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Fire Esaian? Not So Fast.

So everyone wants to fire Louise Esaian, but I’m wondering whether that’s just too easy.  Not that she might not have done some wrong, but just that firing her makes it too quick and clean.  Who’s responsible for monitoring food services?  How long has this been going on?  What other areas of contracts and vendors... Read more »

Negative Reactions To New Schedules

Here online and in the media, reactions to the proposed new schedules have run mostly negative (or at least concerned).  Check out the previous post and these newish news items and let us know what you think.  Are the new schedules a bad idea, or is this just the usual complaining we’ve come to know... Read more »

Next Year's Track E (Updated)

Here is what may or may not be a “real” schedule for next year, via a friendly reader.  I’ll let you know if I get confirmation and/or get a Track R one, too. Meantime, take a look.  Report card pickup on Halloween, anyone? UPDATE:  Here’s the press release just out from CPS explaining what it’s... Read more »

Rose Is Out (Of CPS)

Today’s news includes the blockbuster revelation that Jamika Rose is no longer going to run community engagement.  You may recall first hearing about her last summer (see here).  Obviously there were issues, but there’s no news on her replacement and I’m not sure that having the position vacant helps anyone though it might be satisfying... Read more »

CTU vs. "Stand" Primary Showdown

The folks at CTU are calling out Stand For Children for giving a total in $70,000 in campaign donations to the young, good looking candidates running against Rudy Lozano (21st District) and Kenny Johnson (26th District) in the March 20 primary.  The Stand candidates are Silvana Tabares (D – 21) and Christian Mitchell (D - 26). See what I mean?  Question is whether Lozano and Johnson are any good, and of course how much CTU has given them. Campaign donations are not illegal yet, far as I know.  To see the full slate of 11 candidates Stand IL has endorsed thus far go here. To see the CTU Action alert, scroll down...

ISAT 2012

Today’s news includes a segment from WBEZ on science in the 4th grade ISAT, so let’s talk about how it’s going this year — any changes, better or worse, for kids or teachers or schools?  Here’s the CPS page of links and instructions, in case you’re interested.  Lots of webinars, it looks like.  Here’s the... Read more »

Bribes? Maybe - But No "Pink Slime"

A food vendor may have given a CPS official unethical gifts to win contracts, according to the Tribune, but CPS lunchrooms don’t serve “pink slime” (beef trimmings) according to Medill.  Meanwhile, city and state lawmakers are at work on CPS issues like pensions, discipline reform, and school closings. And Catalyst reports that there are a... Read more »

Meet The New Boss?

“One mother having difficulty with CPS [Chicago Public Schools] posts something on Facebook about schools. She got called that day by CPS. When the fuck did that ever happen around here? ” – Rahm Emanuel in Jonathan Alter’s looong (and a bit too credulous) profile of the mayor’s first year in office, in The Atlantic.

Illinois Leads US In Funding Cuts

This story from the newest The American Prospect (No Funds Left Behind) includes a map showing school funding cuts across the US that notes Illinois — along with Texas, Wisconsin, and that state in the middle that might be Oklahoma — is among just a handful of states that cut per pupil funding by at... Read more »

"Tier" System Designer On WBEZ

Slow news day, I have to admit, though there’s lots bubbling below the surface.  See below for stories about food vendor ethics, school closing lawsuits, public bargaining pressure from Republicans in Colorado, etc.  Tune in to WBEZ at 9 for an expanded version of last week’s story about selective enrollment with a call-in from the... Read more »