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Rahm And Cawley Heading To SF

On Tuesday and Wednesday a handful of Chicago folks — Tim Cawley and Rahm Emanuel among them — will be at a hotel near San Francisco at the annual NewSchools Venture Fund education summit.  Click here for a preview of this year’s agenda that I did last week on the other blog.  I’m alternately appalled... Read more »

More Budget Freedom, But Not More Money

Lots of weekend discussion about the Donoso departure (see below).  Today’s news includes updates on school budgets, a proposed unification of school schedules (good luck with that), and some tidbits about Donoso’s severance, etc. BUDGET LOADING CPS to cut positions to free up cash for principals WBEZ: Chicago Public Schools leaders plan to give school principals more... Read more »

No Reshuffling At CPS, Says CPS

Rumors and curious emails have been swirling for weeks and increased steeply this week, but Noemi Donoso is still the chief education officer for CPS, according to CPS.  There’s been no change in the former Denver Public Schools administrator’s portfolio of responsibilities. Her last day wasn’t earlier this week.  There wasn’t an epic behind the scenes... Read more »

"Universal Design For Learning" Comes To CPS

Today’s news includes an item from CBS2 about new teacher training being done by Harvard to help teachers get ready for the Common Core using something called Universal Design for Learning, which I would crudely describe as a teaching approach that integrates special ed and general education.  What do you think?  Other news includes items... Read more »

Teacher Helps Launch "TED-ED"

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Chicago’s own TED teacher celebrity, Aaron Reedy, is helping TED launch its education channel, TED-ED, with this video about why male ants don’t have a father (and other interesting tidbits about sex selection):  “It’s a 5 minute cartoon explaining the basics of different ways that sex is determined in the animal kingdom. I wrote it and did... Read more »

$130M (More?) For Longer Day

Today’s big news from yesterday’s Board meeting is the $130 million in new/reallocated funding that schools (principals) will get to control on their own. Not enough, obviously, and probably not new money.  We’re still waiting on the cuts, too. Schools to get millions in flexible funds to cope with longer day Sun Times:  Chicago Public Schools... Read more »

The Next Lincoln Park High School?

Which neighborhood school will be the next LPHS?  Hidden at the bottom of Linda Lutton’s new story about neighborhood IB programs is a chart showing schools like Kelly with massive programs and decent results.  Most have much higher percentages of black and Latino kids, and lower ACT scores for IB kids.  Some have perceived or... Read more »

Too Many Spoiled Ballots?

There’ve been a handful of comments and emails about high rates of ballot disqualifications and other mishaps (sleeping election judges, etc.) at some schools following last week’s LSC elections. Here’s an email about the disqualification of ballots that CPS is apparently enforcing — I’ll let you know if and when I get a response from... Read more »

CTU Poll Results & More

Today’s education news includes a new poll fro CTU, a WBEZ story about “good enough” schools, a Catalyst update on the debate over school arrest statistics, some eye-opening letters to the editor.  Check it out. Tell me what I’m missing. Teachers union poll: Voters split on Emanuel’s job performance Sun Times: Forty-seven percent of likely voters... Read more »

CICS: "Haphazard" Expansion?

The most recent Chicago Schools Wonks includes a long, anguished post from former TFAer Seth Lavin about the pattern of abrupt and usually unpublicized management changes taking place among charter schools in Chicago -- CICS and Edison Learning just broke up, just like CICS and AQS broke up a couple of years ago.  He's dismayed at the changes, and skeptical about the possibility that Edison's replacement can happen without school and community disruption."Why did we empower reformers to open campuses so quickly and expand so haphazardly? "  Charter-haters among you will respond gleefully, I'm sure, but I'm wondering what those folks teaching at or sending their kids to CICS feel about these changes, and the pattern of changes?  It's not like CPS schools don't go through sudden direction changes, either...