CPS Milk Madness

Today’s coverage focuses on reactions to the Mayor’s proposed IB expansion/stay in Chicago proposal from last week — how much will it cost, is it hypocritical? — plus coverage of reforms like value-added and school closings that are being debated downstate and here in Chicago too.  Oh yeah, and Evanston is withdrawing from Race To The Top, and CPS is paying too much for school milk.


Mayor Emanuel urges residents to embrace city’s schools WBEZ:  Emanuel’s message follows a recent promise to double the size of the International Baccalaureate program.

Suburbia’s Waiting Room NBC Chicago:He’s not a hypocrite when he asks the middle class to stay in Chicago schools, because he’s not middle class. He’s upper class. The upper class doesn’t need to flee to the suburbs, because they have the option of the Lab School, the Latin School and Francis Parker.

Teachers’ Union zaps Mayor Emanuel over Baccalaureate plan Crain’s: Officials do concede that each school’s IB program costs $175,000 to $320,000 a year to run, plus around $170,000 a school to set up. That’s money that won’t be available for other schools. And such schools certainly will get a lot of TLC from the Board of Education.


Anger with CPS over closings and turnarounds spreads in the Legislature
 Catayst: The failure of Brizard to attend the committee hearing infuriated legislators at least as much as reports from constituents about what one representative called the “chaos” resulting from precipitous school closings in Chicago’s minority neighborhoods.

One Hundred Scholars Take On Rahm In Chicago School Tech Collect: CPS is to my knowledge the only Illinois district racing to evaluate their teachers with tests that don’t yet exist in 2012.

Professors caution CPS on using tests to evaluate teachers Catalyst: Adding to the concerns voiced by the professors, two student groups plan to hold a press conference on Tuesday to address teacher evaluation.

New CPS teacher evaluation system debated Tribune: A group of education policy and research academics called on Mayor Rahm EmanuelMonday to hold off on the widespread implementation of a new teacher evaluation system, and instead introduce the system through smaller pilot programs that would help…


Evanston schools withdraw from Race to the Top Daily Northwestern: The nearby Chicago Public Schools system is slated to receive over $16.9 million of $21.4 million available. “When we first got into (RTTT), we thought there would be a significant amount of financial support,” Murphy said.

Emanuel & McCarthy Claim Progress in Fighting Gang Violence Sun Times:  Homicides are up in Chicago this year, but the Mayor and Police Superintendent claim they are making progress in combating gang violence. Paris Schutz has the story.

Clout-heavy family got $162 million in contracts Sun Times:  The beneficiary of those extra pennies is a joint venture of former competitors that, rather than continue to compete with each other, banded together under the name C&M JV1 Co. C&M has held the Chicago school milk contract for nine years, delivering milk to more than 600 schools. via Beachwood Reporter.

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  • http://www.beachwoodreporter.com/column/the_monday_papers_296.php

  • "Teachers' Union zaps Mayor Emanuel over Baccalaureate plan Crain's: Officials do concede that each school's IB program costs $175,000 to $320,000 a year to run, plus around $170,000 a school to set up. That's money that won't be available for other schools."

    It's a five billion dollar budget that's not going to get any bigger. By far the largest controllable expense is the CTU contract. So who really controls what's left over for expenditures like capital improvements?

  • I agree with Edward McClelland's Ward Room comment on the Mayor's plea to the middle class. Largely is right on target.

    Rod Estvan

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