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Holiday Open Discussion Time

Like many of you I’m taking things slowly this week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the discussion going.  What’s happening?  What’s on your mind?  What are you getting ready for next week and the first few months of 2012?

Ald. Sposato Relents On UNO Charter

Today’s big news is that Ald. Sposato has relented and Galewood will get a new UNO charter school, plus a bunch of stuff you already know – Vallas to Bridgeport, LaSalle is saved, etc.  (WBEZ does detail the contents of the original LaSalle options memo, and – finally? – links to it so you can... Read more »

Charter Closures Since 1998

A new report from a charter advocacy organization in DC lists 10 Illinois charters that have been closed since 1998 — evidence, according to the report authors, of a 15 percent closure rate for charters nationwide and demonstrated concern about quality. I’m not sure about that, as I wrote earlier this morning on This Week In Education.... Read more »

An Early Xmas For LaSalle

As I posted in comments last night, an unconfirmed letter sent to LaSalle parents and teachers indicates that Team Brizard have reconsidered the wisdom of de-magnetizing the school as a way to relieve Lincoln Elementary overcrowding. “While one possible solution included changing LaSalle’s status as a magnet school, that option will not be pursued and LaSalle’s... Read more »

Neighborhood High Schools - Without Neighborhood Kids

Today’s news includes a Catalyst stories on just how few neighborhood kids attend some CPS high schools and why Illinois lost Race To The Top (again), as well as Vallas move to Bridgeport, Connecticut: Charter-school agency’s funding raises questions WBEZ: new government agency could boost the number of charter schools in Illinois. But the way the agency... Read more »

For Those Of You Already On Break

Via the tumblr called I Love Charts

UNO Allies May Over-Ride Sposato

Things are pretty slow but today’s news includes coverage of continued protests against closures and turnarounds, proposals to include student input in teacher evaluations, and — this is perhaps the most newsy item of the bunch — indications that the City Council will override Sposato to let UNO open a charter in Galewood. So much... Read more »

Financial Collapse Hits Local Grantees

Reuters has a pretty wild story about the demise of CME Group, which has given roughly $22 million to Chicago schools and charities in recent years, thanks to the collapse of MF Global Holdings, Inc, its parent company. Big recipients over the past six years have been Renaissance Schools Fund ($3.1M), University of Chicago ($2.5M), the... Read more »

Celebrity Robo-Calls Help Increase Attendance

This has been tried in various forms many times before, but students and parents from anywhere in the country can sign up for wake-up calls from their favorite celebrities as part of a Viacom- and Gates-funded initiative called Get Schooled profiled by (Gates-funded) (Celebrity Calls Urge Students To Get Up, ‘Get Schooled’).  There was... Read more »

IL Loses Out On Federal Money - Again

Today’s education news includes word that on Friday Illinois lost out on the USDE’s Race To The Top competition — again — despite being a finalist, etc. (The state did great on the number of new NBCTs, however.) Plus some followup on the LaSalle demagnetization proposal, the Board’s practice of modernizing schools on the closing... Read more »