Best / Worst Coverage?

We’ve talked a lot about what the contract does or doesn’t do (not as much as most seem to think) and who won or didn’t win (both sides lost) but let’s talk for a minute about the coverage.  There were a lot of folks out there trying to cover the strike — and a lot of folks out there trying to influence the coverage.   I admired the folks at WBEZ, the Tribune, Catalyst, and the Sun Times who were trying to cover the whole thing — live, in many cases, despite lack of cooperation or coordination among the various newsmaking entities.

I enjoyed Whet Moser’s bloggy reflections at Chicago Magazine.  I really liked Harold Myerson’s blog posts over at The Nation.

And I admired folks like Mark Brown and Kate Grossman who were brave and independent enough to differ with their readers.

But that’s just me.  Who covered it best — and what made their coverage distinct from everyone else’s?  Tell us your favorite/best source, and which story or update you liked best.


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  • The bloggers who write on District 299.

  • Easy: WTTW's Chicago Tonight, Linda Lutton at BEZ, and Jim Warren's blog. WGN was not bad.

  • What about Catalyst, Chicago Reader, and Substance online? I don't really like any outfit's coverage completely; but, taking them all together, I come to some understanding of what's going on, when I add it to my personal experiences with CPS, teachers, politicians, etc.

  • The Trib was so one-sided and agenda driven, one has to question if it can be a trusted news source on any topic.

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  • Not one media outlet got it right .The Tribune went with the
    strike is illegal spin.the Times played the poor parent angle.
    Others watching from afar ,sorry Alexander,were totally out of the
    loop from day one.
    Not one news organization could come to grips with the fact that
    the strike became a urban uprising ,then changed to become
    "The Chicago Renaissance" They chocked on the scope of
    this movement.
    When a Cook County Judge bitch slapped the mayor in a
    unbelievable political snub of his injunction not one news
    outlet grasped the meaning .

  • I haven't trusted the trib for at least a decade now.

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    Remember, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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