Who's Going To Charlotte?

Nothing important will probably happen at the conventions this week or next, but some of the education events include the StudentsFirst screenings, which this American Thinker blogger thinks are notable because they’re being done at both conventions (School Reformer Plays Both Sides), two Lumina Foundation panels (The College Advantage) Tuesday and then again next Tuesday.  I’ll check and see what kind of a delegation CTU is sending.  Rahm has already said he’s not sure he’s going.

At Charlotte alone, DFER is doing an education Town Hall, and the NEA and AFT are hosting a joint reception at 4 p.m. on Tuesday (9/4) and apparently have some other stuff going on but I don’t know the details.  Rhee is also scheduled to appear on a National Journal/Atlantic Magazine panel (from whom I grabbed this nifty logo).

As for coverage, EdWeek is sending Alyson Klein (Michelle McNeil has a newborn and David Hoff, who went with her in 2008, now works for the Obama folks).  Libby Nelson from Inside Higher Ed is going, too, I’m told. The Hechinger Report is sending Sarah B. to the events — other reporters and bloggers may be there as well, for education coverage or pulled off to help out on the event. I’m sure there are others.

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  • Who's going to the convention you ask....how about striking teachers picketing in bright red shirts the night Rhambo is scheduled to speak? Nothing like putting the pressure on. You know there will be a split sceen showing Rhambo at the podium and teachers with picket signs outside the hall. Maybe this will convince CPS to get it together. If Obama wants to win big he better tell his little friend to get off his soapbox and stop bullying his voters. Strike? Hell YES!!!!

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    In reply to 30 years:

    Great idea...let's also picket outside Obama's campaign headquarters in Chicago. I agree with you - Obama can put LOTS of pressure on Rahmrod in the next two months. This is actually why I wish Karen would wait one who month to strike - it will be that much closer to the election...she can spin the *%*%^* out of it to the public that her union stayed in the classroom with no contract..you know...really stuck it out giving the process the "benefit of the doubt"...but the biggest win would be better timing with the Presidential campaign. Fight fire with fire - Rahm is a master spin doctor...we have to be too.

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