"Universal Design For Learning" Comes To CPS

Today’s news includes an item from CBS2 about new teacher training being done by Harvard to help teachers get ready for the Common Core using something called Universal Design for Learning, which I would crudely describe as a teaching approach that integrates special ed and general education.  What do you think?  Other news includes items about South Loop’s gifted program, CPS bus service, a glowing editorial about Barbara Bowman. Discussion about neighborhood IB programs — which school (if any) will be the next Lincoln Park High School? — continues in the comments.

CPS Partners With Harvard In Effort To Enact New Curriculum CBS: The Chicago Public Schools are getting some Ivy League training on enacting a new common core curriculum for students.

South Loop School’s gifted program to be replaced nearby Chicago Journal: According to Sicat, the program will open in fall 2014 at a building that’s between two and five miles away from South Loop. They’re currently looking at buildings that potentially have the space available to take on a gifted program and the students that come along with it, he told parents.

2 Investigators: CPS Bus Vendor Has History Of Accidents, Injuries CBS: Despite this history, the Alltown bus company has an $11.7 million contract with Chicago Public Schools to provide 248 buses. 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reports.

City bureaucracy turns spigot, drip returns Sun-Times: And Davis won’t tell us why she’s let the group occupy her district office rent-free even though Chicago Public Schools— which owns the building — sued her for $600000 in unpaid rent, taxes and fees.

Editorial: Bowman believed in children Sun-Times:  In the 1960s, Bowman helped bring the Head Start program for low-income preschoolers to scale nationally and co-founded a graduate school to train its teachers. The Erikson Institute, which Bowman led for many years and where she’ll return, is now the nation’s leading graduate school in early childhood development.

Program prepping students for high tech careers ABC7: Anderson, a former Motorola engineer turned Chicago Public Schools administrator, founded the Chicago chapter in 2010. Mentoring is a major component of year up. Twenty-two-year-old Toni Ellis who is a single mother of two boys says the extra support …

Gangs From The Inside Medill Report:  Chicago gangs function like successful businesses. There’s a thin line that distinguishes a neighborhood crew from a gang. An interview in Ceasefire’s Rogers Park office ends in gang intervention at a local church.


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  • Universal design in education is one of the most critical needs --- from ECE through higher ed. Otherwise, so many students are screwed.

  • 6 CPS administrators will be trained by Harvard! What a crock! CPS top administrators has a known history of incompetence. Name ONE educational initiative that has been verified to be successful by independent researchers! Rahm must have told Brizard to find a big fish to bolster their farce! This is laughable!

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