Pro-Union TFA For Office

Meet Jeremy Ly, the TFA alumni and charter school teacher running for IL house who’s not anti-union.  He’s among the handful of TFA alums running for office this year (and every year for the next 100 years). He claims to have helped the charter school he worked at organize (which one?). Not all of the TFA alums win — Brian Johnson lost his primary in California just a few weeks ago, despite $1.5 million spent for him (and roughly the same amount against).  In Ly’s case, he’s running for an open seat and has won at least one labor endorsement. I’m asking around to see who else has endorsed and/or plans to support him financially.  If you already know, let the rest of us know.  I’d love to see the endorsement/contribution lists for DFER, Stand, IFT, and IEA.  Anyone else running who’s interesting, or who’s having someone run against him or her?


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  • Ly taught at CICS Wrightwood.

  • from ly:

    "I have the endorsements of the ALF-CIO, IFT and other local trade unions. I interviewed with the IEA. The Stand endorsement process is not completed yet."

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