Change Didn't Ban StudentsFirst

As objectionable as the word reform may be to some traditional educators on the left, it seems similarly funny and ironic that is a for profit company has a name that seems so 2008 and is supported by people who many of them are opposed to commercial enterprises and President Obama, whose 2008 was all about “change.” In any case, it’s time for a little bit of an update on last week’s story about how was banning Stand For Children and StudentsFirst.

Turns out that the Huffington Post story was wrong — neither of the reform groups were banned outright or immediately — StudentsFirst is still on Change for a while longer.

Yep, it’s true.  I wrote a post about this on my other blog (Unraveling The Story Of Change Vs. Reform) noting that it was a victory against reformers just not as complete a one as initially claimed, and that HuffPost and others needed to be much better about highlighting corrections.


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