Updated: Aspira Charter President Fired

Here’s something you don’t see very often: Former Clemente LSC head Jose Rodriguez has been fired by the board of ASPIRA charter schools, reports the Sun Times (ASPIRA charter school CEO fired).  The school network’s scores have been disappointing, and its teachers went through a unionization drive.  Three of its campuses joined the extended day incentive program this year. Anyone know more about Rodriguez and/or what’s really going on at Aspira, let us know.

UPDATE 11am:  Here are a couple of unconfirmed videos about what’s been going on at Aspira, thanks to Seth Lavin (sign up is here) Video 1, Video 2.  Check the notes for some explanation.  Anyone from Apsira on here?  I’d love some eyewitness commentary.



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  • Hi, Aspira employee here. The graduation protest was an effort on the part of the first graduating class at Aspira Early College High School to voice their experiences with Aspira. They went through a lot during their four years, including having an unqualified long-term sub for nearly a full semester of freshman math; no textbooks; revolving door for teachers and principals (only one teacher lasted all four years); terrible leadership; art in senior year only; no music education; limited P.E.; no honors or AP courses; and very poor college counseling. Teachers did their best, but most teachers at AEC were first or second year and did not have the experience to know how best to help. The one of the worst principals and one of the worst math master teachers in the history of public education teamed up to hamper any real educational gains.

    It is looking much better for next year at AEC. The new board is moving quickly to bring the school in line with basic expectations for a high quality education. Rodriguez was such a controlling leader who put ineffective administrators in place over and over again. It's good to see him leaving.

    Let me know if you have other questions about Aspira.

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