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School Closing Alternatives

Today’s news focuses on community groups’ ideas for improving the school closing process: Community groups offer plan to counter school closings WBEZ: Chicago Public Schools is expected to announce this year’s list of schools to be closed in the coming days. It will be the first round of closings overseen by… Community groups unite against coming school... Read more »

What's New At Juarez?

Juarez HS has been trying to get better for years now, and is currently part of the federally-funded SIG program that gives extra funding to struggling schools in exchange for making changes in leadership, staffing, and curriculum.  But what exactly is different at the school this year?  I’m not entirely sure.  The school got a... Read more »

Brizard's First School Closing Season

Today’s news includes some stories about the coming wave of school closures (and attempts to change the results) as well as a bit more about the NCLB waiver process. Illinois was not among the first dozen states to apply for a waiver, but is scheduled to do so in early 2012.   Championing neighborhood schools CMW:  The... Read more »

The Reformer Vilification Industry

I am happy to report that Diane Ravitch does not spend much time talking about herself in the updated paperback version of her book, which came out a few weeks ago.  The temptation to discuss her (mis)treatment over the past two years must have been strong, but the world doesn’t need another “it’s-all-about-me” Michael Moore.  (Or... Read more »

Big Bonuses For Principals

Today’s news includes more details about the principal bonus plan and about proposed new teacher evaluation measures from the state, plus some unfortunate adult and teen sexting in the ‘burbs. $20,000 bonuses possible for Chicago principals WBEZ:  Principals will be able to earn $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000 bonuses for improving student test scores in reading and... Read more »

Cash (But No Report Card) For 36 Charters

So CPS is awarding $75,000 to each of 36 charters —  10 UNOs, 3 ASPIRA schools, 5 Perspectives schools, 4 CICS schools, 3 Prologue schools, 3 Shabazz schools, Providence Englewood elementary school, ACE high school, Legacy elementary school, EPIC, ChiTech Academy high school, Youth Connection Charter Schools, and Erie elementary school (is that 36?) —... Read more »

Weekend Open Discussion

Let’s use Seth Lavin’s weekly education roundup as a starting point for the weekend open discussion, which is meant as a place to bring up topics that haven’t gotten covered (enough) or whatever’s on your mind. Lavin’s really excited about the spreadsheet of school data that’s just come out, wonders why the papers turn to... Read more »

Occupy Wall Street & Organized Labor

It seems like no one can resist making comparisons between what’s going on at Occupy Wall Street and what’s going on in education reform.  And you can’t blame them.  Some of school reform’s most well known names — Mike Bloomberg, Whitney Tilson, Boykin Curry, Bill Gates, Eli Broad — are quite literally members of the 1 percent... Read more »

Finally Friday

Today’s local education news isn’t much, as you can see. Folks must be tired after a full week of work.  (Parents must be happy that their kids were actually in class all week.)  Getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Wondering what happens next with the Lewis situation?  Me, too. CPS Hopes to Improve Sex Education Fox:  Chicago is... Read more »

A Single HS Application Process - Maybe

Today’s news includes word that CPS will attempt to coordinate its multiple high school application processes — perhaps even charters — and some updates on school closing changes.  There’s also some more info on the principal training expansion and on the Lewis thing, which I’ll put in previous posts. CPS expected to make it easier... Read more »