Student Teacher's Viral Site

An unknown student teacher’s blog (Tumbr) called Hey Girl Teacher features a seemingly endless series of pictures of heartthrob Ryan Gosling saying reassuring and somewhat flirtatious things about your instructional technique.  The site motto:  “Teaching is hard.  You’re doing a wonderful job.”  It was linked to in a education roundup a couple of weeks ago.  It’s part of an Internet meme of similarly-named “Hey, Girl” blogs, and has spun off at least one of its own education imitators, Hey Oakland  Teachers.  There are a few “Hey, Mr. Teacher” posts including one from Natalie Portman. There’s now a Twitter feed, too (@heygirlteacher). Looks like it’s only a couple of months old (which makes sense, given that’s when student teachers start.)  Like?  Dislike?  Suggestions for the hoped-for spinoff, “Hey Chicago Teacher Girl (Or Guy)”?

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