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Khan Lessons Merely "Adequate"?

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“His examples are not well planned. His pacing is inconsistent…The numbers don’t work out nicely for the first example. The last example also doesn’t work out well. He skips from an easy concept to a hard one with no transition. Also, there is absolutely no interactivity.” That’s what Gary Rubenstein has to say in his post... Read more »

Pairing Construction With Turnaround

Today’s education news focuses on the spending initiatives announced by CPS yesterday, plus more on LaSalle, Hoffman Estates, student poverty, and Google mail. TGIF! Struggling schools to reap millions in construction dollars Sun Times:  CPS believes it gets “more bang for the buck’’ when it couples rehab work on a building with a new academic program... Read more »

De-Magnetizing LaSalle To Save Lincoln

The move to turn LaSalle from a citywide magnet school into a neighborhood elementary continues to cause concern and curiosity among parents, teachers, and elected officials, with the school principal and councilwoman both coming out against the Board proposal.  Are you for, against, or just don’t care about silly magnets and Lincoln Park parents? WBEZ’s... Read more »

Board Meeting Protest Update [8:40am]

A roundup of the news from yesterday’s Board meeting and the protests that forced it to a quick ending.  What happened, and will it make a difference?  Did they go too far, or not far enough?  Only time will tell.  I’ll add more news as it gets posted [UPDATED Thursday AM 8:40am] Protesters Derail School... Read more »

Bad Test Results ReachThe Bunker

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Here’s video that’s been going around for a while now in which Adolph Hitler finds out that his school has not done well on the latest round of tests.  The juxtaposition of the super-serious topic of World War II and the serious-but-not-genocidal issue of poor test results is funny, or offensive, or a little bit... Read more »

Piccolo, Christopher House, LaSalle,

Lots of today’s school news focuses on issues that will be debated or decided during the monthly Board meeting — proposed closures (Piccolo, etc), proposed charter proposals (Christopher House, UNO), proposed changes to magnet programs (LaSalle), and a proposed expansion of virtual education that would award a contract to K12, Inc. Protesters Stage Sit-In At... Read more »

"Eliminate The Time Wasters"?

Teacher leadership and advocacy initiatives are busting out all over these days, and the latest example is the Viva Project’s recommendations to CPS head Jean Claude Brizard and covered in the Sun Times today- nearly 50 ideas for how to make school better, longer, more livable for kids and teachers alike.  Lots of interesting stuff to chew... Read more »

Other Ways Of Following D299

Hate having to check the blog every day?  I get it.  Remember that you can like/join the District299 Facebook page (here) or follow along via Twitter (@district299). You can also get a daily email by signing up here. (The only downside is that you don’t get to see reader comments, which are probably the best... Read more »

12 More Charters Proposed

Today’s news coverage follows the announcement on Monday afternoon that 12 more charters would be proposed for CPS over the next two years.  See comments from yesterday’s news roundup for the press release CPS sent out. Plus a couple other things. CPS seeks to add a dozen charter schools Sun Times: Chicago Public School officials Wednesday will... Read more »

Charters Beat CPS On NAEP Tests

Here’s the #TUDA 2011 data for charter schools in ATL, Baltimore City, Chicago, Houston, Miami-Dade, and Milwaukee, compiled by NAPCS and presented with all the usual caveats regarding selection and demographic differences. Reacting to a Dana Goldstein post about DCPS scores under Michelle Rhee, I complained last week that it seemed strange charters weren’t included in... Read more »