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What I Learned From Sharkey, Fraynd, Et Al.

Remember that panel I told you about earlier this week (here)?  Well I finally got the audio and uploaded it and looked through my notes.  The bottom line?  Jesse Sharkey is intense and funny (and stylish in his tweed cap).  Jennifer Husbands is smart and friendly and not to be messed with (in a good... Read more »

New Teacher Evaluation System

Friday education news includes Mayor Emanuel pushing on the 180-day calendar for next year, as well as a $7B plan to rebuild city infrastructure — and the arrival of the new evaluation system by CPS.  Oh, and another 50/100 percent graduation rate announcement from Urban Prep. LONGER DAY AND YEAR Mayor on axing Columbus, Pulaski... Read more »

PBS Features Albany Park Theater Project

On Monday night the PBS NewsHour ran a long segment on APTP, the well-known youth theater project.  Watch it below or click the link and watch it over there.  Are there other groups like APTP, as good or better?  Is this latest show, Home Land, particularly good?    

Longer Day Budget Settlement / Questions*

Lots of news about the longer school day — a settlement on the premature implementation of the longer day this year, plus questions about the educational value and the costs of a citywide longer day next year. Plus news that the food services chief has conveniently resigned, and a variety of tidbits. * UPDATED 4:00pm:... Read more »

March Board Meeting Shenanigans

Here’s an unconfirmed email from a reader about CPS employees holding spots in line for parents (and cutting!), a hilariously awful practice that is described below as a “concierge service” for 7.5 hour supporters: “When I got there a little before 6:30am, I notice my FACEmanager in the line before me, thought it was a little... Read more »

Inflappable JCB Talks Favorite Teacher

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He’s the head of Chicago Public Schools (or the spokesman, at least).  He’s apparently inflappable (believe, me, I’ve tried).  Michael Scott was a hothead compared to Brizard.  Here he talks about his favorite teacher, who helped him get acclimated to life in the US.  It’s via the Teacher Channel, which, like HULU, is intended to... Read more »

Updated: Aspira Charter President Fired

Here’s something you don’t see very often: Former Clemente LSC head Jose Rodriguez has been fired by the board of ASPIRA charter schools, reports the Sun Times (ASPIRA charter school CEO fired).  The school network’s scores have been disappointing, and its teachers went through a unionization drive.  Three of its campuses joined the extended day... Read more »

CPS (Says It's) Broke

Today’s big news is the projected $700M deficit that CPS has announced, which of course some of you will question.  There are also updates on the milk contract, school closings.  But the really big news is that CPS is finally going to go for a unified email system, after many years and many complaints. Chicago... Read more »

CPS Milk Madness

Today’s coverage focuses on reactions to the Mayor’s proposed IB expansion/stay in Chicago proposal from last week — how much will it cost, is it hypocritical? — plus coverage of reforms like value-added and school closings that are being debated downstate and here in Chicago too.  Oh yeah, and Evanston is withdrawing from Race To... Read more »

5 Percent Suspicious

Fresh on the heels of the news that an Oak Park principal has resigned because of ISAT testing irregularities (see below), here’s news about a yearlong investigation by the Cox newspaper chain has looked into suspicious jumps in scores in districts around the country, including CPS.  Looking at results for 69,000 schools in 49 states,... Read more »