Zorn's List

Here’s Eric Zorn’s list of online education resources for Chicago parents and educators — what’d he include or leave out? Take a look and let the Tribune columnist know (here).  I already told him about Tim Furman’s School Tech Connect.

Chicago Schools Notebook — “News and scoops on schools in the city”  from the Tribune.

Catalyst Chicago — “Independent reporting on urban education since 1990.”

District 299: The Inside Scoop on CPS ChicagoNow blog by education reporter Alexander Russo

Substance News –“Defending the public schools for over 30 years”

Chicago Teacher’s Union blog

CPS Obsessed — “Ramblings of a Chicago Mom who spends too much time thinking about school.”

Stand for Children, Illinois — “Our mission is to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, graduate from high school prepared for, and with access to, a college education.”

Advance Illinois — “By listening to Illinois residents and distilling the best research, we have developed a framework of education policy priorities that, when implemented, will help provide a world-class education to all Illinois youth.”

Parents United for a Responsible Education — “PURE exists to support and assure a high quality public education for all children by informing parents about education issues and parents’ rights, bringing parents into the decision making process, empowering parents in their role as advocates for their children, and assisting them in their interactions within the school system.”

The Klonsky brothers— Mike Klonsky’s Small Talk Blog –“Sharing some ideas about public education, school reform, and ed-politics in general”–  and Fred Klonsky’s “daily posts from a retired public school teacher who is just looking at the data.”

Raise Your Hand –“A growing coalition of Chicago and Illinois public school parents, teachers and concerned citizens advocating for equitable and sustainable education funding, quality programs and instruction for all students and an increased parent voice in policy-making around education.”


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  • Ms Katie's Ramblings: http://mskatiesramblings.blogspot.com/

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    University of Chicago Urban Education Institute: http://uei.uchicago.edu

  • I am dismayed by the inclusion of the Dwana mom blog - she sends her kid to Francis Xavier Warde. Yet the CPS leadership courts her to echo their talking points bc she can't tell district propaganda from cogent public education policy and practice. CPS talks to her more than they do actual most CPS moms.

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