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Gorbachev At Von Steuben

It was a big day for CPS with Nobel Laureates visiting schools around the city.  Von Steuben, which got a visit from former Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev seemed to be where all the press attention went. That’s Rahm seated in the background, and Sean Penn is there too.  Feeling creative?  Let us know what... Read more »

JCB Meets Teachers At NTA

Roughly 60 teachers from over 30 schools met with Brizard and Emanuel last week at NTA, according to CPS: “On Thursday, April 19, Mayor Emanuel, CEO Brizard and CPS leaders (pictured right) participated in the first of a series of Teacher Town Halls, during which approximately 60 teachers had the opportunity to hear from and... Read more »

2.4x Higher Housing Costs Near Better Schools

Want to live near a great CPS school?  That’ll cost you 2.4 times what it will cost you to live near a bad or average one.  A new Brookings Institute report shows some things we already knew but a few surprises as well:  The familiar news is that the Chicago metro area ranks 2nd in... Read more »

"Longer Day" Goes National

Today’s CPS news includes an NPR (national) story about the longer day debate, some news about the Nobel laureate visit (anyone have the list of schools they’re visiting?), a bad result for teachers laid off in 2010, and some spring school safety stories. LONGER DAY Chicago Wants Longer School Day; Foes Want Details NPR:   Most Chicago... Read more »

No Room For Recess

Some LSC results are in — but not most.  Poor Ogden International. Food drive.  What if CPS and City Hall required employees to vote in LSC elections every two years?  Would that help?  Or “I Voted” stickers? Some Elem Schools Provide LSC Results – But Not All Center Square Journal: Waters elementary school’s main office did not... Read more »

Report Card / LSC Election Day 2

What does one do for childcare or to fill the time when it’s report card pickup day, as it is today?  I’m always wondering.  For parents, it’s a pain.  For teachers, it’s either busy or very slow depending on who you talk to.  In education news today:  Emanuel probably didn’t vote in his local LSC... Read more »

Authorize Now, Strike Later

Authorize a strike now, and then go out on strike later — if necessary — that seems to be the tactic that CTU and its allies are considering right now, though no formal action has been taken (that I know of).  The first signal would be a ten day notice of intent to authorize a... Read more »

Whom To Vote For (Or Against)?

Today is the first of two LSC election days, as well as report card pickup day, which makes this the best or worst week of school depending on your perspective (teacher, parent, student) and I suppose your grades. Check out the endorsements from CPSobsessed and tell us who we should vote for at your school... Read more »

LSC Elections 2012

There are basically two kinds of news stories — ones that are speculative (like the strike vote stuff) and ones that are about things that are actually happening in schools — like this week’s LSC elections. This and other education news of the day are below.  Tell us how the LSC candidates look and who... Read more »

Pro-Active Strike Vote?

Lots of coverage of the decision to go to fact finding — and some mention of the possibility that CTU won’t wait to conduct the vote even if they can’t go on strike yet, an approach that’s come up here several times over the past few weeks.  What such a vote would do to the... Read more »