Neighborhood High Schools - Without Neighborhood Kids

Today’s news includes a Catalyst stories on just how few neighborhood kids attend some CPS high schools and why Illinois lost Race To The Top (again), as well as Vallas move to Bridgeport, Connecticut:

Charter-school agency’s funding raises questions WBEZ: new government agency could boost the number of charter schools in Illinois. But the way the agency is financing itself raises questions.

City to pull workers from Maggie Daley charity Tribune: The City Hall practice of assigning public employees to work for the clouted After School Matters organization will end in January, according to the city’s cultural affairs office.

Forest Park meat company brings holiday joy to Austin school Forest Park Review: Weinstein hopes to keep partnering with the school for future holidays, he said. Weinstein Wholesale Meats has been in Forest Park since 2006, moving from the West .

National education reformer to lead Bridgeport Ct Post: Chicago Public Schools chief for six years, Vallas was credited for helping to turn around a deeply troubled school district and erasing a $1.2 billion budget deficit.

Kids learn the rhyme and reason of religious differences Tribune: The fourth-grader from Chicago’s Sacred Heart Schools said he was happy he got to visit a synagogue. “I didn’t know what was in it,” said Luke Penner.

Neighborhood high schools losing students Catalyst: Five years ago, no high school enrolled fewer than 20 percent of the students in its attendance area.  Last year, nine schools did, and Hirsch and Tilden enrolled just 13 percent of students in their neighborhood.

Race to the Top application thwarted by unfinished programs Catalyst: Illinois also lost points because the state had not yet launched a new preschool and child care rating system, and had not begun efforts to educate child care providers and preschool teachers about new early learning standards.


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  • Chicago Head Start providers not on new HHS low performing list / won't have to recompete for funding ttp://


    I am sorry for posting this here but I was not sure where else to post it. I am not the best with this posting stuff.

    Please listen to this audio. It is related to CPS. It seems to be a secret recording made by a teacher while meeting with who must be their principal or whoever is responsible for approving a teacher transfer.

    This audio is a little long but worth a listen. At the beginning of the audio the person recording says "I'm wired". this recording is wrong in many ways. One way is the recording being made. A second way is the teacher attempting to bully the principal for a transfer while insisting the "children" are first. The others will be obvious once you listen.

    Please comment on this. I am the spouse of a displaced teacher and knowing that this type of stuff goes on breaks my heart because my spouse is not connected,

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Please copy and paste the link, sorry I didn't mention it first. It plays in internet explorer, I am not sure if it does in another browser. Please comment.

  • to hear recording cut and paste in your browser. Thank you

  • ctu is organizing protests at various locations around the city tomorrow -- are you going?

  • Taft HS on the far NW side seems to have bucked the trend of losing neighborhood students. According to the Catalyst interactive map, the school climbed to 57% from 55% of neighborhood enrollment. That's especially impressive when you consider that our enrollment has increased every year but one in the last dozen years, and we have almost doubled in size.

    Granted, the majority of academic center kids choose the selective enrollment schools (and that doesn't even count the private, religious schools in the area), but there certainly seems to be stronger interest in keeping neighborhood kids at the neighborhood school.

  • I agree on Taft to a point--the catholic high schols are expensive and neighborhood parents of teens can't afford teh tution AND books AND fees. Taft is still a good school no matter how CPS tures to hurt it.

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