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Speaking of coverage quality, this blog is listed as #9 for speciality news sites on the new Chicago Community Trust report on Chicago’s “New” News — its third annual report on local media.  Catalyst came in first, followed by Progress IL, the Reporter, GridChicago, activetrans, CapitolFax, yochicago, Chicago Parent, then District 299. “This site brings together timely news and perspectives on Chicago Public Schools and education issues. Reviewers considered it a “must read” for education reformers and CPS watchers. Comments are lively. The ChicagoNow template makes it hard to connect to Facebook and Twitter.”  Not bad for a part-time, one-man, “I HATE that guy” kind of operation, right?  There’s lots more.  Read all about it here.


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  • Former Chicago parent asks whether the strike was really all about the kids? http://ow.ly/dTX1f

  • Are there any other worthwhile blogs out there for Chicago teachers? This blog has become very biased and one sided. I know there is Catalyst and Mike Klonsky and Substance...any others? During the strike it was very frustrating to read the Alexs posts. He may be trying to stir it up, but his lead-ins are very mis leading. Any other blogs?

  • In reply to 30 years:

    cpsobsessed is not that different from this blog. Because the host is better informed and writes for a more informed audience, the quality of the comments is generally much higher. I return to District299 for two reasons: to represent for teachers and to read the excellent comments of Rod Estvan).

    While I completely empathize and agree with your sense of this blog, I would also point out that blogs for teachers are plenty--in the sense that what teachers generally care about is how to improve their practice and the schools in which they practice. You no doubt belong to a professional organization--as an English teacher, for example, I participate in lists for the College Board Advanced Placement exams, for NCTE, and several others. Teachers on those forums discuss a range of issues from the classroom to the wider political context of education.

    This is not a teachers' blog, as you have noticed. It is a blog for non-educators, by a non-educator, about education. What exactly were you expecting? There are teachers on here, but we are generally here to get our message and our experience out, in spite of Russo. So I suggest you either stop looking for friends and insight here, and fight the good fight, or go to the resources of your professional organizations for online help and support.

  • In reply to 30 years:

    My preference is michaelklonsky.blogspot.com

    Mike Klonsky is an educator and blogger who is actually FROM CHICAGO! .

  • Some teachers read and comment at www.cpsobsessed.com. Depending on the post, comments can be disheartening to teacher readers or encouraging. It's a dialog with parents heavily engaged with their children's educational experience and opportunities in CPS (or its alternatives).

  • Russo has had several lengthy threads involving abusive principals. He provides the forum, protects anonymity and assists CPS staff to get the information out without jeopardizing jobs. He was instrumental in outing the abusive/illegal behaviors of the Area 11 CAO by publishing documents she wrote ordering principals to fire teachers. She left- back to Austin/Boston-thanks to this blog. This is an important forum for CPS staff and the only avenue to report abusive practices as CO does not care. When you have schools who lose half of their staff due to abusive principals and CO sits back and does not intervene something is very rotten with this picture. I don't care where Russo reports from- he provides a valuable service for CPS staff.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I remember those days....
    That was when this blog had more substance. I don't know what happened or why, but this has become identical to the ignorant comments left on web news articles. Unfortunately I feel Mr Russo brought this climate because of his "trigger like" comments. I came on briefly during our strike and the comments were full of rambling "adults" commenting about Karen Lewis' weight. Who over the age of 15y/o does that? During a serious issue such as a strike?! It was truly an embarrassment from a blog that DID help w/the abusive practices of Area 11 and 15 CAO's and Reavis former Principal.Now I only come on to check out what Retired Principal, Rod Estavan and Krugler have to say...other than that it's useless.
    This is his space, if he wants it and his name to be associated with a rag blog to drive hits and traffic by ignorance and unstable trolls...so be it.

  • In reply to unknown teacher:

    yeah, making fun of karen's weight is so lame and such a cheap shot. it's like making fun of arnie's lisp, rahm's height and supposed napoleon complex, calling jc brizard "buzzard" .... Fortunately, we have other sources of information that can provide a more mature level of commentary without all the bias! Like Substance! I mean, check out this hard-hitting, totally mature and unslanted reporting:

    "Philandering old men preach 'virtue' to the young... A look at the editorial 'Tut Tut Tutting' from The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Chicago Sun-Times: It's like trying to listen to some morality lecture from a priest who had his hands under your skirt during First Communion practice. Or all that stuff about the sanctity of marriage from an aging . . ."

    Clearly the ctu contingent on this blog is a voice of reason and respectability in the face of Russo's crassness.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    but Substance is funnier than the Onion........

  • Can someone please tell me what the
    1. Lesson plan Clause in the contract is all about, and
    2. The anti bullying clause?

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