$130M (More?) For Longer Day

Today’s big news from yesterday’s Board meeting is the $130 million in new/reallocated funding that schools (principals) will get to control on their own. Not enough, obviously, and probably not new money.  We’re still waiting on the cuts, too.

Schools to get millions in flexible funds to cope with longer day Sun Times:  Chicago Public Schools next year will receive $130 million more in discretionary funds to help officials fill a longer school day and meet higher instructional standards, officials said at Wednesday’s school board meeting.

CPS says $130 million more in principal discretion funds, but few details on cuts to come Tribune:  Chicago Public Schools chief administrative officer Tim Cawley said Wednesday that the district plans to redirect $130 million in funds to principals to use at their discretion as they add a longer school day next year.

CPS plans to shift cash, give principals spending power Catalyst: Over the next few days, principals will be given their school budgets and will find that they have more decision-making power and more money to spend on instruction. But there’s a catch: Their budgets may include less money for other expenses.

School board lectures parents on politics WBEZ:  Chicago parents who complain the school board doesn’t listen to them got a lecture on politics Wednesday.

Comings & Goings: Bowman, principals Catalyst: Barbara Bowman, Melissa Zaikos, Kenneth Fitzner, Renee Mackin, Donica Glass, Consuella Brown.

Bowman stepping down as head of CPS’ early childhood program Tribune: Barbara Bowman, chief of Chicago Public Schools’early childhood program and mother of White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, is stepping down from the district. At the Chicago Board of Education’s monthly meeting Wednesday, Bowman, 83, was read a…

Local School Takes Time Out to Help Others Over Break ChicagoTalks: Chicago Hope Academy — a private school on the city’s South Side — took students to Ensenada, Mexico, last month to help rebuild homes for three families.

Parent forum at DePaul May 2 Julie Woestehoff:  Please plan to attend a great parent forum put together by the DePaul College of Education featuring yours truly and several other local parent leaders.


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  • fund balance with the result being a general operating fund balance of $740 million or an increase of $316 million over the prior year.
    The General Operating Fund ended FY2011 with a surplus of $316 million, which compared very favorably with the budgeted deficit of $245 million.


  • do the math: $245 million budgeted deficit and surplus of $316 million means a net of $561 million more than budget. Half a billion dollars vanished since December 2011. Now that something that should be looked into.

  • doesn't a lot of the flow of funds have to do with the fact that Illinois does not pay its bills and ends up being 6-18 months behind? cps has to make this bad debt on the books and it ends up skewing a lot. It can result in huge shifts when the state finally pays its bills. I am certain that all of the 5.3 billion is not spent wisely, especially when it comes to purchasing and contracts, so that should certainly be investigated. Hey BGA, keep the good work going.

  • CPS Partners With Harvard to Bring UDL Common Core Training CBS2 http://ow.ly/axwF8

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Ha ha ha! How much did they charge the Chicago taxpayers on this BS. This is joke, right! Does Harvard know that these CPS administrators, don't have the green light by Rahm to do the right thing. This is still borne from the "Get Go!
    "Harvard will deliver a four-day class on the Universal Design for Learning for CPS administrators, who in turn will train other officials and teachers. "

  • http://tabsonrahm.org/

    rate him as an education disaster

  • "The district still faces a $600 to $700 million deficit this coming school year." hahahaha!!! Maybe the mayor will get the extra money from those private investors he's trying to push down the throats of the city council. This report shows that the mayor really doesn't have a clue what he's doing and what sounded good at first is starting to look like crap. The funny thing is if he comes up with the extra money to fund the longer day, he'd damn better well come up with the extra money to pay teachers their increase in pay.

  • The only way the teachers will get the increase in pay they very much deserve is for the Union to get that 75% strike vote. It is vital that they do,otherwise CPS is not going to give a fair pay increase. I know the CTU says thet are sure they will get that 75% vote, but I am unsure. With the way the economy is and people have so many bills, are they going to vote for a strike?? I say YES, there needs to be a strike. I think it would be better to suffer a couple weeks ( I cannot see a stike going on longer than that), than to have your whole career ruined or be working your butt off to an early grave and for little compensation!!! Teachers need to stick together on this, it is our only hope!!!

  • $130,000,000

    That's about $300 per student at CPS.....can't even buy an i-Pad for that amount

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