PBS Features Albany Park Theater Project

On Monday night the PBS NewsHour ran a long segment on APTP, the well-known youth theater project.  Watch it below or click the link and watch it over there.  Are there other groups like APTP, as good or better?  Is this latest show, Home Land, particularly good?




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  • The play is very good and I think they do great work with kids, but I mus admit there is something about this story that bothers me. There are so many neighborhood schools that are putting on plays, musicals, choir concerts, band concerts and other artistic endeavors that receive very little notice from the Board of Education, let alone the media. And these performances are usually done at the expense of the teacher volunteering their time for free, sometimes hours in the triple figures.It would be nice if the media would focus on these programs once in a while instead of programs like APTP or other outside organizations. I feel as if this makes it look like the kids need to be outsourced to participate in theater or music, and this is most certainly not the case.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    My neighborhood school performs an annual fall play and spring musical, attends the IL High School Theatre Festival, has choir, band, and orchestra programs ranked in the top 20 in the state by the IHSA, beats nearly all magnet schools in chess and debate, has trained city champion mathletes, has won boys and girls city soccer championships, and on and on and on.

    I'd prefer these things are not covered, actually. You see, according to CPS we are a "failing" school and we are in danger of being closed or turned around or converted to a charter in the next ten years.

    Our philosophy is that the less attention we receive from CPS the better. CPS policies - like high school transformation (scripted curricula), which we narrowly avoided - are so damaging to students and staff that we want to be as far off of their radar as possible. Our fondest wish is to continue the outstanding work we do with children in spite of CPS education policy and mandates.

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