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Today’s news roundup includes today’s CPS/ CTU meeting (and an account of what JCB did during the strike), plus some more information about contract details (25 percent increases for some teachers), new gang data (younger, more fluid), and some reports about Clemente, CPL, and tests in kindergarten.


School board meets with Chicago Teachers Union as Brizard defends his low … ABC7: The Chicago school board will meet Tuesday morning for the first time since classes resumed after the Chicago Teachers Union suspended its strike. The agenda does not mention the new teacher’s contract.

Jean-Claude Brizard, Chicago Schools CEO, Was Nearly Invisible During … Huffington Post: But the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, Jean-Claude Brizard, was nearly invisible. As the strike began, Brizard had just come off a shaky performance review that so reverberated around Chicago that Mayor Rahm Emanuel had felt compelled to publicly voice …

Expect more union-busting tactics from Emanuel Chicago Sun-Times: It’s obvious why Mayor Rahm Emanuel is airing boastful commercials that you correctly term “a poke in the eye” of the Chicago Teachers Union. He is trying to rehabilitate himself with the public that overwhelmingly supported the striking union — while …

Public Strikes Explained: Why There Aren’t More of Them Stateline:  Teachers walk a picket line during their seven-day strike against the Chicago Public Schools in September. (Getty). The recent seven-day teacher strike in Chicago captured the nation’s attention for a host of reasons: the high-profile personalities.


“Steps” and “lanes” boost Chicago teacher salaries again in new agreement Tribune: Education reform advocate Robin Steans said CPS eventually had to choose between improving teacher quality through a new evaluation system and other measures or overhauling the way it pays teachers.

Chicago Strike Settlement Will Cost Many Teachers Their Jobs Bloomberg News: “If you look at the contract language, both sides got important stuff,” said Linda Lenz, publisher of Catalyst Chicago, a newsmagazine that has followed school-improvement efforts in the city’s schools since 1990. “But paying for this is going to be hugely painful.”


In Chicago, gangs abound, but where are they? WBEZ:  A cursory look at the map reveals that gang territories appear to span all over the city’s South and West Sides, but also show up in pockets on the North Side. Also, according to the map, a territory can be as small as a city block, or as large as an entire police district or neighborhood.

The New Face Of Chicago Gang Violence Progress IL: There are changes in what constitutes a gang and how gangs use violence. Gangs are not just more splintered, their leadership is increasingly younger and more fluid.


Clemente FOIA: Show Us The Paper Trail: Beachwood Reporter (Matt Farmer) via M. Klonsky: Authorization by IBO is a multi-step, multi-year process. CPS will need to show IBO that CPS and the Clemente staff have their ducks in a row — specifically, that they’ve complied with IBO’s requirements and can demonstrate that the ongoing Clemente program warrants IBO’s final stamp of approval.

Fired coach who wrote racy sex book sues district for $1 million Sun Times: The former Rich Central High School basketball coach and guidance counselor who was fired after writing a racy self-help book containing graphic opinions on sex and women is suing the district for $1 million, claiming his First Amendment rights were violated.

Five-year-olds put to the test as kindergarten exams gain steam Tribune: Formal tests give a narrow picture of a child’s ability, said Samuel Meisels, president of the Erikson Institute, a graduate school in Chicago focused on child development. He urges teachers instead to assess young children by observing them over time.

High School Dropout Shares His Story WTTW: As Chicago Public Schools get back to business following the strike, many still face daunting challenges — including a staggering dropout rate in some high schools. One recent dropout tells us why he felt he couldn’t stay in school.

Legislators generous with scholarships before start of ban Tribune: Even as the troubled legislative scholarship program was on its last legs, state lawmakers continued to make questionable choices, a Tribune analysis found.

Whitney Young/Dunbar Brawl Leads to Suspensions CPL Blog:  During the Whitney Young vs Dunbar game last Sunday a brawl occured that marred the game. Here is an account of what happened according to a fan:


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  • Displacement, segregation, safety: Chicago schools still have a long way to go | Chicago Muckrakers

  • Shoshanah Yedhudah, of the Southwest Youth Organizing Project, was off the mark when she criticized CPS for not doing enough, in the Progress Illinois article on gang violence. The CPS mentoring and after school programs, even when fully funded, had no hope of significantly reducing the incidence of violent street gang activity. The overwhelming majority of these deadly incidents occur, and have always occurred, in the evening and night, long after schools and their programs have sent students home. If only parents would keep youth home at night, specially on Friday night, a significant number of innocent victims would be saved. Cease Fire's Tio Hartiman was closer to the mark in remarking, "it is unfair to lay the blame on CPS, and that gang violence should not be yet another issue put on the embattled school system."

  • Did any CTU member see CEO JC Brizard at their school during the 7-day CTU strike?

  • In the curent Illinois Federation of Teachers, A Union of Professionals newsletter entitled "Educators For Obama," they say "President Obama is fighting for educators and students. In his State of the Union speech, Obama exhorted the nation to "stop bashing" teachers and stressed the need to "stop teaching to the test." He (Obama) proposed targeting additional funds to stave off another round of devastating cuts of tens of thousands more educators. And recently, he (Obama) urged Congress to take action to put more teachers back to work in their classrooms, saying, "The best predictor of individual and American success in this economy is a good education." P.S.- President Obama, Mayor Rahm Emanuel didn't get your memo. Republican candidate Mitt Romney, on the other hand, continues to promote a view of America that differs greatly from the vision of these concerned about the economic and educational fainess, Romney has called for deep cuts in education. In fact, Romney recently said that we have too many teachers, police officiers and firefighters. P.S.- Mayor Rahm Emanuel did get this memo.

  • Brizard was at bell school one of the days early in the strike.

  • Emanuel’s TV Ads On Teachers’ Contract Make Bill Daley Change The Channel « CBS Chicago

  • It's just so funny how Matt Farmer keeps fighting his, imo, racially motivated fight against JUST Clemente High School becoming an IB school. He has no problem with any of the other schools slated to become IB as well, just Clemente. Reading what Farmer has said on the subject, it doesn't appear he has much confidence in the children or the real, and very politically active Clemente High School community. Though he lives on the far, far north side of the city, he spends quite a bit of time throwing together fake Humboldt Park "community" meetings and then claiming these phony baloney gatherings represent the community somehow. Though if you can find one actual Humboldt Park resident, that isn't one of Farmer's union thugs in attendance please forward that link so we can see. Keep trying Farmer, the blowback is gonna be impressive buddy.

  • In reply to justifiablygrumpy:

    Yo sabía que Matt Farmer, Matt Farmer fue un amigo mío. Justifiablygrumpy, usted no es Matt Farmer.

  • In reply to justifiablygrumpy:

    New IB schools

    Do these schools become magnet schools? Will the area high school assignments change to another HS? How much time will existing teachers have to become IB certified?

  • In reply to justifiablygrumpy:

    justifiablygrumpy - I wouldn't worry too much about Mr. Farmer. His noise is mostly about self-aggrandizement.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to justifiablygrumpy:

    Matt Farmer is just a parent who saw his own family abused by CPS' top down structure. He is not some supernatural villain who controls the city somehow. That's Bruce Rauner.

    Threatening a parent for getting involved in the education scene in Chicago is about the last thing we need.

    As for the Clemente situation, my understanding was that Farmer simply wanted CPS to follow FOIA law and produce its decision making process. What could be more right than that?

    Why shouldn't CPS have to produce its decision making system (which it says doesn't exist--making it MUCH more scary, IMHO)?

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