it extended hours, and isn't their pay less then CPS already? Just curious.. Or public schools in the burbs they have longer hours then CPS what's the comparison in pay??? It's my understanding - and May stand corrected but CPS is right there with top pay! So, again I want the best for my child and those in CPS but certain things need to be realistic. I don't know any person to go into work and demand 16% raise over 4 years.. It would never happen!!! But this whole blog is useless! And there are CPS teachers who are against this strike!!! Go figure.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    There are plenty of private schools in your area that would love to take your money. Maybe you should pull your kid out and enroll your child there? I am sure the teachers at the local Catholic school will appreciate more enrollees in order to preserve their minimum wage teaching job.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    You might enjoy reading the background on SB7 and what management and the union are permitted to negotiate about. It's complex. Much more complex than what seems to be in the air and in the mainstream media.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Will di

  • I'm tired of having everything that I must teach tied to a standardized test. Creativity, cognition, and humanity are ignored. We are making our students drones.The best thing about the American Educational System is that it has fostered ingenuity and creativity for generations. Innovations are the best of American business, and we are destroying that which created the innovators. Education should be liberating of mind and spirit, not dulling of the soul.

  • On the line
    A sea of red stretched a block down both Pulaski and
    79th st..The semi trucks air horns all blowing in the wind,
    crowed out the sound of cars honking,CFD sirens wailing
    and even the Sheriff car gave us a blast..What a site to behold.
    Chicago is still a union town.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Please, Cfd has their own issues with union! Don't go there and the honks and horns are probably to get noticed and are not positive, but to have teachers teach! All city workers are underpaid and over worked! Police and fire are underpaid and union so honestly this is all a joke!!! Maybe the fire dept should strike... Or police... Good job teachers union!

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Please do not read anything into this .I know about the Brotherhood of the Barrel.I was just trying to tell people how proud i am of Chicago's
    unionized workers today.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Thanks to the Chicago Fire Department for supplying McDonald's to the strikers at an Area 11 school.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Glad you did not say where it was exactly at. A principal left bottled water for teachers picketing at the school and her area officer made her feel like s*^t.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    I can tell that you are frustrated. Why not channel all of that vitriol and join us for equality in the workplace. What does it tell you that the teachers, fire and police have issues with this administration. Does Rahm actually think there will not be blowback at his disrespect for the workers of this city? Especially those the city truly needs in order to function? Do you really believe that we should not have air in the summer because it is too expensive? What woulkd you do if your seven year old was in one of those classes? So basically you are so blinded by hatred for teachers that we should not have basic safety precautions? Shame on you!

  • In reply to katniss:

    No, no... See this is nothing new all you issues raised. Should te schools have air for kids sure! But in the day I was in catholic school I had no air, our teachers did not strike! But is this about kids getting better education or teachers getting more pay for 45 min longer day! Say what you want but id much rather see the fire and police strike since they haven't had a contract in years and they risk their lives everyday! Maybe they will..... And being a tea her means a great deal, also means I trust in the teachers to have my kids beat interest as their main goal! All CPS schools are not a like, some better then others- either way you want more to help our kids then go to the classroom, that's where they learn!

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Well it isn't back in the day and kids will not learn if they are getting sick due to extreme heat, especially in buildings with multiple floors. Also, not every school got art and music, or eve library. I am still waiting for ours, especially since Rahm said we no longer had to choose!

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Back in the day, when I was in catholic school, African-Americans couldn't vote, women couldn't get a job in the corporate world, schools were segregated, college was only for the wealthy, Chicago was much more segregated than today and of course we had no air.

    Do the conditions of the past mean that we were correct? Should slavery exist? Women not be able to vote? Gays not marry?

    Of course, these are much bigger issues but the point is that what is popular is not always right & what is right is not always popular.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    The fire department DID strike 1980, Mayor Jane Byrne...remember her? One term mayor.She hired scabs ect. Remember Blue Flu? CPD mass sick call in? You are not only uninformed, but a phony just trying to stir up anger. Go back to your "job" you are under paid and over worker at. YUK!

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Solidarity!!!!!!!!!! Pulaski and Archer was also a sea of red, and the overwhelming majority of people were supporting us!!! We had many parents and kids come out to the picket line and show their support!!!!

  • Has anyone been able to get a copy of the CPS proposal and lay it out with a comparison to the CTU wants to see how off or close they really are?

  • In reply to Mom of Four:

    I believe that one of the biggest issues the union is fighting for is about the new teachers evaluation system that ties teachers perfomance to test scores. it is a horribly flawed system that is very unreliable and unfair. There is no way a teacher can control how every student does on a test. A teacher can only do so much. I have a friend who works in a really rough area and she said on report card pick up, out of her 34 students, only 3 parents bothered to come to the parent teacher conference to pick up their kids report cards. She has called or should I say, tried to get in touch with the guardians to talk to them to no avail. How is a teacher suppose to ensure all these students pass this test when most of the kids do not even care nor put fourth any effort when they actually do show up at school?? Yet under this new evaluation system, the teacher will get the blame when these kids bomb on these tests. The teachers were right to go on strike. Things need to change.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to fedup:

    ...in a charter school these kids would be kicked out and told to go back to their publich school....

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    Exactly right you are! But at a regular CPS school, the teachers do not have the right to kick any students out. I also have another friend who works in Lake County district as a H.S. teacher and if a student there was truant half the time or had disciplinary troubles, they would be expelled. They have a no tolerance for these things at her school.

    How does CPS expect teachers to take responsibility for all of this?? It is insane. I just watched Rahm speaking at a news conference on TV. I think he is totally oblivious to what is really going on in classrooms, especially in some of these rough schools. I wonder if he has even ever visited one of these rough schools and sat through a few of the classes. They do not want teachers, they want Gods who can perform miracles.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to fedup:

    ...oh the stories teachers could tell you (who knows you might be one) would raise the hair on your arms.

    My wife, an elementary school teacher (who is really annoyed at me when I mispell or mistype something on here - haha) had a student last week rip up thier homework in front of her face and said f*&^ you b*&^%. He was sent to the office to get him out of the classroom - instead they sent him back saying the teacher needed to deal with it. My wife told him he had to stand against the fence for recess...instead administration told my wife that withholding recess was not an option is the "law." There are nor consequences for CPS students. Kids know it. Parents know it.

    You want reform Rahm...allow my wife to kick out the kids that don;t want to be there...maybe then her classroom size would get below 30 students and she can spend the right amount of time on those kids that want to learn.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    Oh don't worry, public school teachers have the option to kick out underperforming/undesirable kids. Check the 50% dropout rate. Or the over-diagnosing of disabilities among poor and minority kids. If only the system had a way of booting underperforming/undesirable teachers.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I have a better idea, I think any kid who does not want to learn or refuses to do their work and put fourth effort should be put in a boot camp!!! Any kid who drops out should automatically be sent to boot camp or the army!!! Problem solved! I bet the drop out rate would drop and kids and some parents would start taking education seriously!

    And NO teachers cannot kick out the kids who have discipline problems, unfortunately!! They cannot even discipline them anymore. Teachers cannot even make a kid write lines or stand in a corner as It is considered abuse!! This is why the schools are they way they are today!

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    Oh man, I know what you mean! My husband is a teacher and he use to work in a rough school in Humbolt Park. He had an eigth grader who told him he was going to kick the sh** out of him after school. My husband actually took matters in his own hands and called the cops on him.( this same kid actually hit another teacher a week prior, yet he was still there in school!!! Isn't that nuts??

    Oh yes, and also my husband says teachers have NO disciplinary rights at all anymore. He said that teachers cannot even make a kid write lines or stand in the corner, it is considered abuse. This is one of the reasons some classes are so hard to manage. Some teachers are so laden with kids that have disciplinary issues that they spend more time trying to correct these kids that they cannot even teach! I feel for every teacher out there, I bow down to my husband and any teacher out there who teaches! I have to say, I think a lot of people are clueless about how much teachers do. I will admit it, before I married my husband I use to think being a teacher was easy. BOY was I misinformed!! I had no idea. I think this is why ignorant people post crap on here when they have no clue what they are talking about. I agree with you 100%. If teachers were allowed to kick out the kids who do not care and refuse to do the work,it would be a much better environment.

  • In reply to fedup:

    Wow!!! And maybe the sick patient in the E.R. Who is swearing at nurses threatening them should just be kicked out too! Good call. Lol... You should actually be ashamed! Not every kid has a great up bringing and acts out for reasons. You sound like a fool. So we won't treat irate, ignorant, drunken people in hospitals because it would be a much better environment !!! Good idea. Ha

  • In reply to fedup:

    teacher evaluation

    I think CPS is at 40%, and state law at 30%? That's not much difference. Perhaps CPS plans to give on that next week to help end the strike. Both sides leadership has to plan how to end the strike.

    I think CPS is smart enough to realize that the evaluation system must compare similar teaching situations. I hope they realize it will take quite a few years to figure out how to do that fairly.

  • In reply to fedup:

    if you really think teachers can't do anything for kids from terrible homes, what are we giving them a raise for? do teachers really want to paint themselves as glorified babysitters? do we really want teachers to give kids the message that they can't overcome their homelife?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    It's not to send students those messages but rather get teachers to want to dig into the trenches and want to be the inspirational change needed for these students.

    Why would anyone want to teach in the toughest schools in Chicago when they have to live in the city & pay a higher cost of living? Teach the hardest to reach children who must overcome the greatest odds.

    Instead, we will continue to shut down/consolidate schools to take less teachers from the union and more students to the charters.

    Of course, the teacher are fighting this strike, but don't be fooled by the mayor. Every day the strike last, enrollment in charters/free publicity will continue to increase. More students in charters=less & less teachers union. The public will get what they want.

    Let the achievement gap grow.

  • I LOVE Karen!!! I'm glad she had the courage to stand up to the Bully, Rahm!!! We shouldn't have to ask for basic materials and textbooks to teach the kids!!! How can we all be evaluated the same way when some classrooms have everything they need and more, and other classrooms can't even get txt books!!!!??? The playing field is NOT even!!!

  • Solidarity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CPS released their best offer yesterday. When do we get to see CTU's?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gerber:

    In writing? Where?

  • CPS offer: http://www.cps.edu/News/Announcements/Pages/09_09_2012_A1.aspx

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gerber:

    Thank you.

    Help me though. How does 3,2,2,2, = 16%?

    16 percent average salary increase equaling $320 million over the next four years, including COLA (3% year 1; 2% years 2,3,4) lanes and modified step increases that both reward experience and provides better incentives for mid-career teachers to help keep them serving in the Chicago Public School system.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    You are forgetting steps and lanes. 16% is all 3 raises combined.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gerber:

    I would be MUCH MORE encouraged if that were the case. I don't think it is. Steps and Lanes are gone from a pay increase perspective. Yes they are keeping them as a "title" - congrats you are now lane 2 step 10...congratulations - here is your gold star - now get back to work.

    The language is worded very carefully...16% AVERAGE....admitedly I'm not sure where the slight of hand is....sniff sniff....but I smell one.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    I don't understand. The previous contact spelled out the exact numbers for each raise, step, lane etc. What makes you think that this one would not?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gerber:

    I'm not sure either...I can say that is CPS would, in plain explicit language say that the lane and steps pay raises are still in effect PLUS the 3,2,2,2 almost everyone would agree that is pretty darn close to fair. Gerber, I thought I saw a recent post that said these raises were in LIEU (spelling?) of lanes and steps. That steps would only be kept as a classification system for teacher experience - not for pay increases.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    "Increases in Pay: 16 percent average salary increase equaling $380 million over the next four years, including COLA (3% year 1; 2% years 2,3,4) lanes and modified step increases that both reward experience and provides better incentives for mid-career teachers to help keep them serving in the Chicago Public School system."

    I read this as 16% raise on average, with some teachers getting more, and some less. And steps will still be there, only modified, whatever that means.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gerber:

    Gerber, first of all thanks for the back and forth - I appreciate that we are probably on opposite sides of this thing - but I like that we are dialouging in a polite and informative way

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gerber:

    Hello Gerber-

    Ok - I read a tribune article - I'll paste the relative portion of it below. It turns out we are both right...you are right there will still be steps and lanes with raises...BUT CPS says it will "modify" these bumps in pay BUT WONT"T SAY HOW MUCH!!! They won't publish a new steps/lane pay scale. See I'm getting fired up again. They want the teachers to go back to work and say "we'll work it out later." NONE of teh 25,000 teachers trusts them. NO...we work it out NOW.

    And as a side note...just becasue Vitale says they can work it out today doesn't make it true.

    CPS has improved its initial offer to teachers of a 2 percent base wage increase in each of the four years of the contract. The offer submitted to the union Sunday night offers teachers a series of base salary increases over four years, beginning with 3 percent in the first year and 2 percent in each of the next three years.

    The average teacher in CPS has 13.7 years of experience and is paid about $71,200, according to the Illinois State Board of Education.

    The district's proposal also retains salary bumps for furthering education and for teacher experience, although the "step" increases for experience would be modified. CPS, which released an outline of its offer Sunday night, declined to give further details Monday.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gerber:

    Freeze on Health Care Contributions for Most Plans: The Board is calling for a modification to the health care plan funding that will freeze all employee health care contributions for single and couple plans with a small increase in family contributions of no more than $20 a pay period in addition to a small increase in emergency room co-pays. 67 percent of all CTU members will not see a change to their healthcare.

    ...sounds good...oh but wait in a 26 pay period year that's $520 for my family. That's almost 1% of my wife's pay....hmmm that 3% is starting to shrink isn't it.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gerber:

    Increased Opportunity for Promotion: The Board proposes that CPS and CTU collaborate and work together to increase promotion opportunities and identify differentiated compensation models that have worked in other places.

    ...so differentiated (read as: merit pay) is back on the table.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gerber:

    Improved Monitoring of Class Size Issues: The Board remains committed to protecting and maintaining current class sizes, but will establish a panel and joint supervisory committee with the CTU to monitor and address any class size issues that may arise.

    ...so what will CPS do when they do find issues?

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    They will do nothing like they have always done.

  • The good teachers would vote to dissolve the union and then quit the government schools, if they really wanted to "defend" their vocation and "the children". But they do not. And they never will. . I challenged one on here, Ray, to walk up to Lord Mayor Rham and Karen the Greedy Lewis and tell them to cut the crap, let us compete, give us vouchers. Crickets from old Ray the Defender on that one.

    Government schools are an invention of the last 120 years.. For some of those years, teachers held their vocations high and did their best, but with the last 40 years have come kids who kill from parents who kill, who screw up life for the good students and the good teachers.

    Then came the labs. Let's experiment with how kids learn. Failure.

    Then came the public unions..

    Then, specifically, comes Lord Mayor Rahm, who wants to make his bones by torturing kids and making them stay longer at places that regard them as a unit of currency for federal dollars, and where it is akin to making a prisoner stay longer in the Big House.

    Soon I hope comes the end and an alternative to this waste of lives.
    It will happen, because there will be growing ghost towns with the new assessments on the property tax bills.

  • Its time for everyone to take a deep breath and figure out that both sides have to sit down and talk before everyone turns out to be a loser. The board isn't right here but neither are the teachers. Not all teachers are in it for the love of teaching. Some teachers no longer have a choice so they teach and others have a pretty good deal. Plus with 8+ unemployment where are they going to go?

    Not all city schools are equal and we all know this to be true. The board and the past Mayor(s) have ignored the needs of whole segments of this city, But those issues have been years in the making and they predate this expiring contract , Rahm and JC.

    The big issues have been ignored by everyone including the teachers for years. But we can't afford to pay for years of neglect within contract negotiations. These issues have to be worked on by everyone working together.

    Some of our problems are systemic to a system with more than 79% poverty. The underlying poverty really should be our focus but that will be ignored. In the end we will all be paying for this neglect and indifference, one way or another.

    The tax payers of this city will be the biggest losers.

    Guess what happens to a city when the citizens decide they have had enough? The citizens vote by leaving.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Wow!!! Finally spoken with class..... To see all sides is the smartest approach.

  • Headache299
    Try to get the news right, wbbm news radio 78…it wasn’t 5000 teachers marching today, it was 50,000

  • All cps teacher emails were deactivated today.

  • More than 50,000 people surround Chicago Board of Education in support of teachers' strike


  • I'm curious, did any of these concerened teachers maybe send their kids home with work while the strike???y daughter wasn't sent with homework or things to work on!! So, did you teachers go on strike before the strike happened- we did nothing for 4 days of school!! Who is this strike helping again!!! Instead I went and got work books to do during the strike!! I'm trying to see how the kids are going to bennifit!!!! This was a waste of time even being in school for 4 days!

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    FrustratedMom should make she that she gets a good English Grammar text. Perhaps if she used standard English in her rants, she would be taken seriously.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:


    As a teacher, we have a responsibility to educate children. If we had taken time to create a busy-work packet for your child, it would have taken time from planning quality instruction so that you don't have to spend so much time at home trying to educate your child. It's not a teacher's responsibility to keep your child busy at home. The great parents I know are taking it upon themselves to enrich their children with trips to the Shedd, library, and even picket lines for civics lessons.

    I'm curious, where did you get the idea that teachers should have the greatest responsibility in caring for your children?

  • My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do, [B][l][u][e][3][1].com

  • The teachers don't care about the students, otherwise they'd still be in school while negotiations are ongoing. It's a shame that the students are the ones who have to suffer. An evaluation istrument with major input from teachers, parents, students, administrators, and the school board, need to be developed. Evaluations would not strictly be based on test scores. It should be mandatory for teachers to acquire a certain number of .continuing education hours each year to enhance their teaching credibility.

  • In reply to gregsphere:

    We tried that over the course of the negotiations. Until we had a successful strike vote, the CPS did not take the CTU seriously, as Rahm and the billionaires believed the 75% threshold would never be met. Staying on the job would give us no leverage, as we've seen negotiations drag on unfruitfully all summer. Striking is the only leverage we have.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to gregsphere:

    If you beleive this than I assume if rented an apartment and the bathroom stopped working you would continue to pay rent as the landlord takes his/her time fixing it...or considering to fix it. Just keep paying rent.

  • In reply to gregsphere:

    Teachers are already mandated to take a ton of continuing education courses each year.

  • In reply to gregsphere:

    The Board of Education does not care about the students; otherwise they'd still have teachers in school as they undermine negotiations. It's a shame that the students are the ones who have to suffer. An evaluation instrument with guarantees major input from teachers, parents, students, administrators, and the school board, needs to be developed. Evaluations would not strictly be based on test scores-which the Board can make it up to 50%. It should be mandatory for Board Members to acquire a certain number of continuing education hours each year to enhance their credibility and negotiation skills.

  • In reply to gregsphere:

    Uhm...gregsphere...we do need continuing education hours each year. Please check out the Illinois State Board of Education. http://www.isbe.net/certification/html/providers.htm
    Now, when do you propose we earn them? Well, right now, most of us obtain them in the summer. Would you rather we take time off during the school year?

  • FYI teachers take classes, attend training/workshops, sit through PD AND pursue courses of their own interest.

    Students suffer when a teacher is evaluated improperly and removed without cause. Students suffer when the school building is not maintained-the roof is leaking, the windows don't open/close, there are no working bathrooms. Students suffer when the administration thinks a progressive teacher is one who removes chairs and tables from a classroom and has the kids stand all day. Students suffer when policies come out of Central Office from people who are not educators!

  • Teacher's Union,

    Please bring to the table a proposal with the following:
    1) Develop your own differentiated pay scheme you think is fair. Propose that base pay be graduated with the poverty rate at the school so that there is an incentive to work there. Describe a research based way to measure what you think is important, like creativity and critical thinking. Maybe test once at the beginning of the year and again at the end to measure growth. Insist that be the only test required so that time for instruction is maximized, but be ready to give them one more test.
    2) Be reasonable about recall rights. Teachers from closed schools should get a shot at new jobs, but not a guarantee. Some schools are closed for under-enrollment, but most are closed because the kids aren't learning. Some of those teachers probably shouldn't come back.
    3) Focus on whatever workplace issues are allowed under SB7 that will help children. This will help with public opinion. Special ed support, books, and the ability to send kids with behavior issues to an alternative school are good candidates. Nobody in the press, CTU, or CPS seems to know enough about SB7 to know what is allowed. Perhaps they do and just don't agree.


  • This is a serious question. I truly do not know the answer to and hope someone can help:

    We continue to hear that one of the big two issues is teacher evaluation, but the new teacher evaluation process is written as part of the PERA law. The percentages of teacher evaluation based on "growth" is clearly defined. What flexibility does CPS have to change what the Gov. signed? In other words, what is truly negotiable about teacher evaluation?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    The performance evaluation system developed by CPS far surpasses the requirements set forth in PERA. The state only requires a simple growth model incorporating multiple measures and that it represent 25% of the overall evaluation in the first two years (increasing to 30 in the third and subsequent years). REACH is not what the state is mandating. And despite what Alicia Winkler states, there is no research base for the REACH system.

  • It is kind of strange to start the strike now, in the fall?! The kids will be sitting in hot class rooms until mid July at this rate. The air conditioning issue will not be handled for a while even if it is recognized!! Im in Vegas just keeping up w/this story as teachers in Vegas CANNOT strike! To have the kids in mind would require them in school during negotiations. In light of all of the violence coming out in the news in Chicago, this is a tragedy!! WHO IS WATCHING THE CHILDREN!!!!??

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to MrsCarlaStone:

    I'm sorry. I'm sure I will be pounced on here but....it is NOT a teachers responsibility for the voilence that happens on the streets and in the communities of Chicago. Human, family, and protection services are the responsibility of CPD and DCFS...one group protects them and the other group can feed them. A teachers job is to educate and fight for the resources, materials, and flexibility to edcucate them well.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    I agree whole heartily. Chicago is in my prayers!!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    Look at it this way...why don't we think it is the dentists fault for kids that have rotten teeth?

    Why don't we insist that the Chicago Registered Nutritionists are to blame for how fat our kids are?

    This nation forgets that teachers a professionals - with a job to do. Yes an incredibly important job for our most precious resource -kids. But in there somewhere as a society we start to think it's OK put all of our burdens and responsibilites as parents and as a society on their shoulders....

    The kid didn't do his homework - hmmm must be the teachers fault.

    The kid didn't sleep well becasue they were up until 3 AM playing video games and they are exhuasted in the classroom - must be the teachers fault.

    The kid didn't eat a proper breakfeast (only had a redbull and a bag of hot chips from the corner gas station - $5) - must be the teachers fault.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    Wow, this is so true! While we are at it, why not blame all the doctors out there when someone dies!

    Teachers are only human!! They are NOT miracle workers for the love of God! Pretty soon they are going to expect the teachers to take the kids home and raise them as well! A teacher cannot do it alone. Remember, education starts at home!!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to fedup:

    Education starts at home....
    Nutrition starts at home...
    Having a good moral compas starts at home...

    Here's a nifty social thought experiment...

    Let's pretend that the government says "We are going to give you teh $5,900 we give the schools to education your child...back to you. We feel that you are better judges of how to educate your own children."

    Now think...how many parents would just take the money and run?!?! I bet the honest truth is so disgusting it would make you throw up. Those are the parents who want a meal and babysitting provided for them.

  • Wow, the posts I'm reading here and other places just shock me! I am a teacher, an educator, NOT babysitter! It is NOT my responsibility to WATCH anyone's children. It is my job to provide them with an education. This is how low our profession has sunk. Ages ago (even now in some countries) a teacher's status was high in society. No one would have even thought of saying "watching" the children to a teacher or thinking it. That's what nannies are for.
    I am requoting a post from Fred Klonsky about another parent who complained about the same thing. I love his answer:
    September 11, 2012

    How much time do you think parents can take off to watch their kids? Summer camps are closed (and cost money.) This wasn’t scheduled like holidays and summers are. And the parents are paying taxes for their children to be taught by teachers who already make $76,000 a year and just turned down a 16% raise because they don’t want to be evaluated. In this day and age of job uncertainty, unless parents are unemployed, how much can they risk their jobs for these selfish job-secure teachers?

    - Joanne
    * * * *

    Facts are stubborn things.

    Clearly what is most important to you is that someone watches your kids. Great for you. But that’s not a teacher’s job. You’re thinking of a baby sitter. The teacher is the one who mostly likely has a Masters Degree.

    No disrespect to baby sitters.

    Teachers are responsible for teaching your kids however, which is an entirely different matter.

    Teachers in Chicago don’t make $76,000 dollars. Most make far less than that. You are confusing everyone making with averages. Sleeping during your math class was probably a mistake.

    The union didn’t turn down a 16% pay raise. The offer was 3% the first year and 2% the second and third year. You add those up and get 16%? See? Sleeping during math? Not good. The reason the teachers are out is not because of the pay offer. Both sides agree that they are close on that point.

    One issue that remains unresolved is this: If you are a teacher with a good evaluation and job performance review and your school closes through no fault of your own, you now have no right to a job in another Chicago school. Makes your “job-secure teacher” argument sound kind of stupid, doesn’t it?

    Here’s the thing. If you think taking care of your kids is something you wanted someone else to do, perhaps you should have thought of that before you had them.

    But if you want your kids to have an excellent education in a high quality school district, you should be slipping on a red shirt like so many other Chicago parents and joining the teachers in front of your school. They’re actually fighting for your kids.

    Although you are apparently too busy with other things to notice.

    - Fred


  • In reply to displacedteach:

    I could not agree with you more! I am so tired of hearing some of the parents on the news crying about how they have nobody to watch their kids because of the strike. REALLY?? What did all these people do during the summer or when there is a holiday?? Who watches their kids then?

    I seriously think that some people look at teachers as if they are glorified babysitters and this is NOT so! In China teachers are the most respected when it comes to professions by the way. They value their teachers there and hold them at the top.

  • In reply to fedup:

    I can't speak for everyone, but since when do parents see teachers as babysitters? The problem is not all of us moms are stay at home moms. I work and go to school. So when school starts sept 4th, I make all my work arrangements pick ups drop off around school. Now here come a strike and not only the kids lives are disrupted but so are the parents. You think it's easy to find a baby sitter when she is supposed to be in school? So, because it's the second week in sept. and there is no school and those of us who work need help with our kids we see you as babysitters? Seems like I'm reading woe is me, the poor teacher who is now a baby sitter. I saw on the news little kids saying they wished they were in school learning math and science, and it's fun playing but they would rather be in school. It's heart breaking. And summer she is in summer camp. It's not summer so there is clearly no camp, holidays I'm with her. And it's that hard to send the kids home with a little project, a book to read anything to keep them motivated about school for when they return. Children need routine and going to school is routine! And I don't want to hear about us parents doing our jobs at home. Sounds like you all hate your job and every parent is useless to their kids. My daughter is still doing work at home while the strike, but I'm not a teacher and I don't have the tools to do what a teacher does in the classroom.. Must be degrading to feel like a glorified babysitter. And comments to just kick kids out. Amazing! I'd love to kick the psych patient 8 months preg not taking her meds and threating to kill me peeing on my stretcher Out of my ambulance, but I can't! It's called a challenge and we are faced with them every day. It's how we handle them that makes us better at what we do. And 70$ a year is more then other Chicago city employees make. I'll say it again you should be in the class room teaching, no not babysitting , teaching while they negotiate. I'm certain it's going to be a blast working longer in the summer with no air conditioning . Makes no Sense! If you feel like a baby sitter quit. I'm sure the kids would love to know that's how you all feel. I never even had that thought for one split Sec.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    CPS is paying $25 million for babysitting services in their children first schools. (That could be going to social workers and instructional materials.) Go see some of the "teachers" that are with the children who show up. One child attending informed us that one of her "teaches" stated that her family had to do an intervention on her.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Frustrated mom,
    You are crazy!! Please just stop. Everyone knows you are a TROLL. The language and tone in your posts changes daily, at least stick with one.
    The people on this board are seriously trying to discuss what the heck is going on and you are just demeaning it. We are trying to relay facts, voice informed opinions and learn more about this situation. To be frank, please just leave.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    First off, I am not a teacher, my husband is. Second, I also am a working mom, so I do understand how it is to have to scramble to find someone to watch my kid( which I have had to do in the past). I remember when I was 10 years old there was a 19 day strike. My mom and dad were busy working but neither of them cried about having to find someone to watch us. You just deal with it. When you have a kid that is one of your responsibilities.

    You cannot even compare your issue with dealing with a psych patient to dealing with a kid who is completely sane,( likely a gang banger) who likely has a gun, and would likely not hesitate to use it!!
    Yes, any student who threatens a teacher or hits a teacher should be expelled!! Teachers are there to teach the kids, NOT discipline them, that is what the PARENTS are suppose to do! My son would NEVER swear at or threaten a teacher.My son respected his teachers. He was taught this by my husband and I. Thats the problem, you get these kids who have NO parental guidance and teachers are suppose to play the role of the parents as well as teacher and the disciplinarian. Umm, when you have kids who are out of control in a class( even just a couple) this is disrutpful to the whole class and everyone suffers. The teacher is busy trying control the kids who have discipliniary issues which then takes away teaching time for the rest of the class! Teachers are paid to teach, not raise the kids, yet for some reason that is what is expected of them!

  • In reply to fedup:

    I certainly can compare when you say your husband feels he is being threatened and so do we, very often. You think an ambanw doesn't ride to a gang member who got shot and they are still around in fear of our life. But we don't leave a gun shot victim on the street. Just like you any kick out every bad kid!!! And my daughter would cringe at another child disrespecting any adult. It's how she's raised. Look, I don't agree with the raise or the strike and because of that doesn't mean I see teachers as baby sitters. And I'm not crying about getting someone to stay with her. I'm pissed she's not in school and she will be in school longer in the summer. Do you people honestly think all the schools will get air conditioning? Do you know what it takes to do HVAC, how much a condenser costs by itself? You have air think about it. So your answer NO! And te kids will suffer longer now! It makes no sense to be holding signs. Stay in the class rooms and have it figured out. I agree with some issues but not all and I certainly don't feel sorry for all of the teachers. Every field has its ups and downs....

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    A disruptive kid in the class( and I am talking about one like my husband encountered, that threatend him and Hit another teacher), they should absolutely be kicked out! In my opinion they should be sent either to a special school for kids with behavioral problems. Better yet, like I said, send them to boot camp for a year, I expect they will come back a lot different!

    This strike is about teachers being treated like crap and disrespected! I hate to remind you of this, but just because the teaching profession includes children, it does not mean teachers should not be able to stand up for themselves and their jobs!! This is called life. This is why we have unions. Unions are there to protect the rights of their workers! You have no clue of all the work that goes into being a teacher. I am positive you DO NOT bring work home with you. My husband works from 6:30am does not get home until after 4pm. He then gulps down his dinner and sets back to work grading papers, updating online gradebook, planning lessons, calling parents at times, etc... and does this until about 8pm. This is the norm Monday through Friday for not just my husband, but for most teachers! Yes, it is part of the job, but teachers should be compensated for it and they deserve respect, which they definitely aare NOT getting!

  • In reply to fedup:

    And side note, it's sad that kids feel they need to act that way, it's obvious their home life isn't safe either. And it is disruptive to the whole class, but you can't just kick them out!! It sucks but it's where your husband chooses to work.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Yes,they should be expelled and sent to a boot camp in my opinion. It is obvious they are out of control and have no parental guidance and are in need of major discipline. I guarantee you that if kids knew they would face heavy consequences for being routy and disruptive in class( like boot camp), you would see A LOT less problems in the classrooms( especially in the rough schools)!

  • In reply to fedup:

    And here is why teachers in china are most respected! Don't even dare compare CPS to china- they would be insulted...

    China students of different ages, in school time are also different.And different schools have different time in school.
    Primary: about 8 hours 7:00 a.m.---3:00 p.m.
    Junior High School: about 10 hours 7:00 a.m.---5:00 p.m.
    High School: about 12 hours 7:00 a.m.---7:00 p.m.
    The above is from a students that care little about the further study in the University.
    It is a peculiar aspect of Chinese culture that Chinese adults consider the students above as useless.Chinese students have an obsession of Universities, especially in the key highschools,the local main contributors to the universities in China.
    I know a general schedule for a student in a key highschool as follow:
    7:00 a.m--12:20 p.m(4 normal classes + a reading class)
    summer 2:20pm-6:00pm (4 classes )
    winter 1:45pm--5:30pm(4 classes)
    6:50pm--10:20pm(3 night classes, compulsory in Grade 3)
    It is the same in the Saturday. Some schools even "cancel" the Sunday.No relaxation.
    If your are a diligent student(not ununsual,nickenamed Immortals),especially in Grade 3 this is the schedule:
    Back home?Go on studying until after 1:00 am.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    China, I have been there and observed their ed system. China's 'public' schools are selective. There is no 'neighborhood' school. Children meet a minimum requierment to get into an 'elementay' school. Otherwise, through observation adn testing, while young, they are sent to or stay at either farm life or another vocation chosen for them.

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    So you drive an ambulance? Also you claim to be a single mom, but your husband who is a teacher is at home teaching your child. So is your husband on strike? I guess you do not sip port his cause. Also as an ambulance driver you too belong to a union. Teamsters? Fire Dept? You are so obviously a plant... Yesterday you wrote like an illiterate and now you are quoting statistics from China! What's next? No one on this blog takes you seriously . You are probably a group at some office getting your giggles stirring up the pot. I said it once and I say it again... YOU ARE A PHONY!!!!!

  • In reply to 30 years:

    And ur a tool!!! I said husband or her father??? Clearly your so pissed and that fact I have an opinion you can't read straight!!! And I don't sit behind a computer to type again, iphone!! Your a fool..... So try to not judge MY life and go teach, now kids are missing! But wait if they were in school that may not have happened. And no her father isn't a teacher but everyone who is with her including myself, we are teacher her while the strike is going! So keep quiet!!!!!! And the fireman received a 1% raise... Don't talk about Cfd or raises.. I ignored u once already

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    CFD cannot strike, but I bet they would if they could. Every cop and firefighter we have seen have expressed support. Relax and get back on your meds.

  • In reply to katniss:

    No kidding they can't, they would lose their jobs, maybe thatwill happen when teachers think to steike again.And everyone one of them ? Some , sure. Buddy I can tell you now I know many that don't agree! Many

  • In reply to Frustratedmom:

    Who are you now? What happened to the perfectly written stats on China? Boy oh boy..... get your stories straight. I agree, " get back on your meds"... that was a good one ha ha ha!!!!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to displacedteach:

    Spot on! Thanks for the concise yet well written rebuttal. Though I am proud to be a teacher, my days may be numbered. We teachers have been vilified and scapegoated for the failings of our society for far too long. I am unable to provide my students a safe, productive, and optimal learning environment outside of the classroom. And it should be noted that I reside in the community where my students live...

  • September 12, 2012 12:56 PM

    Just heard Brizard resigned! Is it true?

  • He should resign. At least he could spin the strike and his lack of any "real" power as out of his control. Throw all on Rham. Let's face it, Buzzard is finished in the Ed biz. He'll take his $$ run and end up writing a book, exposing the behind the scenes power plays and the union busting tacticts Rhambo has employed. Bye JC .....hardly got to know thee!

  • No, it's not true.

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