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Union, AUSL, CPS Officials Talk Turnaround

That’s AUSL’s Jennifer Husbands, Gage High School’s Xian Barrett, me, CTU’s Jesse Sharkey, and CPS’s Don Fraynd just before our Education Writers Association panel on the CPS experience with school turnaround efforts. I’d emailed with but never met any of them before, and it seemed like they might not have met face to face (or... Read more »

White Kids, CPS Schools

Today’s education news includes a bit more about the IB expansion announcement that came out on Friday — check two posts down for lots of links and commentary about that — and a variety of other tidbits (re Fenger, ISAT cheating, etc).  But the most interesting stories to me are the Crain’s feature on middle-class... Read more »

Talking Turnaround

In case you’re interested there’s an education writers conference on SIG, the federal turnaround initiative, going on at the Gleacher Center today.  The hashtag is #ewasig or just follow below.  Among Chicago folks, so far UofC’s Tim Knowles has spoken, and later on I’m doing a panel with Xian Barrett, Jennifer Husbands, Don Fraynd, Jesse... Read more »

Friday IB Expansion Roundup

Updated:  Note in comments news and commentary about the proposed expansion of IB programs in CPS that was announced Friday. Or just click here: WBEZNBC, City Hall, Consortium study, Tribune, Sun Times (got it first, I think)...

CPS Wins!

Let’s take a moment to bask in the reflected glory of the Simeon boy’s basketball team (suspended though they may be), the Whitney Young debate team, and all the other CPS students and teams that are competing against their blue eyeshadowed suburban and downstate rivals — and winning. Simeon won the IHSA championship against Proviso... Read more »

Too Much Credit For "Stand"?

Today’s news is dominated with wrapup stories about the primaries — many of them focused on the role Stand For Children IL may have played in the races where it placed bets.  Anyone else curious that Stand is making their role so public (press release, publicity availabilities) given what happened last year?  Also, is it... Read more »

Anyone Running For LSC?

A handful of schools (Baubien, Trumbull, galileo, Nobel, Columbus, Lane, Westinghouse, and Simeon) have a dozen or more parents running for one of six LSC spots (see below), but the vast majority have fewer than that — and many have fewer candidates than positions.  Check out this map and spreadsheet, via @sethlavin, which lets you... Read more »

Lozano Vs. Tabares Time

It’s primary election day, so there’s that.  Plus a school event with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (do kids even know who he is anymore?) and a new ethics push from JCB et al. Abdul-Jabbar talks education with Illinois governor WBEZ: NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is pushing students on Chicago’s South Side to become scientists and engineers while perfecting their... Read more »

Rahm Vs. Arne

Politico picks up on one of the Emanuel quotes slamming Arne Duncan in last week’s Jonathan Alter piece, in which Emanuel complains about the current teacher contract:  ‘I know what the teachers got, and I know what the politicians got… But I don’t know what the kids got.’  Of course, we all know it was... Read more »

What's *Your* District 299 Name?

If you ever get bored of being just another “District299Reader” here’s how to come up with your own username: 1) WHAT’S YOUR MENTAL STATE? Angry, Excited, Bitter, Idealistic 2) WHAT PART OF TOWN?: West Side, Lincoln Park, Bronzeville, Little Village 3) WHAT’S YOUR MAIN ROLE? Parent, Teacher, Principal, Clerk The result? Angry West Side Teacher.  Idealistic... Read more »